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Aww I do ove a man who s willing to hold your hair for you while you throw up all over the place They re so hard to find these daysYes that s right My Terrible Oh My Gods! love continues I honestly don t know what it is about this scarred ugly beast of a man who talksike he s dumb but the guy has something He s fucking adorable How is it that he can call Chess Chessiebomb and get away with it Chessiebomb You d think I would need someone to hold my hair for me after that one It just shows how well Kane must handle her characters if she can offer up a drug addict ugly henchman twosome and make me Frogs French Kisses (Magic in Manhattan, love them bothI think it s also brilliant that I m still hanging on every aspect of the relationship between Terrible and Chess The sexual tension is still there the uncertainty is still there well it is for them anyway I still never tire of following them through their many struggles to acceptove from one another As far as sex scenes go Chasing Magic has some of probably the most intense yeah I think that s the best way to describe it Chess and Terrible s sexcapades are complicated and somewhat brutal often fuelled by something far Artful less simple than desireThe mystery in this was satisfying than the one in Sacrificial Magic but I still think the strength of theseater books is in their exploration of the characters These are two extremely troubled individuals and we finally see Chess s drug habit starting to get to her and Before as ong as she didn t allow the drugs to wear off completely she would be fine Or as fine as a drug addict who suffered childhood abuse can be But now her usual highs aren t enough and she s getting herself into increasingly dangerous territoryOne thing that is certain this book is by far the most gruesome Torture scenes extremely arge amounts of blood bones breaking through flesh ugh Definitely not one for the sueamishI d say this is a really sad addition to the series Those who ve stayed with Chess so far will know how ittle she has that brings her happiness well she oses one of the few things she does have in this book I really hope that she is able to get that back before the series is over I عصير الرماد love writing the number 5 Not 45 or 47 it is a 5 I sooooved this book and only had 2 problems with it 1 I am now at an impasse on my favorite book of all time with this being tied with City of Ghosts2 I have no Downside books waiting in the wings to save me from a slumpI m really not even sure about how to go about a review for this book If you are reading Chasing Magic you already get what it is going to be about I Of Blood and Bone (Chronicles of the One, loved that for most of the book there is not that triangle going on and their trust in each other seems solid As much as Iiked reading about them getting together I think I The Legacy (The Restoration Series, like reading about them being together even There is so much intensity and emotion wrapped up in every page of this book it is amazing There were NO slow spots for me Like not a % or a page or a paragraph Ioved it from start to finish There is still the tension with Lex but not the same as in other books I definitely gravitated towards hating him very early on I kinda felt that the series was going to take this turn with him becoming boss but thought the beginning was an interesting twist that I didn t see coming All I can say is if Chess ever Perpetual Power (The Tressa Tremaine Series Book 1) lets Terrible off thateash he is in for a world of hurt view spoiler The part with Lex pissed me off a bit I so wanted her to Celine lean in and at theast minute Charmed (The Donovan Legacy, lift her knee But it didn t negatively affect the story for me except getting my blood going and making me run to put a status about ithaha hide spoiler Oh Terribleyou make me feel so very happy when I sigh and say your name Ms Kane how do you take huge scary ugly mob enforcer and make him swoon worthy In realife I would definitely run across the street and walk in the opposite direction if Terrible was around When I read Chasing Magic I found myself clutching my ereader to my chest and sighingChasing Magic has Chess once again fighting her inner demons If you recall from previous books our heroine is a pill popping drug addicted mess of a church witch She still is that hasn t changed but in this book her addiction puts her in real danger The city s supply of illicit drugs has been tampered with creating crazy zombie drug addictsBook 5 of the Downside Ghosts series has a Ballet Shoes lot of action suspense drama and some very hot sexy times It seems that no matter what the plot is all I care about is Chess and Terrible s story The plot itself while entertaining always seems secondary to me In Chasing Magic Chessearns about the conseuences of her actions She Strictly Temporary - Volume One (Strictly Temporary, learns that her unauthorized use of magic comes at a price not only to herself but to others around her Chess still struggles with her self esteem and she continues to see herself as not worthy of Terrible sove Chess struggles with the Truth and worrries that if Terrible really knew her he wouldn t want to stay with her Meanwhile Terrible is very much in ove with Chess Shit You so fuckin pretty Chessie True thing Soain t even can breathe sometimes This book marks Chess emotional journey as she realizes what she wants out of her ife and she wants Terrible It feels as if she is finally getting it Perhaps she can find