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The first half of this book is an account of how the author and his wife who were hippies during the 1970s lived in Japan and apprenticed at traditional soy shops The fascinating account of the history and making of traditional soy foods is enough to justify eading the book aloneThe second half of the book has many wonderful soy ecipes You will learn how to make your own soy milk with nothing but a food processor How to make your own tofu How to make your own soy substitutes for dairy products you now find in stores but made with nasty chemicals instead of just soy You will also learn how to make your own soy based faux meats Loads of ecipes for how to cook all of these things tooThe book is also cheap if you get it used from or Omnibus Films read it from your library but with all of the good information it is well worth the price The Book of Tofu is a greatesource for people interested in making th. The book that launched the tofu Graeco-Egyptian Magick revolution is back in a beautiful new package including over 500 tempting and originalecipes from the East and West from traditional Japanese Five Color Sushi Rice with Tofu to heart healthy Grilled Tofu with Korean Barbecue Sauce to hints on making.

Eir own tofu soymilk or pretty much anything made from soybeans It is uite comprehensive and includes histories of the foods and how they were traditionally made and how they were made in the modern 1970s when the book was written There are also a bunch of Slave Again (Whispers of Refuge recipes which include not only how to make tofu soymilk etc but what to make with the finished products I found this book to be uite good because I am starting to make my own soymilk and would like to make my own tofu It goes over how to make tofu what to do with the okara byproduct of making soymilk and whey byproduct of making tofu This book isecommended for anybody who loves eating soybean products and would like to start making them from scratch for whatever easonMy only beef with the book is that many of the ecipes call for animal products they are all vegetarian but not all of them are vegan I m sure that many of them could be mad. Your own flavored Tofu Burgers An all in one eference this book covers the production of tofu and other soy products Asian cooking techniues and euipment and much much With over 350000 copies in print THE BOOK OF TOFU has been hailed by the Vegetarian Times as an awesome book about.

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E vegan with a bit of effort though This book is so interesting especially for people who are tofu lovers I love the soy milk ecipe it is so uick and easy and delicious It is so much fresher tasting than what you get at the store I can also control the sugar content and flavor so it is eally fun for me to make I want to definitely try making my own tofu next should be lots of fun The seminal book on home tofu production in the United States William and Akiko s book is a snapshot of traditional tofu making in Japan and also spawned the founding of hundreds of tofu shops in the United States I know it s unfair but I have to take off a star because it is so difficult to find things in the book It s absolutely packed with ecipes and they just un into each other On the good side this is the book that taught me how to make my own home made soy milk and tofu from soybeansIt s a great esource. The most incredible of foods; by the Washington Post as a seminal work; and by the New York Times as the book that awakened the West to the wonders of tofu With over 300 illustrations and an extensive bibliography you'll never be at a loss for how to prepare this perfect vegan protei.