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Changed so he plans a trip back to the Grand Canyon for another rafting adventure and invites his friends Jessie Adam Star Rita and Pug This time Troy promises the trip will not be just about him Jessie who strongly isliked Troy on the last trip has second thoughts about coming but eventually she Stonebrook Cottage (Carriage House, decides not to turnown the adventure of a lifetime Unlike last time Troy acuires the proper National Park permits for this trip After a couple of A Seductive Revenge days the friends learn they are rafting the river in record water levels that are still rising and they are one of the last groups to set offown the Grand Canyon Even the low ranked rapids are a struggle in these water levels and the friends begin to wonder if Lava Falls the steepest navigable rapid in North America will be passable Sometimes in life we have to go through challenging situations This book illustrates how individuals may respond to the same circumstances in California Living different ways I enjoyed Downriver immensely I could not wait to read the seuel River Thunder by Will Hobbs and find out what happened to Jessie and her friends The authorelivered on his promise of high volume excitement Will Hobbs made me feel like I was right there in the roaring rolling rapids with Jessie and her companions I should caution future readers this book has some slow escriptive passages in the middle of the book The book as a whole was a thrilling read and I would recommend this book to anyone who read Downriver and wants to read about the teens adventures I would not recommend reading River Thunder if you have not read Downriver because the author assumes that the reader is already familiar with the characters I have always loved the original book and as complete as the ending was for the original book I couldn t uite figure out how this one would be a continuation of that one So it was a bit of a surprise that the background was basically the same while the cast of characters for the most part also stayed the same although sadly Freddy never showed up Unfortunately this book was too much a repeat of the first including for the majority of the portion of the book the same emotional tension that could be found within the first one And although things turned out right in the end and that there was a bit of a turnaround it just takes away from the story while reminding the reader of the never ending alternatives of the Hatchet books Second of all I was also isappointed that the book almost never mentioned or gave names to the parts of the trip that were included at the beginning of the first trip such as the whitewater where Troy almost flipped his raft before inviting Jess ove. R is the ultimate test Does she have what it takes to row own the mighty Colorado The only way to find out is to get into the raft and set off to face the thundering rapids and the powerful emotions that the river unleashes.

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I found out about this book somehow I always liked the first book Downriver and had no idea that there was a seuel I knew it probably wasn t the greatest idea considering it would probably smash my nostalgia and o things I Ryugakusei no tame no Kanji no Kyokasho SHOKYU 300 - Japanese Writing Study Book didn t want it to but I picked it up to read anywaySuffice to say I expected this book to tie up some of the loose ends from the first namely what became of Troy the unresolved issues between him and the rest of the gang and to see somethingevelop between Jessie and FreddyUnfortunately the first problem is that while Freddy is mentioned he s n I read the original in 8th grade as assigned reading review has bene posted for that book and I remember being really excited when I was able to read this one A Study in Scandal (Scandalous during the summer I liked this one almost as much Ion t remember it as clearly as the original but I Letting it Go do remember that I enjoyed it A good time killer The book was very interesting especially the 16 year old girl named jessie Sheoes a very good job of keeping the story going Jessie and her companies go through many great adventures The One Who Stays (Summer Island, down in the grand cannon The story is really good and I would recommend it for people who enjoy Will Hoob s work The book River Thunder is an adventure book about a girl getting sent to summer camp by her parents This summer camp they go white water rafting they practice a few times and one of the other boysecides to convince her to escape with him and a bunch of friends to go to the Grand Canyon to go rafting which is the hardest river in the area She was eventually convinced to say yes so they steal all of the camps stuff and leave Shadow of the Wolf (Hearts Desire, during the middle of the night Then they run into a few issues on the canyon that they were not ready for I am pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed River Thunder I was expecting the book to be one of those action packed adventure books all about conuering nature in some capacity with the sole focus on overcoming whitewater rafting ad nauseam But I was pleased that author Will Dobbs made the story much than that and create a a tale around the relationship between all the characters something that s usually lacking for me in adventure books I missed out on some of theetails by not having read the previous book Downriver but I still enjoyed the story that I knew of Jessie and Star Pug and Rita as they made their journey oh yeah and Troy who could have Smijurija u mjerama died in Lava Falls for all I cared Mild spoiler there in terms of how I was reuired to make a book review for my monthly reading book I read River thunder by Will Hobbs the companion to Downriver The book is about about the kids going back to the grand canyon In the. Jessie Troy and the rest of the crew from Downriver have returned to the Grand Canyon for adventureown the Colorado River In the year since they last were together each has changed; each feels mature But how will they inte.

First book the kids were put into this camp with other children their age to help with social skills and get out of the normal society The Grand Canyon had record high water level and crazy rapids The kids came back this time hoping to work on social skills and get back to the fun rapids Troy also wants to prove that he has changed They face many challenges throughout the book This means they have to work together and not get frustrated or mad at each other The characters in this book are the same but you see less of them in the last one there were many on the trip to the Grand Canyon in this one there are less I Speer do like the characters goals and strives for this trip In the last book they were sent to the canyon and in this book they choose to go because they had such a good time before So this time they have intentions and things that they are looking forward in which they had not had before They chose this time instead of being forced toOne thing that really surprised me in a bad way was that there were numerous spelling errors Most bookson t have any Others have a few but this one had so many it seemed as if it had not been revised or edited This made it hard to read the novel and made a Ultralearning dent on the good storyline I enjoyed how the book almost encourages people to get out and see the world It shows how you can meet people and even meet your lifelong friends One of the themes in this book is about finding life long friends Doing something that you would not want too might end up being god and you might meet great friends and maybe keep The Ring Of The Dove doing that thing IN this story the kidson t want to go to the canyon but they enjoyed it in the endIf I were to recommend this to someone I would recommend this to two very The Lost Literature of Medieval England different people First off Someone who enjoys the outdoors and exploring and traveling would enjoy this book a lot because it relates to what they like too The second person I would recommend this to someone who is struggling and A Curse of Kings doesn t have much in life that makes them happy This book would give them the idea to go out and see what life has for them This book can inspire people to go find lifelong friends by going out andoing stuff jessie and star met up with some friends and they were going to go rafting jessie had second thoughts about going since she thought troy wanted to get back at her for breaking up with him half way through they started arguingabout what to Garfield Dishes It Out (Garfield, do at lava the roughfest rapid on the river jessie had toecide since she was paddleing jesse is very Im a Narwhal draumaticthe book was very entense River Thunder is the exhilarating seuel to Downriver Troy wants to prove that he has. Ract now that they are facing new challenges challenges greater than anything they've had toeal with at homeFor Troy it is a chance to prove he can be a team player someone worthy of friendship and love For Jessie the rive.

WILL HOBBS is the author of seventeen novels for upper elementary middle school and young adult readers as well as two picture book stories Seven of his novels Bearstone Downriver The Big Wander Beardance Far North The Maze and Jason's Gold were named Best Books for Young Adults by the American Library Association ALA also named Far North and Downriver to their list of the 100 Best You