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Or choices you make Because you understand ow to use the tool of violence others who use it no longer threaten youl strongly encourage you and those you love to start today and learn to take back your life from those who want you to live a life of fear pg 200 201 This book was painful to read As the author stressed violence is a bad thing and should be used as a last resort This book is not about self defense It s a book about the philosophy of kill or be killed when attacked The author gives no techniues on ow to stop someone who is attacking to kill To learn sure fire techniues the reader needs to take classes or watch tapes The author s philosophy rings true violence is not pretty and should only be used seriously He ints at some of the methods Going for the eyes for example like you would a shark And not to look Ars poetica helpless be aware of your surroundings I learned not to be sueamish if I want to survive a deadly attack Best damn book ever written by mortal man on the principles behind surviving violent encounters must read for anyone interested in not getting killed by a sociopath which i assume is everyone alive today BTW download for free on TFT Website My Review from 2018 So it s been about 4 years since I read this book and because I ve been doing Krav Maga for a few months now I decided to re read it It s interesting what perspective will doBottom Line Up Front While not a great book it s still a good book or at the very least it s good enough I would now recommend this book for one reason Biggest Lesson Learned Fighting isn t competing That is if your mindset towards combat and physical violence is one of competition if you re inclined to play by the rules you re probably goin This was given to me on audiobook My mindset about self defenseas completely changed after reading this book all with a simple analogy to swimming I thought that it was a little repetitive but very thorough in its examination of our instinctual nature to survive and protect I loved that it touched on Decoding Air Travel how competitive fighting will not necessarilyelp someone in a violent situation as I m sure we all come across those cocky athletes at some point in our life Charisma and intimidation won t keep you aliv. Violence begins the point where you Dragon's Curse (The Hearts of Dragons Book 1) (English Edition) have no control and there's no one toelp It's the situations we all pretend doesn't exist even though we all know they do The real uestion is face to face with life or death violence can you defend yourself and your family Because in that moment nothing else matters To learn the answer read this book You may not like what the authors Keys to the Ultimate Freedom have to say but by the end you'll see the truth that there's only one guaranteed way for anyone to walk away from aostile situation alive It's not pretty but once you understand it it'll change your life forever.

Have resulted in bans on Hollands Grimoire of Magickal Correspondences his own international traveling This is becausee is providing the public with information that they need to know Fortunately the legal attention قصه‌های خوب برای بچه‌های خوب --- ۶ has only facilitated an increase in the author s publicity Despiteis polarizing figure Larkin manages to present sincere arguments in favor of instant assault His name is well known among security organizations due to Resilient his brash nature Extremely repetitive and boring Excellent information and a great book so long as you remember it s written by a gorilla Do not approach this book with your English major degree tucked in your back pocket Instead read it as though it is a conversation interspersed with an informational lecture Is the book repetitive Yes But know that there are reasons for the repetition 1 repetition is a learning tool and strategy toelp readers recall the information presented 2 Rozwazania o Psalmach he s trying to overcome our current programming to teachow to survive in violent encounters This book teaches mindset It introduces a different approach to self defense It thoroughly explains the difference between antisocial violence and posturing and asocial violence It gives examples of each type to Grumpy, Frumpy, Happy, Snappy A Silly Monster Opposites Book help readers understand the difference so that you may best chooseow to respond in a situation It also explains conseuences of pulling out the wrong tool in an antisocial situation Just because someone threatens you in a bar does not mean is death is now reuired It is a great introduction to Target Focused Training TFT but it does not replace a class I aven t put down this book and said now I know Tug Hill Country how to inflict injury upon an assailant until that person is nonfunctional Rather Iave put the book down with a better understanding of the ideas that shaped TFT Dragon Ball Anime Comics, Vol. 2 how to avoid situations that increase the likelihood of violence occuringow to recognize antisocial vs asocial violence and that nonfunctional is NOT a fancy name for dead While nonfunctional states can include death it could also mean knocked out or aving all limbs broken or being blinded etc One of the things I really appreciate about this book is that the author encourages decision making critical thinking situational awareness and that you take responsibility Rtial arts or combat sports never really considering why Each trains you for competition in a safe environment with rules and supervision agreed in advance Both give you effective tactics for fighting and are great for conditioning But if sport fighting is your thing this book will say nothing to you Its total focus is real violence the kind everyone wants to avoid It's about dealing with life or death threats where no rules exist And that's completely different than sport fighting And there lies the difference This book addresses that place where social communication ends and real.

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A very odd book Not without a plethora of excellent points but Larkin seems too committed to differentiating imself from the self defense community by embracing brutality for any of Thirty-Eight Days (Thirty-Eight, his major philosophies to be super clear This is a must read kind of Book Describes clearly the situations in which you need to act upon to save your life or the life of the ones you love This is a tough book to read not that it is poorly written far from it Rather because of the subject matter This book is about violence it is somewhat graphic and definitely disturbingThe essence of the text is if you are in a situation where a criminal will apply violence to you then you must choose either to apply violence toim or to be a victimThe author differentiates anti social situations eg when a drunk at the bar 8 1/2 hassles you the easiest solution is to walk away avoiding confrontation from asocial situations eg when the criminalas a knife to your neck and you Health and Healing for African-Americans have to decide if you will fight perhaps literally for your lifeLarkin uotes Jeff Cooper early on many men who are not cowards are simply unprepared for acts ofuman savagery They Garden of Snakes (House of Royals have not thought about it incredible as this may appear to anyone who reads the papers or listens to the news and they just don t know what to do When they look right into the face of depravity and violence they are astonished and confoundedLarkin also touches on the Virginia Tech situation asking why didn t any group of students swarm Seung Hui Cho even whene stopped to reload This is a sad commentary on our readiness as a nation to protect ourselves in general the culture of political correctness swirled with litigation as a way of life Despite its undesirable misogynistic and bigoted cultural tones would a group of college students in the 1950s be inclined to a similar level of non action If not why not But Larkin s book isn t really about theory or politics or philosophy it is about deciding if violence is a realistic choice for you in dangerous situations Although the author is known for a controversial presentation style the material New Testament Apocalyptic he disseminates is vitally valuable for all security personnel Larkin is a staunch advocate for the effectiveness of violence andis books. There are many reasons you might begin this book but the only reason to finish it is to learn 隠れていた宇宙 [Kakurete Ita Uchū] 2 how to protect yourself and your family from violence It's not just about a few techniues to ward off a local thug It's about tilting the playing field completely in your favor making sure if you're ever in aostile situation you walk away with your life To do that reuires an understanding of principles; an education in the facts of violence Others give you techniues for specific situations Finish this book and you'll understand why that's a recipe for disaster Most people stumble into ma.

For nearly 20 years TFT founder and creator Tim Larkin has been well known in the self defense & close combat training world but ‘under the radar’ to ordinary folks like you He’s the guy operations like the US Navy SEALs Army Special Forces and the US Border Patrol call in behind the scenes to teach them when it’s “kill or be killed”During the last 20 years he’s trained not only these elite m