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Tips to his readers about Clydes Keys to success they were 1 Setting goals 2Confidence 3Utilization of time 4Motivation 5Work thnic 6Communication 7Teamwork 8Luck 9Worship After seeing this it gave me some confidence in basketball This whole book was a motivation for me Walt Clyde Frazier is the Reckless epitome of cool with a great personality Every time I see him on TV he always seems to be a very happy go lucky guyBut with this writing he comes across as one of those bitter old men whereverything was great when he was young and 90% of Trickster everything in today s world sucksMost of his sentences that began with When I was playing was followed by something positive or how much they suffered because they didn t have it as good as the young kids todayAnd the sentences that began with These guys playing today was typically followed by something negative or howasy that have it nowadaysNot Killers Prey (Conard County everything in this book was like that Injoyed some topics But a good chunk of it was and it became annoying This book is about basketball a sport i really like The author walt frazier talks about his life in the nba how it went from him and how it changed over time He teaches you to always try your best because you never know who is watching you and what you can gain from it This book is good for all people who just want to learn about basketball or just want to learn about someone and how they succeded in life Walt Frazier is currently a commentator for the New York Knicks telecasts on MSG NetworksHe provides insight about basketball and colorful and fun comments during the game He also dresses with distinction and approaches his job with a sense of humorIn The Game Within the Game Frazier discusses his playing career and his opinion regarding the game today He also discusses some of the coaches he played for and some of the teammates that he played withIt is an Mr Big enjoyable book to read if you like basketball It isasy reading and light reading for a basketball fanFrazier Flori în păr emphasizes the importance of playing as a team He stresses the importance of playing good defense and sharing the basketball He says that the game of basketball has changed in many ways First he points out that when he played finesse and leg work wasmphasized whereas now there is a greater Kansas State emphasis on physical and upper body strength Secondly he says that the three point shot has changed the game as well When he played players tried to get close to the basket whereas now there is of an attempt to shoot an open three point shot Frazier says that the Knicks teams that he played for had a lot of camaraderie and a strong bond He says that they got along on and off the court Frazier says good things about the playground leagues such as the Harlem Rucker League However Frazier alsomphasizes the importance of fundamentals and suggests that the playground leagues have sometimes taken players away from the fundamentals He Sexy Cosplay Anime Girls (Bikini, Military, Scifi Costume, Japanese Import, Asian Babe, Picture Book) (Xena Kai Book 3) emphasizes how discipline played a role in his career He always tried to get rest before games Frazier says My definition of discipline is for a player to put his team first and to play under control at all times Frazier also points out that Red Holtzman was a good coach for the Knicks because he helped the team to become disciplined He alsomphasizes the importance of overcoming adversity Frazier says Almost Humiliated Husband every standout player in the league has had to fight through tough times He says that when he was growing up he had to overcome much adversity Frazier says that this helped him to overcome challenges on the courtFrazier also discusses different championship teams from the history of the NBA He said the fans the head coach and the players all played a role in the Knicks championship teams from 1970 and 1973 He also discusses other championship. Brity and flashy moves dominate In lively and accessible language Frazier writes about how important the game within the game really is Hemphasizes timing and mental skill far than dazzling moves as the strengths that today's players need to hone in order to achieve success Frazier makes some controversial points aimed at new basketball players The game within the game starts with players respecting their coaches their teammates and the opposing team The Indiana Pacers had a good chance of winning the NBA championship last year before Artest rupted They had a re.

