William J. Bennett: The Broken Hearth Reversing the Moral Collapse of the American Family

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Needs not formalities while i value tradition sometimes tradition needs to be tweaked argument well argued after but doesn t mean that there aren t holes in it i picked up this book for a better understanding of family in the 19th century but there was only basic knowledge on the subj in here Wow This book rings of truth What a great boost for those of us who still believe in the family unit Marriagemanwoman Familymanwomanchildren It was necessary for me to read I oved this book None of the opinions were new to me I agreed with everything but it was great to hear the opinions out of the context of my religion and in the context of cold hard factsstatistics and politics I am not really into politics so I was interested to Another Day of Life learn about howegislation has affected the whole decline There is a whole section on gay marriage that made so much sense and put into words a What Would You Like? lot of what I have thought about It made me appreciate so much the value that we place on marriage and family and really made me want to take action to spread that to the world The first section talks about the history of familyife and how it hasn t a This book was a gift from a mutual friend of Bennett s and mine who knew I enjoyed his books Bennett included a note in my copy To Joe Massery I hope you enjoy this Stay in the fight Bill Bennett I Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, liked the note better than t This book is an older book but explains how America s broken moral compass came to pass Dr Bennett does an excellent job writing. Ressive arrangements Bennett displays his ability to combine fearless conviction acute insight and respect for his adversaries in thorough balanced and enlightening discussions of single parenthood cohabitation gay marriage and other trends that are undercuttingthe ideal of the family as the essential foundation of societyLooking closely at the concerns and uestions that divide America Bennett provides a powerful affirmation of familyife and the values and benefits it bestows on individuals and on society as a whole From the Hardcover editi.

Supplements this with case studies as well as cultural and historical anecdotes to show the evolution of s in the past fifty years It is nice to know that some of us aren t the only ones with these opinions Good book I had planned on reading this book uickly and dropping it off at the nearest thrift store when done but after reading this book I can t do that any There were some remarkable arguments in this book about the basis of marriage and the devastating effects of divorce upon society that I need to be reminded of as marriage seems to be attacked from every sideI Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, loved what he wrote about marriage on theast pages He uotes Tim Keller in his description of marriage as similar to a gem tumbler Marriage is sometimes no picnic The truth is that marriage can Friend Foe lead to some startling revelationsmarriedife brings to the surface our worst attributes irritability and impatience defensiveness and self justification insensitivity and manipulativeness a i m uite tired of reading that marriage is in crisis and that marriage was successful in the past the uestion of the purpose of marriage and how its changed over the years never crossed his mind while everyone argues that women should be eual but due to the change in gender roles and society being accepting of single parenthood and children outside of wedlock marriage is now doomed can it be reversed should it be reversed what if the path that we re on is the better path and that acceptance and tolerance is what a society. L and The Longevity Diet legal consensus that once supported itNow in The Broken Hearth William Bennett America's foremost conservative spokesperson on matters of family values presents a strong well reasoned and informed defense of the traditional family Interweaving history anthropologyaw social science and the teachings of Western religions he argues that marriage between a man and a woman and the creation of a permanent Grassroots Innovation loving and nurturing environment for children is a great historical achievement one that should not beightly abandoned in favor of prog.

I started this book yesterday and am hoping to finish today William Bennett reviews what is happening with the decline of the family and well as the redefinition of marriage It s so refreshing to hear people who are against redefining marriage He says that those who are wanting to keep marriage and family in tact are being bullied and we need to put our foot down Bennett refutes common ideas about gay marriage and how it won t harm society He also counters the idea that conservatives don t want progress because we are hanging on to past ideals He uotes a wonderful CS Lewis uote that I hadn t heard before We all want progress but if you re on the wrong road progress means doing an about turn and walking back to the right road in that case the man who turns back soonest is the most progressiveAs I mentioned earlier I have found this to be a refreshing read Recently it s seemed that the ONLY people who wanted to maintain marriage and family are Latter Day Saints but Bennett is reaffirming that we are the majority and this is a fight worth fightingHe also goes a great deal into divorce and father ess homes Again he presents really powerful facts and information I iked it so much I bought a hard copy Broken Hearth gets uickly and effectively to the heart of the matter the state of marriage being the source of many social ills and instability The author makes a great case by presenting the problem addressing its supporters and critics and proposing realistic solutions He. Bestselling author William Bennett addresses the central social issue of our time the deline of the family in a book as intellectually provocative and politically controversial as his andmark The Death of OutrageOur recent economic prosperity has masked the devastation of the American family which is now under seige as never before From the dramatic rise in illegitimacy divorce and single parenthood to the call for the recognition of gay marriages the traditional nuclear family is being radically challenged and undermined along with the mora.

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William J Bill Bennett is a politician and author who served in the Ronald Reagan and George H W Bush administrations as chief of National Endowment for the Humanities and later Secretary of Education under Reagan and Drug Czar under Bush He is a nationally well known figure of political and social conservatism and authored many books on politics ethics and international relations