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S the world building is also goodOverall I guess it s a good read for readers who ve already read of the author s novels but for a newcomer ike me it s going to be rather disappointed mostly because it s not what the book promised Smoke Sally Pearlie and Cal go after a self styled Mexican revolutionary really just a bandit who raided a town and the ranch of an old friend to whom he d delivered 200 horses A number of friends had been killed and officials on both sides of the border were ill euipped to deal with himSmaoke and friends weren tAnother excellent Smoke Jensen 35My second Mountain Man book and I can start to see the formula a bit here Doesn t mean it s not fun it is but it s just not as fun The story also didn t feel as tight as what I ve read before Still it s a Americas First City light easy read perfect for a pickup and go read Enjoy the 42nd book of the smoke Jensen Siri s Clearly I read this book out of order as I am now seeing it is the 40 something th book in the series Really good typical western or so I kept telling myself Feltike just a run of the mill plain Jane cheesy western but then I couldn t put it down And then I d find myself tearing up or smiling or angry Ordinary books aren t supposed to make you feelGood book Happy while reading sad that it ended I Bone Mountain (Inspector Shan, ll have to get the other 40 plus books in the series Another excellent book in the series about Smoke Jensen Ioved the book I did find a mistake in the book although most readers would not catch it JA Johnston. Tle along with two hundred of Smoke's horses Going where the US Army and the Texas Rangers cannot Smoke crosses the border in hot pursuit of Keno The Mexican Federales capture Smoke and the others and place them under arrest But as soon as the banditos take something near and dear to a Federale commander the Me.


Smoke Jensen does it again William Johnstone did it again kept my interest page in an page out funny parts and sad parts but as always fun to read Let me start by saying the back cover of this is incredibly misleading It talks about a Mexican revolutionary named TB Keno going to Texas killing innocents and stealing 1000 heads of cattle Smoke Jensen travels to Mexico to recover the cattle and helped by Mexican Federales fights a fierce secret war against Keno and his menWhat really happens is that the Revolutionary is really just a bandit with a Neutered by the vet (The League of Dominant Women load of men who don t even attack until way past half the book He only steals 200 horses the Federales only show for 2 3 pages and don t do anything and the fierce secret war is Jensen breezing through Keno s men for a couple of days without any trouble whatsoeverI haven t read many Westerns so I don t know if this is standard but Smoke Jensen is a Gary Stu He s the most skilled man alive with a gun always has the right ideas his companions are also impossibly good and his enemies always commit idiotic mistakes andack common sense And yes aside from getting scratched by a basically a POINT BLANK SHOTGUN BLAST he has zero trouble defeating a gang of over 50 menThe reason I gave two stars is because the writing is really good even if the Spanish is a ittle off in places and very fun to read Though the plot doesn t really happen until way past half the book what comes beforehand is entertaining well written and reasonably paced Plu. Borders Of BloodSmoke Jensen has come to Corpus Christi Texas to take delivery of five hundred horses he purchased from an old friend That's when a Mexican revolutionary Colonel Bustamante Keno brazenly crashes the border slaughters twenty two innocent US citizens in cold blood and steals a thousand head of cat.

E was a fantastic researcher for his uncle William This time he missed it He mentions that Smoke stopped in the Telegraph office and had the operator copy down the Morse Code Then the book has the people involved earning to use mirrors to send and receive messages using Morse Code including examples The mistake is that telegraphers used American Morse not International Morse which was used by radio operators in the military There are differences and the examples used were International Morse As I said this mistake did not affect the story I still Alipio loved the story Only someoneike me an old radio operator or a telegrapher would know the difference Teamwork Another great story with Smoke Jensen and his good friends Smoke Jensen came through with the help of his family Smoke Jensen aka Mountain Man and Fastest Gun in the West has just sold a Seducing Ingrid Bergman large herd of horses to an old friend in Texas when an army of Mexican banditos rustles them shoots up the nearby town and kills a number ofocals including someone he cares about Well that just has to ead to one of the most exciting but improbable rootin tootin shootin Western tales ever If you ove and I do old time horse operas where decent people of honor courage and skill face down evil when the odds appear stacked against them then this one s for you Another good book by JohnstoneI enjoy Smoke Jensen stories and this is another good one Just fun to read The ending was cut too short but it s easy enough to fill it in on your own. Xicans decide that Smoke and his fellow prisoners might come in handy after all They'll fight a fierce and secret A Secret Place little war the only way the Mountain Man knows how fierce relentless and unforgiving to the bitter bloody end Because no man steals from Smoke Jensen andives to enjoy the ill gotten goods Not ever.

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The Devil's Kiss and became a full time writer in 1980 He wrote close to two hundred books in numerous genres including suspense and horror His main publication series were Mountain Man The First Mountain Man Ashes and Eagles and his own personal favorite novel was