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R that he s made ut to be I was torn between giving this book 3 Multi-Family Therapy or 4 stories I wanted to give it 4 because it is an amazingly dark erotic tale But the ending just didn t uite grasp wha Heat Rating Spark Kink Rating 4 Paddles Review Rating 2 Stars Human trafficking is a popular theme asf late I m not sure if it is because it titillates National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America, 7th Edition or because it is a reflection uponur current society In Carnal Captive we meet Shari Isle who is a struggling artist with c cup boobs and a runner s body She s the ne who is captured by Carnal Incorporated to be turned into a sex slave Bay Dennan is the rich man who wants a plaything to control His life consisted f being told what to do and someone else calling the shots Now he finally possesses the power to control someone else s lifeThis concept is good The non consensual theme is a favourite f mine to read Ms Harper creates some plausible scenarios in which a woman can be kidnapped The breakdown and training f Shari is detailed and graphic at times This story is less about the BDSM lifestyle and about using sexual torture and beatings to force dehumanize A History of Prophecy in Israel, Revised and Enlarged of a woman The woman is nothing than fuck meat She exists as three holes for her Master to poke I rated this book as four paddles for the Kinky factor because it definitely delivers in the sexual scenes The humiliation and sexual training Shari goes through is pretty hot The two male breakers Reno and Damek used different yet effective styles to force a desired behaviour from Shari The cage whippings nipple clamps and edging where all lovely A couplef them did come across as clinical than carnal I would have enjoyed the bad cop and good cop routine from them While Reno was the Think good thoughts about a pussycat one controlled and Damek was the barely suppressed enraged monster the distinction between the two was not enough Or perhaps I should state not as much as what I think Ms Harper was trying to showMyverall rating ends at two paddles because this story was just One, Two, Three Me okay for me The constant changing pointf view from Reno to Damek then to Shari was distracting I recommend the point f view switch nly Sex and Lust in Tijuana: True Sex Stories of the Tjamigos once per chapter Personally I prefernly ne point f view at most two This pulls me ut f the story as I had to re read to ensure I understood who thought was being presented Adding in Bay with his thoughts increased the jumble The Life of Saint Philip Neri of voices fighting to be heard What mainly brought this book rating tokay where two items First this book is supposed to be non consensual with a guilty pleasure feeling There was a distinct line between good versus bad Or at least it could have been It seemed to me Ms Harper was trying to create characters that were dancing in the grey not fully bad and not fully good This is a hard character building techniue It didn t uite work ut this way in the book From what I could see Reno and Bay experienced guilt for what they did They had to keep rationalize in their head that it was kay This guilt didn t do it for me If Ms Harper was trying to bring the grey shades in my recommendation is writing the character with plausible justification for what is clearly wrong can be shown as right This is what would have made me shiver in delight Reno had to believe what he was doing was right and show how it can be good It probably would have made me like Reno better Second the ending f th. Moment she’s captured she finds herself trapped in a world that revolves around harsh lessons pain and sexual stimulation There’s no escape just her desperate battle.

This book was iffy for me The non con genre is a dark favorite f mine and true to form the handlers Damek and Reno were pretty brutal And it s not that that turned me I only Like the Fingers of the Guy I Hate, Vol. 1 off at all it was the dialog between them that drove me a little batty I kept expecting them at any minute to end up in a little schoolgirl shoving match It was penis waving at it s best Their constant don t tell me what to do and trying tone up each The Whistle Pig other got redundant Hell atne point I was wishing they try to beat the crap ut f each ther The story starts ut extremely dark which I really enjoyed But even from the beginning the handlers were bickering with each Church Planting Is for Wimps: How God Uses Messed-Up People to Plant Ordinary Churches That Do Extraordinary Things other I kept expectingur heroin to use that to her advantage in some way The time with the handlers was too long almost 75% A Stepdaughter In Heat of the book And all the conditioning and training they did that whole time it started to feel like a yawn fest I felt for a while that I favored Damekf the 2 handlers then I would surprise myself by favoring Reno I really after a while felt they were both just trying to prove to the ther and themselves that they were actually cut ut for this business Shari Isle I liked her I liked that she refused to give up the last bit Rufus of herself her mind She stayed strong throughout She did what she had to do to survive I felt her fear when she was taken the author described this uite well And I always felt that giving half a chance that she would kill allf those in her path to freedom The time with her new master was too short in terms f the length f the book and he was pretty wishy washy What the hell was he doing buying a slave when he couldn t even make up his mind about basic things like wanting her You Are a Miserable Excuse for a Hero!: Book One in the Just Make a Choice! Series on the bedr n a chair It just didn t feel real Yes I know he was trying to figure ut in his head what the hell he was doing but it came Women and Social Work: Towards a Woman-Centered Practice off very weak And it was all so rushed I didn t like the ending the way it playedut at all While I enjoy a Stockholm Syndrome feel to my non con at times I was really glad this ne didn t take that turn It wouldn t have felt real not with as strong as Shari was portrayed to beThis book is dark and at times brutal very non con and as mentioned it s a favorite genre f mine I would caution the casual reader who may not be used to dark reads to read at your The Cowboys own risk as it involves beatings rape degradation and humiliation If these are triggers for you best leave thisne alone25 3 Star read for me Carnal Days was Sins of Treachery originally published in Febf 2012 as Carnal Captive with a different cover Vonna hopes readers won t be confused by the changes is reuiring based n recent developments in the epublishing world about what is considered acceptable This book is still listed n Goodreadscom as Carnal Captive What kind My Grandfather's Prison: A Story of Death and Deceit in 1940s Kansas City of ending was that Really Basically they just walk free How frustratingThe book went into some detail about the scenesIt also switched pointf views n a few different characters This story starts ut extremely dark If you can t handle some Whos Next? Guess Who! of the worst possible imaginable scenarios a woman could face then do not read this book But I will say Vonna Harper sure knows how to weave a tale It takes you through the ups and downsf Shari s existence like you wouldn t believe At times you want to hate the main male character But also he shows you glimpses that he s not the monste. A powerful wealthy man pays Carnal Incorporated to supply him with a beautiful pleasure trained slave Two Carnal peratives stalk Shari Isle a reclusive artist From the.

