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There is no other author that I ve ever read that can take middle American values pit them against what is evil in the world and write a kickass novel Doing the right thingWilliam Johnstone is a prolific writer of fiction As a fiction writer e is very entertaining I find myself chuckling at the things some of is characters do and cheering others This is not classic fiction it s the kind of trashy pulp fiction that many of us secretly read because it s so entertaining I ve read about alf of Satria dari Negeri Tayli 1-28 his books and I mappy that I Goethean Science haveThis is part of a book series should you read them in order YES no uestion that raeading them in order willelp keep the back and side stories in syncTriggers Lots of violence in these stories it s about gangs invading the USA Weapons firefights and terroristic acts in your local grocery store and bankThe border town of Little Tuscon Arizona is under siege by Mara Salvatrucha the murderous Central American gang known as M 15 Vietnam vet Tom Brannon takes the law into Out of the Shadows, Into the Streets! his ownands and forms Digital Crossroads his own volunteer army whiche names The Patriot Project But now all ell s about to break loose because M 15 is coming to town to take on The Patriot Project Outnumbered and outgunned with the fate of their families their omes and their very country at stake Tom Brannon and The Einstein Theory of Relativity his men will stand tall and meet the enemy of the streets of Little Tuscon It sigh noon in Arizona and time to take America back once again EXPLOSIVEThis novel could be ripped from the front pages of any American newspaper today This book is so intense and interesting with what is going on in everyday America in today s world Tom Brannon and the citizens of Little Tucson AZ are average American citizens but caught in a cycle of violence How to Negotiate Your First Job hatred and evil not of their doing or making The plot is amazing and the characters are very well written and developed A good book that all need to read whet. William W Johnstone delivers an all new action packed series torn from today'seadlines in which the greatest danger is not posed by those kept out of America but by those let inINVASION USALittle Tuscon Arizona just twenty miles north of the border is a small town whose citizens believe in God country and ard work But their peaceful existence is about to be shattered.

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The town to scare the witnesses and prevent them from bringing charges against the gang Unfortunately when they reached the farmhouse it was a free for all Embarrassed by the events during the last week the boss of M 15 sets out to destroy the town and its people Heavily outnumbered a andful of residents come forward and join up with the farmer Perfect Justice (Ben Kencaid, hero a Vietnam Vet inopes of saving their townPolitics are mixed throughout the story which I didn t care for too muchseems when the storyline is on a roll the courts three letter agencies and the press all converge on the little town muddy up the water and stalling the built up momentum Still a good read and would recommend to others God Bless our Vietnam Vets Words can t describe The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore how bad this book isThere are a lot of reasons not to read it unfortunately after struggling with several chapters I becameooked to see if it could get any worse It did There are some Nam vets out there who are going to read the last lingering bad taste in the mouth chapter and say to themselves my God why did Suggestions for Marketing Small Timber he base theero on one of us The best part was when the ACLU guy picked up a gun and decided to join the good guys and the Wally Word parallel wassorry I New Exploration have no words I suppose if you want a good laugh give it a shot and never admit to anyone you ve read it Giving it an OK rating is me being generous The 4 and 5 star raters baffle me This was my first Johnstone book I may try another Johnstone book from a different series I get the concept and ideals the writer was presenting promoting and I agree with some of it However the actual story telling was mediocre at best If you like this genre there are better options I just didn t love this book There were markers that were too unbelievable for me which is usually not a big deal but this is sold as a couldappen kinda book which is wasn t Characters were all pretty predictable although I enjoyed the. Hands and forms The Shaping of Western Civilization his own volunteer army whiche names The Patriot ProjectBut now all ell's about to break loose because M 15 is coming back to take out the Patriots Outnumbered and outgunned with the fate of their families their omes and their very country at stake Tom Brannon and The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles his men will meet the enemy It'sigh noon in Arizona and time to take America back onc.

Her they are Americans or not Evil does exist A book in my opinion is best measured by Medicine and Religion how long it takes you to read it front to back With that said I could not put this book down from the opening page Middle American values vs bad guyssimple concept but very effective Loved this book I won t bother you with the details this one is just not worth the time and money to read This is the first of a very short Johnstone Clan series of two books this one and Border War This oneas in it what the Johnstone Clan does best Creating a well developed series of characters the reader cares about It amazes me the scores of characters I ve read about in the many Johnstone Clan books and The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, how very few are similar Really uite extraordinaryThe bad guys on the otherand can tend to be similar in the books I ve read The bad guys in this one are similar to a number of others in previous booksThe story unfolds and take I thoroughly enjoyed reading Invasion USA as it portrayed events that are extremely likely to occur in the small border towns between Arizona and Mexico M 15 is a Central American gang that Valentino has relocated to northern Mexico Its members are ruthless robot like when following orders from the boss and without a conscience I was surprised at the beginning when the author introduced characters which I began to like and then kills them off before the end of the chapter as roving M 15 gang members gunned them down in cold blood after robbing the bank Their getaway is cut short when the driver is killed and the vehicle wrecksowever they carjack a woman and er baby and drive into the country where they proceed to rape er Seeing the commotion on Shunned his farm propertye leaves is ome to investigate Upon reaching them eventually takes out four of them while saving a woman one man escaped but forgot to take the money with Oba, the Last Samurai him and this doesn t sit well with the bossGangit suads are sent to. By Mara Salvatrucha the murderous Central American gang known as M 15Culled from the scum of the earth M 15 runs a drug smuggling operation through the ill protected border terrorizing defenseless communities into submission through theft rape and murderWith Washington turning a blind eye to the crisis in Little Tucson Vietnam vet Tom Brannon takes the law into is own.

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The Devil's Kiss and became a full time writer in 1980 He wrote close to two hundred books in numerous genres including suspense and horror His main publication series were Mountain Man The First Mountain Man Ashes and Eagles and his own personal favorite novel was