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I love this book is sweet and touching but also funny and full of humorLinny is really sad and embittered She doesn t even forty years and has already lost two husbands Her first husband died because of a snake bite Then she was enchanted by the charm of Buck They got married within weeks of their first meeting and she had entrusted to him all her money she thought he knew manage them better than her After his death she has found that he was cheating on her and that he had spent all her money Now she is alone with no money and no job forced to live in a camper near her mother s house But she doesn t give up and doesn t lose hope With the help of a little dog and following a articular list she will be able to find the strength to return to live and smileI liked all of the characters are very realistic and are Thirteenth Child (Frontier Magic, people I would like to know I also love the setting this amazing small town of North CarolineLots of colorful characters a stronglot a fabulous heroine and a sweet little dog make this book a great oneIf you enjoy reading sweet romance then definitely Craft Notes for Animators pick this upReview copyrovided through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Linny is down on her luck after her cheating husband dies of a heart attack in a hotel room with his girlfriend and leaves her with a ton of debt Now she is a widow for the second time in 5 years and has to return home to live in a run down trailer on her mother s Perception and the External World property The good news is that she has a loving but eccentric mom a wonderful sister and a caring best friend She also has a job but she doesn t know how much longer she can tolerate it Her self esteem is at an all time low and she doesn t know which way to turn Her sister encourages her to make a list of what she wants out of life and to start working on it one step at a time This story is about Linny s uest to make her dreams come true The book is a real feel good story it s a fun read and I thoroughly enjoyed it This book was a SWEET read that left me with warm and fuzzy feelings Loved it My Rating45Favorite uotes Up close the man reminded her of Michelangelo s statue of David Among the women volunteers Linny sensed a uiet surge of hair tossing andulling in of stomachsIndigo Merriweather suggested using colorful imagery to manage toxic emotions so she gave it a whirl She Popular Representations of Development pictured a seascape the waves gently rolling toward the shore and her holding a glugging Buck s head under water She imagined the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains stretching endlessly into the horizon and her shoving Buck over a two thousand foot high scenic overlook Linny grinned She did feel better That Indigo Merriweather was one wise womanLinny glanced down at the wrinkles on the back of her own hands She felt theooch spilling over the waistband of her shorts and felt wistful Most men would Sister for Sale pick a lusheach over a fast drying The Blue Door (Threshold plumMy ReviewLinny is having a horrific year Her life is in total upheaval and the hits just keep coming She hasn t yet hit forty but has lost her second husband lost her job lost her home her car broke down and after learning the rather embarrassing circumstances around her husband s death she lost her confidence As an exercise in finding her way back she reads an inspirational bookenned by Indigo Merriweather and makes her own Sweet Dream List of what she actually would choose to do with her life since everything in her world is upside down and inside out Linny s Sweet Dream List is a sweet and amusing story full of humor uirky yet knowable characters and a realistic storyline that than likely actually happens somewhere every single day It is also one of those rare books that I thoroughly enjoyed and could also confidently recommend to my elderly mother s book club I adored this tale and look forward to a return trip with book two Sweet Carolina Morning Linny s Sweet Dream List by Susan Schild is a book about finding what makes you happy and going for it It is a story about moving Two Views on the Doctrine of the Trinity past your mistakes and finding happiness and success in your life in your career and finding your Set in the off beat Southern town of Willow Hill North Carolina Susan Schild’s moving and witty novel tells of one woman who loses everything and finds than she ever expected At thirty eight Linny Taylor is suddenly living a life she thought only happened to other carelesseople Widowed for the second time and broke thanks to her cheating late husband Linny has no house no job and no options except to go ba.

EA This Linny s storyLinny is a two time widow Her first husband and the love of her life died after having an allergic reaction to a spider bite Her second husband died of a heart attack while cheating on Linny Not only did he cheat he milked Linny dry and left her under a The Art of Standing Still pile of debt Having no money norospects Linny is forced to return home and live in her mothers rental trailer Wanting to find happiness not sure what direction she should take Linny begins to make a list her Sweet Dreams List What she is looking for in a career what she is looking for in life what she is looking for in love As Linny works to check off the stuff on her list she does not anticipate meeting and falling for the handsome town vet RoyRoy has been burned in love before His ex cheated on him with his best friend and is now trying to limit the amount of time that he gets to spend with his son He is not looking for love but when he meets Linny the sparks fly and things between the two of them start to heat upThis book has humor with Linny s mom and her friends with Roy s son with Linny s sister and her friends it kept me rolling It has heartbreak when Linny realizes that she has been A Ladys Honor (Cliffs of Cornwall, played by her cheating husband It has hope as Linny begins to realize what truly makes her happy and that she needs to take charge of her own destiny If you enjoy strong female characters sweet animals funny situations and a beautiful HEA than you will love this story What a fun read Linny is engaging relatable I can t wait to see what happens next in her eventful lifeAnd there s auppy Puppies make everything better Linny s Sweet Dream List is a very enjoyable and readable book Charming funny feisty I totally loved this novel The words of Cathy Lamb Now I love Cathy Lamb books and feel the need to read another one of her books very soon However in the meantime I was very happy to acuaint myself with this very easy to read story by Susan Schild This is the first in her Willow Hill series set in North CarolinaWe meet up with Linny who indeed is very down on her luck and is trying to fathom where her life might go next She has a mother close by who while seeming a little strange is kindhearted and has a back story Linny also has a very good friend an understanding sister and a lawyer who may know what she is doingThere is a cute little Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience puppy who makes an appearance at herlace necessitating a trip to a very delectable veterinarian Linny finds herself attracted to him yet she is not really ready to make too much of an up close and The War to End All Wars personal acuaintance as she has been burned She is inclined to euate every man with her last husbandThis really is the story of Linny growing from where she is into someone she likes and values I look forward to the continuing story of her life in the next book in the series How I love a good Southern read and this is one that I fully enjoyed Linny is a girl who hasn t had it good when it comes to men in her life Her first husband was a great guy who was gone too soon her second husband was a downright fool and cheater who died in a hotel room with one of his other women After he left her in debt up to her eyeballs she doesn t have anywhere else to go but homeDown on her luck she decides to stay in her mom s trailer and tries toull her life back together and maybe just maybe open herself up to love and trusting again We see her struggle and we see her slow gain that confidence she once had What I loved most was her relationship with her sister and her mom I thought this book was funny and shows us that despite life s obstacles we can all dust ourselves off and make life work again Linny didn t let all the bad stuff get her down she rediscovers who she was and decided to take her life back She realizes what she wanted in life and with the help of her sweet dream list she slowly but surely makes it happenIn finding out who she was she also reconnected with her family While they were close she discovered things about her Death Comes for the Archbishop parents she never knew and in that found respect and understanding for her. Ck home There in a trailer as run down as her self esteem Linny makes a list of things that might bring happiness Aorch swing A job that nourishes her heart as well as her bank balance Maybe even a date or twoAt first every goal seems beyond reach But it’s hard for Linny to stay in the doldrums when a stray Mostly Mama puppy is coercing her out of her shell right into theath of the town’s kind compassionate vet Th.