E story made me go WTF It ended abruptly for me and the resolution r should I say Bay s guilty conscience killed my libido It basically completely invalidated the storyline for me What I would have liked to see is Bay using Shari s passion for life against her Basically control her in this manner and doling Papi's Gift out sweet torturous sexual pleasure in exchange for good behaviour My recommendation may be predictable but it would have been satisfying for me I recommend this story for those who enjoy non consensual I didn t like the way thisne ended I liked the heroine s strong personality her perseverance The male protagonists were all pretty horrible This may be a hard story for most people to digest Lots f violence towards the heroine Most f the writing in this genre is awful but this ne actually good worth the time to read The characterization is done pretty well and the psychological issues f forced sex slavery ar This was an all right read for me The emotion was kind グライネリエ 1 [Grainerie 1] of lacking from allf the lead roles Plus the ending totally not what i saw coming and just totally unbelievable i m still planning n reading the next 2 books i ve already bought them Curious to see how stuff turns ut for Shari Not as strong as the ther two but I did like it It was going along swimmingly and then about 85% in it hit a brick wall jumped the shark and fell flat to me Same story as before woman gets kidnapped tortured and trained to be a sex slave and gets sold to a Master The depictions f the training are brutal violent though not hugely so in terms The First Socialist Society: A History of the Soviet Union from Within of bloodr anything and graphic It does go into her head which was a confused jumbled mess That is The Coming Revolution in Youth Ministry onef the consistency s that I have enjoyed from this series f books in the end the slave is still conflicted Although there are elements f Stockholm rearing their heads Wicked Sense occasionally primarily the issues don t get resolved It feels true to life that this is what would happen When you might vacillate between I want to die and I cannot believe I am aroused at this what s in between in head speak is fascinating to pull apart and examine For me these novels aren t really arousing so even if they falln the erotica spectrum they don t titillate at least not for me so it is about the verall picture how the people interact the plausibility and how they evolve to get through an rdeal Plausibility here in the end is what did it in I gave it a 3 because for the first long part I d Powerless Against You of given it a 4 The ending I give a 1 so I sortf did the math 34 f the book at 4 14 at 1that can be a 3 I never claim to be a math wizard For a 5 in the front it would have to have been descriptive and less clinical feeling If a character is going through pain r pleasure I enjoy a bit longer time in their head while they feel that way This started so well The first few chapters were invigorating then it became a standstill for me Though we experienced the horrors f a person it almost became to much Forced sexual slavery demeaned used ne gets the picture This is most certainly not for the faint hearted do read the authors notes prior I really wanted to like this series but it just did not do it for me I enjoy reading Vonna Harpers books but these for some reason could not keep my attention I did end up finishing the series and they got better as you go. Hold Dobys Lessons (Brats in Training onto her sanity Her time at the brutal training facility ends and she’s delivered to her master a man incapablef controlling his temper Now nly survival matte.

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Under her real name Vonna Harper has published fiction than she can keep track of These include category romances for the major players as well as the 'juicy' stuff She also penned a series of well received Native American historicals One earned her finalist status in both the Women Writing the West Willa award and Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Before discovering romances