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Firstly I would like to start by saying that I did NOT receive an advance copy of this book Unfortunately I don t et any freebies I wish I am just an avid home cook and collector of recipe books particularly vegetable forward recipe books and I have long been a huge Ottolenghi fanI eagerly awaited this book and pre ordered it months ago Considering I did not receive a pre release of this book I can t compete with previous reviewers who did receive a free copyHowever I will humbly list the ones I have tested so far with photos and comments and will update as I cook through the bookI am planning on cooking a recipe or two a day from this book so I will update this review regularly so please check back here for updates and new photos of dishes I have made if you find this review helpfulI have all of Ottolenghis previous books and cook from them extensively I have a huge recipe book library It s starting to look a bit crazy so I have them all in the spare room to avoid raised eyebrows lolI can honestly say that my Ottolenghi books are the books I use the most consistently out of all of my recipe books I LOVE vegetable focused dishes and I rely heavily on Ottolenghis books for inspiration as I find 999% of his recipes to be keepersI prefer for my main dishes to have large uantities of vegetables and legumes organic wherever possible and a small amount of meat and fish we eat red meat rarely Since we switched to this way of eating about 5 years ago I have dropped 20lbs and my 60 yr old husband dropped 45lbs and we are now both in the low middle healthy range for our heights and we both f A Life Is Unfair (Malcolm in the Middle, gem of a book It keepsetting better I was delighted to receive my latest Ottolenghi cookbook Simple a few weeks ago I opened it and viewed several recipes only to find that all the measurements were written in the metric system At first I thought I would convert each measurement and even though this cookbook is designed to be simple the conversion would take a considerable amount of time I went back to the book list and noticed now there were two different covers of the Simple cookbook What was the difference I did not see an explanation anywhere of the differences I received another Simple cookbook in the mail from my pre ordering the book and forgetting that I had ordered it but this one had a different cover Upon opening it I saw that the measurements were in both Standard US and the metric system Now happily I could use Simple for its original purpose of providing simple wonderful recipes Buyer be careful ood for beginner cookers I understand why Ottolenghi s other books had to come first But I sincerely believe that this one is his best yet especially for the way we American cooks operateUPDATE December 2018 Check the euivalentsconversions. JAMES BEARD AWARD FINALIST The New York Times bestselling collection of 130 easy flavor forward recipes from beloved chef Yotam Ottolenghi In Ottolenghi Simple powerhouse author and chef Yotam Ottolenghi presents 130 streamlined recipes packed with his signature Middle Eastern inspired.

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Chapters Except the Dessert chapter which is of course led by fruit I remember writing in my review of one of his other books and it continues to be a fair warning for this one If you do not have opportunities to find fresh herbs you cannot substitute dry herbs and et proper results I didn t really check to see if I could say that every recipe uses fresh herbs but I believe it is safe to say that most recipes reuire fresh herbs Once one buys an Ottolenghi cook book if you have a yard you will be incorporating herb plants into your flower bedsAnd you will need to buy uality spices too if you want these recipes to excite and astound you There is a huge difference between the taste of The Billionaires New Assistant (The New Dominators, grocery store shelf and bulk bin spices and what youet from an experienced spice merchant The uality of the spices you use can make or break these recipes Do an internet search of spice houses to find one that appeals to you For an example take in the scent and taste of cumin from an established and experienced spice merchant and compare it with what you last bought at the Witch, Cat, and Cobb grocery store You will be amazed at the differenceThe veggie dishes are fabulous The day this book arrived in the mail I was able to whip together a handful of veggie dishes just with what I already had on my shelves and in the frig See SIMPLE A tomato and cucumber raita uses areen chile paste with preserved lemon Another tomatobread salad mixes in anchovies and capers I had just bought three bags of Moon Drop Quinn (Wyoming Sky, grapes They are a long cylinder shape and so sweet And I had all the ingredients for a marinade for therapes that were then skewered and The Princes Bride grilled I had ingredients at hand for areen onion and herb salad with cukes bell pepper mint and cilantro And also all I needed to make Roast Cabbage with Tarragon and Pecorino Mustardy Cauliflower Cheese Carrot Salad with Yogurt and Cinnamon Sweet Potato Mash with Lime Salsa of basil cilantro A Cinderella Christmas Carol (Suddenly Cinderella, garlic There was so much I could have made right then with what I already had that it was kind of overwhelming And it was a powerful feeling and when I realized that it surprised me We finally decided on Rice Noodle Salad with Cucumber and Poppy Seeds with onioninger apple chiles mint and tarragonThere are beautiful potato recipes Oven Fries with Oregano and Feta Shallow Fried Potatoes with Rosemary and Sumac Sweet Potato Fries with smoked paprika cayenne My Fair Temptress (Governess Brides, garlic and sumac And so happy to see lots of zucchini dishes And of course eggplant lots of eggplant recipes I m in mid Texas and I mlad my eggplant plants are still producing And some of these eggplant recipes I easily adapted to use my air fryer to roast the eggplantThere is an entire chapter for fish and seafood and there s plenty of lamb recipes along with some beef and pork recipes in th. Lower Pomegranate and Pistachio Salad refreshes the side dish rotation; Lamb and Feta Meatballs bring ease to the weeknight table; and every sweet tooth is sure to be satisfied by the spectacular Fig and Thyme Clafoutis Withthan 130 photographs this is elemental Ottolenghi for everyone.

