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Unlikeable characters with little to no edeeming characteristics I didn t care whether Johnny found out who the blackmailer was Wasn t all that surprised at the ending Wouldn t Autumn Days with the Moodys (Moody Family recommend Forrest Gump it wasn t Lacking th. Delia Jamison is a gorgeous woman of a certain age and at the pinnacle of her career as anchor a network news show in Los Angeles But she is being blackmailed by someone she is certain is one of her former lovers Terrified to go to the police for fear the story will leak and cause a scandal Delia's at her wit's end when she accidentallyuns into none other than on.

E humor I found this tale of blackmail to be a non compelling ead To be honest I didn t even finish this book It had what could potentially be an interesting plot but moved to slowly and the characters weren t very intere. E of those former lovers Johnny Lightfoot whom she hasn't seen in nearly twenty years Johnny is now an Academy Award winning screenwriter living in New York and LA who feels the old emotional attraction for Delia ising again Even though she's ecently married Delia mysteriously seems to encourage Johnny's interest Since she won't go to the police Johnny agrees to.

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Sting Perhaps I will finish it another time F Gro This author also wrote Forrest Gump but this story is very differentIt s like a detective thrillerThe main character Delia is a newscaster in LA and someone is stalking he. Help her find the culprit which means she has to produce a list of the suspects And what a list it is moguls on the New York Stock Exchange fancy lawyers a stellar Ivy League professor even a United States senator As Johnny's investigation delves deeper into Delia's past it exposes than he ever wanted to know; meanwhile the blackmailer achets up his dangerous game.

Winston Francis Groom Jr was an American novelist and non fiction writer best known for his book Forrest Gump which was adapted into a film in 1994 Groom was born in Washington DC but grew up in Mobile Alabama where he attended University Military School now known as UMS Wright Preparatory School He attended the University of Alabama where he was a member of Delta Tau Delta and the Ar