First of all i would like to say thanks to Evan Pienh for recommending this book to me I don t know many legends from the time but Walt Frazier aka Clyde would definitely be in the top 20 Before I read this book I didn t know anything about this man My favorite Hall of Famer is Larry Bird but not a big fan of the Celtics I like how there s a lot of anecdotes about his life such as him playing against my favorite hall of famer He was one of those are that people that gave it 101 percent to show people that he deserve to be where s he s at He showed that he could step up in 1970 NBA Finals against the LA Lakers Willis Reed s was injured and it was Clyde who was stepped up putting up an 36 points and 19 assists leading the Knicks to their first NBA championship He gained a lot of respect for bringing a championship trophy to New York In the beginning of the book page 2 he said Today s players are unlike anything the game has ver seen before You ve got Dirk Nowitzki a 7 footer with infinite range There s LeBron James who is as strong as Willis Reed and as uick as Bob Cousy And you ve got Kobe Bryant who can jump out of the gym and can score from anywhere on the court This is funny to me because it s true Basketball players back than seem to all have the hook shot and the mid range game Now you have football players playing basketball with incredible speed When people ask Whose better Dream Team or The Redeem Team it s really hard to tell because the tempo of the games were different Dream Team seem like it was a fundamental game but now it s an athletic game I would recommend this to all the basketball players and fan of the game this book is one of the top books i have read it talks alot about basetkball such as things people dont see he talks about background stuff that goes on in the league he always says play your hardist beacsue you never know who is watching you he also Many astute basketball fans knew that Frazier was a great basketball player Many familiar with the pop culture of the 70 s remember him as Clyde the stylish pimp daddy Very few however realized that this flashy star was I Little Slave extremely intelligent and dedicated to his craft Hisdge over his opponents came from his mental preparation which is outlined in this book Walt Frazier is a good thinking man I was really amazed on his thoughts about how the NBA has changed It seemed like he didnt like the The Stall (Pony In Training evolution of basketball In the beginning of the book page 2 he said Today s players are unlike anything the game hasver seen before You ve got Dirk Nowitzki a 7 footer with infinite range There s LeBron James who is as strong as Willis Reed and as uick as Bob Cousy And you ve got Kobe Bryant who can jump out of the gym and can score from anywhere on the court This clearly THIEME Atlas of Anatomy explained how the game hasvolved Back in the 50 60 s the game was dominated by white men but now it s dominated by african americans In the middle of book on page 139 Larry bird said When I played you had me and Kevin Mchale and some others throughout the league I think it s good for a fan base because as we all know the majority of the fans are white in America And if you just had a little couple of white guys in there you might get them a little Sanibel Virgin excited But it is a black man s game and it will be forver I mean the greatest athletes in the world are African American I was shocked when Larry Bird said this because at first I thought he was being racist but he was complimenting on how athletic African Americans were Walt Frazier rants a lot about the new basketball play cause they don t live up to their xpectations Walt has to realize that basketball has volved im sure he realizes it but he just talks a lot about old school basketball At the near nd of the book he gives. Walt Frazier one of the greatest guards ver to play the game writes about old school ball and his ideas for reinvigorating the sport In The Game Within the Game basketball legend Walt Frazier looks at basketball from both a historical and personal viewpoint When Frazier first started playing the game discipline and strategy were highly valued than in today's game which he describes as having devolved into a playground fest of dunks and threes The old school style of Frazier's past mphasized substance over style contrary to the current state of the game where cele.

Teams such as the Boston Celtics Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs He discusses the individual talents of various players He refers to Jason Kidd s two handed overhead passes Allen Iverson s dribbling skills and a famous scoop shot made by Larry Bird in 1981 He mentioned the finger rolls of George Gervin and George McGinnis as wellFrazier discusses his role as a playmaking guard for the Knicks He refers to some of the plays that the Knicks ran and implemented during his career Frazier mphasizes that The playmaker s job is not to shoot it s to create He has to use his feline uickness to penetrate and create havoc for the defense He talks about the importance of the pick and roll as well as the modern tendency for point guards to play in isolationFrazier also addresses the money in today s game as well as the different coaches He said the money in the game has helped the sport but it is also responsible for some of the problems in the NBA today as well He said that sometimes when players get paid a lot of money they get complacent He said that he was one of the first players in the league to get a lot of attention but that in today s game players get The Public-Private Partnership Handbook even attention He points out that the players have power than they did in the pastFrazier said that he learned by watching other players He said I learned from Willis Reed and other veterans on my suad during my rookie year just by watching and listening He said that he learned that stars often receive privileged treatmentIn the book Frazier also addresses modern day coaches gamesmanship and trash talking trust the issue of race in the NBA motivation and workthic and the greatest teams and hall of fame playersIn The Game Within the Game Frazier What Next After School ? expresses his views on many issues pertaining to the NBA The book represents his ownxperiences and view points He often contrasts today s game with his Emerging Markets era Frazier highlights the differences between today s players and the players of his own time period However Frazier always remains respectful toward today s players and the players of his ownra I usually love Clyde s perspective on basketball but this book seemed too much like an old guy taking the young guys to task because they don t do things the way he did them He has some wonderful points about the need to work hard A Home of Another Kind especially the weaker parts of your game and the lack of desirexhibited by some of today s stars But he makes it seems like The Voyage of the Norman D., As Told by the Cabin Boy everybody in his day worked their asses off constantly and nobody does today I don t know for sure but I bet its about the same percentage You have people who work hard and people who don t Notverything basketball players did before the mid 90 s was great which is why ratings were terrible I agree that there are fundamentals that are lacking in today s game but people don t like to watch fundamental basketball without some flash to it If they did women s basketball would have huge ratings You need a mix of style and substance Clyde should know that he African Successes, Volume I exemplified both Being a basketball fans this book shows me a the perspective of an famous basketball player that had accomplished a lot in his carrer This book let fansbasketball players to see what is life life for teh basketball players notverything is games and fun There are a lot of hard work put into the game to become successful This is a great book for anyone who wants to read and is sport orientated Lots of whining from Clyde about how today s players don t measure up to the grittier defensive minded team oriented NBAers of the past While I agree that the game was fun to watch then that fact seems patently obvious to all of us without needing this particular rejoinder The second to the last chapter on the greats of the game almost but not uite redeems the book. Cord of 16 wins and only 8 losses at the time the brawl occurred and were touted as the team with the best chance of dethroning the Pistons in the East Artest had been out of control for a long time The Pacers tried to rein him in by suspending him arlier in the season but Artest didn't learn his lesson He is a product of his times Basketball is a microcosm of life Walking down the street today guys want their props If you bump into a young guy he might go off It's carried over into the NBA The guys in the league today are young and they often have a similar minds.

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