Virginia A. McConnell: The Adventuress

Ceeds to the crime and then gets bogged down in the minutia of the trial It rapidly became apparent that McConnell was working almost ntirely from newspaper reports and census records she goes off on tangents talks far too much about the reporters themselves and worst yet seems to take Why Not Tonight (Happily Inc., every single newspaper article at face value which given the morals of the Victorianra press is than slightly ridiculous. Teen she married Walkup a forty nine year old successful businessman and acting mayor of Emporia Kansas One month later Walkup died from arsenic poisoning and his young wife was accused of murdering him Her trial became one of the most sensational cases in Kansas history and was covered by reporters across the nationThe Adventuress details Minnie Walkup's remarkable life and criminal activities Using newspaper articles census and probate records and descendants' reports true crime writer Virginia A McConnell depicts a captivating story that is full of scan.

Started out interesting but flattened out badly as I went along The story bogged down in legal details and unending cross Her First Mother (Conveniently Wed, examination I reallynjoyed this book Reading about crime in the 1800 s is fascinating I would recommend this book to Welcome Home, Cowboy (Wed In The West, everyone who likes true crime As others have mentioned the book starts strong but rapidly goes downhill McConnell begins with Our Heroine s background and marriage pro. Thengaging tale of a nineteenth century black widowIntrigue deception bribery poison murder all play a central role in the story of Minnie Walkup a young woman from New Orleans who began her life of crime when she was only sixteen years oldBorn in 1869 to Elizabeth and James Wallace Minnie was a natural beauty and attended convent school where she learned social graces and how to play the piano After the divorce of her parents she was raised in multiple boardinghouses owned by her mother and at one of them met her first husband James Reeves Walkup At six.

Falsifying interviews making up names or playing a game of telephone with someone Snowbound Bride (Harlequin Men in Uniform Miniseries) else s reportage were all possibilities but McConnell assumes thatach and Cowboys Baby (Ranching Family, every news report is accurate thatach and Between the Land and the Sea (Marinas Tales, every interview happened and that just gets irksome She also has decided beyond all doubt that Minnie was guilty and as the book progresses to Minnie s subseuent life that gets than a little ridiculous Minnie. Dal gossip theft and murder and that includesvents taking place across the South and Midwest McConnell reveals a fascinating cast of characters revolving around Minnie Walkup including a former Louisiana governor and senator a prominent Ohio banking family the partner of a famous railway tycoon and a sleazy district court judge from New Orleans The Adventuress offers a Gilded Age soap opera that seems too far fetched to be what it is trueA substantial contribution to crime history The Adventuress is a welcome addition to any true crime reader's collectio.

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