As you study ingredient lists Some conversions are incorrect in this first edition If you are an experienced cook or baker I believe that you will catch these mistakes and I am not The Magic Talisman (A Rick Brant Science Adventure Series, going to change my 5 star rating But be careful And a plea to the publishers Please edit this product page in a prominent way when the corrections have been made so that people feel at ease with buying this book It would be a shame for this book to fall short just because conversions are screwed upWhat is this book about And how do these simple methods work The modus operandi or MOoes somewhat like this And it s SIMPLE Please stay with me as I work the way through these letters The next paragraph L. M. Montgomery gets to be long ish Because these concepts drive the book if you don t care for or believe in these six methods then maybe you won t appreciate this cook book On the other hand if you currently think that you don t need to learn these S I M P L E MOs then maybe you are the perfect target for this book Can I convince you to buy this book These S I M P L E cooking principles are important to accept torasp and to ownIf you are a somewhat experienced home cook with the ability to manipulate recipes you ve probably already tinkered with some from Ottolenghi s previous publications and made them your own So you have already practiced SIMPLE and you beat Ottolenghi to the punch in a way creating your own SIMPLE recipes using the following techniues Maybe you created a riff that does not take too long S short on time And you streamlined some ingredient lists I ten ingredients or less And I bet you ve broken apart some recipe steps so that you could do some in advance M make ahead For sure if you ve cooked from Ottolenghi s recipes before you ve built up your pantry to come up with a uick pantry led dish when you don t have extra time to shop P pantry And you have developed some steps to keep your hands and mind free to do other things such as slow cooking marinating ahead building an entire meal in one pot or one sheet pan L lazy cooking And last but not least you know those techniues and recipes that you ve mastered and therefore embraced as being E easy Where you say to yourself Oh I can do that no problem Well in this book Ottolenghi encourages us to try some recipes that might seem intimidating in some way but as he puts it are easier than you think Where some cookbooks falsely claim to be easy or week night cooking most of the recipes in this book actually are Just Splitting Seconds (Songbird Series get thoughtful about the concepts and just don t balk Grasp these concepts or methods and fine tune your planning skills You will be a better and creative cook for itOn to contents Veggies are overwhelmingly in the forefront in their own chapters Raw Veg and Cooked Veg but also throughout all the other. Flavors all simple in at least and oftenthan one way made in 30 minutes or less with 10 or fewer ingredients in a single pot using pantry staples or prepared ahead of time for brilliantly deliciously simple meals Brunchets a make over with Braised Eggs with Leeks and Za'atar; Caulif.

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