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Pose is his ability to create a lengthy work as this about people many readers could never know without ever letting it lapse into sentimentality or a wearisome litany of names faces and facts And es I have tearfully walked the streets of Konin with those Shoah survivors who now live in England the US and Israel Richmond has ensured that the Nazi attempt to relegate Jewish Konin to oblivion has been thwarted And we are much the better for it For the dead and the living we must bear witness Thank With Baited Breath (Warhammer 40,000) you Mr Richmond You have witnessed for the murdered of Kazimierz forest and all the other killing fields of Nazi Europe This book took me a long time to read not because it dragged but because I needed to absorb every fascinating detail and digest the cruelty the human race is capable of inflicting But still this was an immensely satisfying read The research was excellent the story of the rise and fall of one Jewish community beautifully written the description of all the people the author meets on his uest so vivid and the education I received in what it means to be a Jew illuminating Memoir and modern history all rolled into one marvellously readable book Brilliant brilliant brilliant couldn t stop reading Terribly interesting well written but horribly sad book Finished it sometime before. Interviewed A project he thought would take six months took sevenears Finally he confronted the Konin of today Interweaving past and present Konin tells the story of one community how it began how it flourished and how it ended and in the process re creates the precariousness anguish and nece.

Dawn last night the 5th followed directly after with the novel The Reader by Bernhard Schlink Both of which I am still digesting along with Everything will be illuminated Safran Foer I need sleep before I can write anything Konin Jews were very proud of their library and the subject comes up many times in survivors accounts There s a uote by Paul Johnson in his History of the Jews Pious Jews saw heaven as a vast library with an archangel as the librarian and I like that idea Theo Richmond adds to it Hell has a library too Two days after the Jews of Vilna were driven into the ghetto they opened a library Don t know why I bother with using the update thingyuseless for correcting typos Obviously I meant Ukraine not Unkraine 18dec 2010 found again back on the to read list Currently have misplaced this book somewhere haven t finished it etshelving it till it s found again Pictures the Jewish life and its end in a small Polish town based on careful and detailed research Amazing work Very touching Very compelling read and well written This book inspired me to travel around Poland and motivated me to discover about my family and its history The only problem was it was an ex girlfriend s book so I never got to re read it from time to time Recommended in The week in best books by Michael wood. Ssity of human memoryA fascinating memorial to a lost community and the people who lived there The New York Times Book ReviewOne reads it sometimes with a smilealways on the edge of tears as if it were the most gripping adventure story Elie Wiesel New York Newsday From the Trade Paperback editio.

It took me a good while to finish this Not because it was boring or hard to read but because it was intense and rich in detail and the fates of the people in it were a lot to take in at once This is an exceptional book moving and educational The author is a English Jew who researched the Polish Jewish community that his ancestors and extended family came from The community was about 500 ears old and had about 2000 members in 1939 The vast majority of them were murdered in the holocaustI was told this was really good but it didn t really work for me as literature maybe because the book is about the author s own story than about the people he was researching The author does research and then in the second half of the book he talks to survivors and witnesses and visits the town the community lived inAs a book documenting what actually happened to the people he was researching it s a lot powerful Most people probably have a rough idea of what the Nazis did to Jews during the war but the details really are hard to believe A very moving tale of root seeking historical work At the same time a heart breaking story of loss and madness during Second World War Yes this is another Holocaust archival work and The Alcohol Experiment yes it is brilliantly researched and written But Richmond s crowning achievement I pro. In 1939 the Polish town of Konin vanished in the wake of Nazi occupation Twenty fiveears later Theo Richmond set out to find what he could about that vanished world He traveled across the United States Europe and Israel tracing survivors and sifting through archives and the stories of those he.