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This was really impressive had tons of ideas i wish i had time to try and didn t make the processes too unwieldy Did you now you could actually make your own filters for photoshop I had no clue Nuff said This book would be an asset to any artist s home library Fantastic bookFantastic ideas and clear instructions I love this creative art that I can use my photography and paper arts crafting techniues to create art I really love this book If you are new to digital photography and want to transform your photos into some artistic then this book is great place to jump into exploring all the variations you can do to create interesting artistic photographsThis book gives good basic first time nowledge as well as those of us who have been transforming our photos already It has in depth step by step instructions It gives good break out sections that give other options or tips to help in the process It incl. Digital Photography and Mixed Media a creative match made in heavenLove photography Want to make yours better Want to use your photography as a springboard for fabulous and diverse mixed media and digital projects Photo Craft will help you elevate the average into the extraordinary Using Adobe's Photoshop Elements and following thorough easy to follow step by step instructions you'll learn to make basic adjustments to your photographs that will yield stunning

Er who needs a boost as well as those who like to pull out their phone to capture a momentI continued on to read different techniues for combining craft and fine art techniues with old snapshots and new deliberately composed photographs to create a variety of projects While I did not mark any specific project as a must try I was consistently intrigued by the thought of how to incorporate the ideas into my own creationsI returned home after a two day visit with 382 photosand that doesn t include those on my phone and iPad Even if I don t create a gallery of art I have some great photosGood chance I may buy this bookand some memory cards A beautiful book with clearly modeled and explained projects for blending artistic media paint wax resins pastels etc with photography both DSLR and iPhone tools The authors also demonstrate how to use photo editing software programs and apps to achieve certain effects. To shootsAn author curated list of recommended apps to take your photos to the next levelAccess to exclusive online materials including new techniues and projects and downloadable materials for your personal useSo get to it Take new pictures today any every day look through those boxes of old and long forgotten photos and free those lonely images from your hard drive Make them better make them new and make them art Soon you'll be seeing things in a whole new wa.

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Udes digital projects using Photoshop Elements as well as mixed media art projects that incorporate your photography I like how this book is set up as it is by 2 authors Susan Tuttle and Christy Hydeck They alternate but also add in their own tips to each other s projects It is great to have both views coming together to create amazing ways to transform your photography You will learn to transform your photos by using this book Some cute and great ideas I might just have to do a few of them I picked up this book from the new non fiction display at the library just to look at I ended up reading the entire book unusual for me to read a crafts or how to book from cover to coverI read the opening chapters on an airplane destination Seattle By the time the plan landed I was ready to pull out my camera and create some art The first 30 40 pages of the book provide good inspiration for any amateur photograph. Nd artistic results You'll also learn to use those photographs along with some everyday mixed media supplies to create uniue and personal artInside You'll Find13 stepped out mixed media techniues and projects16 stepped out digital techniues9 stellar techniues and projects from contributing artists including Michele Beschen and Claudine HellmuthDozens of great examples of and tips for iPhoneographyCountless inspirational suggestions for photo field trips and pho.


Susan Tuttle is a DSLR photographer iPhoneographer and digital artist from Maine who relies strongly onher inner knowings when taking photographs One of her most creative outlets at this time is her iPhone which she uses to explore portraiture still life and landscape mobile photography Susan's iPhoneography has won numerous awards and been part of curated mobile art exhibits in London and