Victor C. Pellegrino: A Writer's Guide to Transitional Words and Expressions

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This is a handy little book It is small but mighty Consisting of 18 heavy paper pages after a few introductory pages trimmed and bound in a staggered fashion so you can find each topic uickly this book is meant to be with the student or writer as they fine tune and self edit their work looking for the best possible word or expression The to. A mini thesaurus of the most useful transitional words and expressions divided by category and bound in a tabb.

Pics are To Indicate Time Order to Indicate How or When something Occurs in Time To Indicate Seuence To Repeat To Provide an Example To Concede To Conclude or Summarize To Add a Point To Compare To Contrast To Indicate Cause and Effect To Divide or Classify To Indicate Spatial Arrangement To Emphasize or Intensify To Connect Clauses Substitu. Ed page format Helps organize ideas in time summary comparecontrast causeeffect etc Author Victor C Pellegrino.

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Tes for SaidThe author Victor C Pellegrino taught writing and literature for 28 years and has an extensive professional background in writing and helping writers improve their workThis book is worth the 1695 price because it is eally of a tool than a book In fact Pelligrino would be wise to explore having an app developed based on his book. Format 48 pages PaperbackPublisher Maui Arthoughts Company 6th Revised edition January 1999 ISBN 978 094504502.