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And comprehensiveness but it totally its Hunger s Brides Anderson weaves together past an I did get started on this but this book is oppressively heavy I couldn t cart it around on my recent business trips therefore it got left behind Now I ve started another book so I ll have to Rafaellos Mistress finish that before I come back here I just can t deal with multiple story lines it s like trying to watch two movies at the same time I just can t do it book that introduced me to sor juana s life. Journal research notes on the Spanish conuest of the Americas and the Inuisition diary entries concerning him and a strange manuscript about Sor Juana Based on the life of one of literature's most compellingigures Paul Anderson's astonishing debut unveils a great poet's withdrawal rom the world who at the height of her creative powers signs a vow of contrition in her own blood.

C There s two narrative threads a modern day tale of manuscripts and academics the other the story of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz a scholar and poet in the early years of post conuest America Her story is ascinating than the modern one and indeed author Anderson has recognized that reissuing the book stripped of the modern narrative Nevertheless I loved it but or ans of the long read only The word magisterial is often used when referring to non Another Day of Life fiction works of great scope. Wo years earlierollowing her obsession with Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz who was born in 1648 entered a convent at age nineteen and became the greatest poet of her time only to die of plague in 1695 As a police investigation closes in around Gregory he examines the box's contents earful of incriminating evidence Beulah may have against him translated poems of Sor Juana a travel.

A huge doorstopper of a book A disgraced Calgary academic digs through the papers of his ormer studentlover uncovering the tale of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz a seventeenth century Mexican nun poet writer and early Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, feminist who abruptly signed a vow of silence and died helping plague victims The nun is real The academic and his student one devoutly hopes areictional Complex and engrossing with neat postmodern Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, footnotes Massive a giant doorstop of a book but utterly hypnoti. On arigid winter's night a man escapes Friend Foe from an apartment in which a young woman lies bleeding In his hands he clutches a box he hasound there He is Donald Gregory a once respected college professor and serial adulterer whose last affair has left his career in ruins She is Beulah Limosneros one of his students and or a brief time his lover Beulah had disappeared into Mexico

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Anderson left Canada in his early twenties and spent fifteen years travelling in Asia studying in Europe teaching in Latin America along the way logging 25000 miles of coastal and ocean sailing having twice crossed the Atlantic as a delivery sailor and has partnered in a sailing charter operation in the Caribbean He has worked as a deckhand in Monte Carlo fruit picker in Switzerland and co