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Mother and their bond is strengthened like never before All in all this book was a real joy This was a wonderfully written book that focuses on love life and second chances If you want a real good read that will make you smile and laugh then definitely check this one out Wonderfully whimsical delightful story Full of wit and charm Once I opened Linny s Sweet Dream List a couple of nights ago I couldn t The Naked Man put it down I read way into the night and finished early the next morning with my coffee At the time I was looking for a comfort read and this book was the absoluteerfect choice Linny has had a tough time in her life with regard to love not even forty years old yet and already married twice Linny has watched both of her husbands die young Adding to this tragedy Linny lost her job soon after the death of her second husband Damias Children plus she found out that he left her in a mountain of debt Linny was forced to move out of her lovely luxury home to sell her new Volvo andurchase an older model and rent a mobile home near her mother s farm The mobile home was in Cutremur de timp poor condition Linny began extensive renovation which she enjoyed She found and adopted auppy She made a Sweet Dream List of things that she wanted to do now that she had time and a chance for a new start Slowly slowly things begin to look up for Linny as she crossed items off of her list A few things that I love about this book the setting is robably about an hour from where I live which made this book so much fun for me I LOVE reading books that are local to me because I can visualize the laces that are mentioned and it seems like I can create better Die Botin des Königs (Reiter-Trilogie pictures of theeople in my head the way they talk the localized mannerisms etc I m incredibly attracted to charming Southern settings and Patagonia Express people in any story any day But THIS setting iserfectly written and just Predator popped off of theages the characters are great the secondary cast is vibrant and filled with interesting eople They are representative of what I know of small town folks and they re representative of the best of the eople in this Seven Days in Utopia part of North Carolina Linny s family is loving and caring and I was invested in their own little side stories Linny is a great character study on what life sometimes looks like when it justfalls apart She gives one good example of the life rebuildingrocess Linny fascinated me because she had such a broad range of emotions I feel like this is so understandable for a woman in her shoes At times she was very I am woman hear me roar and at times she was disheartened at the things she was experiencing At other times she seemed like she could hardly believe that good things could Lots of Love possibly happy to her She was a uieterson and by this I mean that she simply lived her life without any drama and I love that I felt a connection to her hesitancy to jump back into things after her entire changed and I felt a connection to the uiet elation that she felt when she accomplished things that were hard for her I also loved that she was so cautious with Jack who ends up being her love interest Their romance is a nice slow build I love Jack respectful friendly good mannered A good father A good worker I like him in the community and also as a love interest for Linny and I m curious about what things are ahead for these two While I love reading the build up of the romance Linny s Sweet Dream List is focused on Linny and how she rebuilds her life surrounded by the Reclaiming Love people that love her than on the romance A romance isresent once the story gets to a certain Vegangelical point but I feel like it is aart of Linny reinventing herself I think the central focus on happiness and wellness is really lovely Really I loved being immersed in this story I honestly can t wait to get my hands on Sweet Carolina Morning which is the follow up to this book out August 2016 and looks like it will continue to follow Linny s story instead of being a companion novel I recommend Linny s Sweet Dream List for fans of great family relationships great friendships Southern settings and comfort read. E uirky town is filled with friends and family including Linny’s mother Dottie who knows about heartache than her daughters ever guessed And as Linny contemplates each item on her list she begins to realize that the dreams most worth holding on to can only be measured in the sweetness of a life lived to the fullest“Charming funny feisty I totally loved this novel” Cathy Lamb author of My Very Best Frien.

Susan Schild writes heartwarming and funny novels about women over 40 having adventures falling in love and finding their happily ever afters Susan is a wife and a stepmother who enjoys weekend getaways with friends reading fiction and rummaging through thrift stores and antiue stores for treasures like four dollar cashmere sweaters and amateur watercolor paintings A dog lover Susan is es