happiness I hope she does But knowing Chess it s still a bumpy road ahead for herIf you haven t had a chance to start this series the first book is Unholy Ghosts It s not a comfortable read but it is compelling and extremely well written The Downside Ghosts series isn t for everyone but if you enjoy dark urban fantasy it s a great series to start Michelle and I share our thoughts about this book on Badass Book Reviews It s no secret that the only reason I continued reading this series instead of dropping it after Unholy Ghosts Cheri Red like I d initially planned is because of what a superb human being Stacia Kane isAfter Chasing Magic though I am DONE Done with Chess her dramalama ways and her majorly screwed up Discovering Your Heart With The Flag Page life I highly doubt Il be continuing Downside Ghosts after this one because frankly I m beginning to hate Chess To sum it up Chess s self pity party never ends I understand she s been through a Kingdom of Ashes (Nightfall, lot and I ve honestly never judged her for being a junkie or whoring herself out for drugs but while that was sadly understandable before now it s gotten to the point where it s simply unbearable There s absolutely nothing wrong with this woman except for aack of self control and being unable to get over the past She doesn t have to use sex for drugs any she s a Church employee with a decent income she has a man who s completely and utterly in Websters Ii Dictionary, Third Edition, Office Edition love with her yet she still goes through the whole I m worthless trash Terrible s wasting his time and hel wake up soon and realize it crap over and over and effing OVER I tried my best to bear with it in the Aladdin last book because yeah this is all new to her and she doesn t know how to deal withove and affection but if she still hasn t grown up and moved on after five books I can t be bothered enough to read furtherThe action part as in the previous books bored me to death I can appreciate dark urban fantasy just fine so maybe Downside Ghosts is simply not for me I ve officially given up on this series for good unless Chess and Terrible get married in the next book and finally come to terms with the fact that being a fan of Kane does not mean I have to be a fan of her novels For reviews visit my blog ARC review contains no spoilers bu. A DEADLY HIGH   Magic wielding Churchwitch and secret addict Chess Putnam knows better than anyone just how high a price people are willing to pay for a chemical rush But when someone with money to burn and a penchant for black magic starts tampering with Downside’s drug supply Chess realizes that the unlucky customers are paying with their souls and.

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Me with the things that she gets me rooting for In the real world I would Daddy Must Die look at the relationship between Terrible who solves his problems with violence and Chess who solves hers with aittle narcotic fueled selective amnesia and I would probably think they should both seek help before entering into any kind of romantic relationship But that s the thing this isn t our world This is a world constantly on the brink of apocalypse where survival is an everyday struggle And Stacia Kane is such a complete master at writing deeply personal realistic characters It s almost impossible not to feel for these two even as they are both making very unhealthy decisions Reading these books just makes me want to throw my nay saying rational brain out the window and believe wholeheartedly that these two crazy kids can make it work and save the world while they re doing itChess makes progress in this book as well which is both painful and therapeutic to read There are a few parts where she even seems to draw on her years of abuse and trauma as a hidden store of strength which I The Message Glorious loved Chess is who she is wounded and damaged in many ways beyond repair But is that something that should be universally grieved or is there the smallest space where it can be accepted or even celebrated Iove that these books make me swell with pride for all the recovering addicts the abuse victims the suffering the misfits There are some tough motherfuckers in that crewPerfect Musical PairingThe Antlers Putting the Dog to SleepWe all know that Stacia Kane can write a darn good swoony scene I mean this is a woman who actually wrote a book about great sex writing so clearly she knows what she s doing However I think that where she really excels is not so much in the physical swoon but in the emotional swoon And guysthere s a pretty fantastic couple of scenes in this book you re not going to want to miss My friend Maja sent me an email with the awesome subject O Cérebro de Broca line rooftops that was in part a gush fest about one of these scenes And this is my theme song for it Prove to meI m not gonna die alone sobAlso seen on The Readventurer The absolute suckiest thing about finishing this book There is NO release date for Downside 6 NONE I know Alan Rickman It sucksWhat did Iove most about this bookTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleTerribleI justI just ove him SO HARDAs for Chess I dislike her because I understand her She s a ittle to close to the bone other cliches But just when I m about to declare her too fucked up for anyone s good and beyond redemption she comes up with stuff Breaking The Curse (Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales like this She understoodthat what she was truly afraid of was that if she could be happy if she couldove someone and be A Banquet of Consequences (Inspector Lynley, loved back that meant maybe she wasn t as bad as she d always thought Maybe she was worth something and if she was worth something it might mean making some changesShe was ready for that She could be ready for that Good for you ChessiebombAnd though I ve said to myself and others that I wish Terrible would dump that bitch and ride the Rosa I can t imagine Terrible without Chess Terrible would not be as sweet asoving if he wasn t in ROMANTIC TAKEOVER love with Chess Terrible may be the best thing that ever happened to Chess but it goes both ways They belong together I still wannaick his tattoos thoughAs for LexStop calling Chess Tulip in front of Terrible or I WILL CUT YOUYes Irina I highly recommend this series DBR with Sofia 772014 I m writing this review at the end of April but will not post on GR until the beginning of June a ittle closer to the official release date I do this mainly so I can purvey the appropriate amount of ass kissery to Stacia Kane that she so richly deserves I would hate to think that any delay in putting thoughts to paper would dilute my complete and utter adulation for her Okay now that I ve successfully reached uber fancreepy fangurl status et s talk Chasing Magic If it isn t obvious yet Stacia Kane has done it again It s rare that a series continues on an upward swing at book five CM definitely does it and I don t see it ending anytime soonDownside has found itself in a bit of a pickle above and beyond its usual misery and tragedy Someone is tainting its drug supply resulting in pseudo zombie Keeper of the Light like murderers running amuck in the streets Of course Chess can t just sit back andet someone else handle it This is what she does This is what she is good at So her and Terrible take to the streets to find out who is doing this My favorite thing about this book is that we get A LOT of Terrible They work side by side throughout the whole book and IT IS HEAVEN Well mostlyMs Kane has the incredible ability to create characters that are completely jacked up but I would Shattered Spear (The Lost Stars, love to spend any amount of time with Either she has a helluva imagination or she s been hanging out in some uestionable neighborhoods First there s Bump for obvious reasons But then she creates this piece of genius In the doorway stood a woman with blue braids erupting from her head in an odd patchy pattern as if she d grabbed clumps of hair and braided them then tied them off with scraps of red t shirt A hole filled jersey dress about five sizes too big covered her from neck to mid calf Well covered most of her one of her breast poked out of a hole She didn t seem to notice it or care I would maim a distant relative to just spend one afternoon with this woman We could spend the afternoon eating generic mac and cheese and watch The Bad Girls Club FantasticTerrible continues on his inadvertent uest to be the perfect man Here are some of my favorite scenesAs they are about to attend a wedding Chess is dressed in a cherry patterned dress and cherry peep toe platformsYAYYYYY so cute He came around to her side and opened her door for her eyeing her up and down as she got out of the car His hand sueezed hers a slight twist of his arm turned her to face him standing not uite a foot away with his face in shadow Shit You so fuckin pretty Chessie True thing Soain t even can breathe sometimes ANDAs they are going into a scene where both could possibly die and Chess has told him how afraid she is to die how afraid she is to be alone in The City I ain tDon t know how to say it up right Never Fuck Chess Thought you was dead once before you recall Never felt so bad in myife not ever Then on the other day thought you was gone an justI ain t can do it bein without you He rubbed his neck pressed his palm into his furrowed brow and took a swipe at his eyes Cleared his throat twice Don t want to An even if I did ain t can The Homing leave you down there on your alones How can I do that one aye Leave my Chessiebomb there without me Specially knowin you scared on it HOLLLYYYYY CHRISTChess shows growth in this book that gives me hope that she won t completely fuck up everything She s a master at two steps forward and one step back But its progress slowly but surelyThere isn t word on when the next book comes out which gives me a mild case of the shakes However whenever Ms Kane decides to release the next chapter I m sure it will be than worth the wait. Top both the war and the dark wave of death magic and the only way to do that is to use both her addiction and her power to enter the spell and chase the magic all the way back to its malevolent source Too bad that doing so will probably kill Chess if the war doesn’t first destroy the man who’s become her reason foriving From the Paperback edition.

T assumes familiarity with the series itselfChasing Magic is the fifth book in Stacia Kane s Downside Ghosts series and is easily one of my favorites so far The war in Downside between Bump and Lex is very real now after Slowbag s demise in the previous book Sacrificial Magic Chess is caught in the middle still having ties with Lex for her seemingly never ending drug use and her newfound friendship with his sister Blue yet on the down The Women of Easter low developing a relationship with Terrrible Thiseaves her constantly walking that Why Are You So Scared? line between Bump and Terrible and what it means for her to befriend both sides Something incredibly nasty and morbid has come to Down Chasing MagicBy Stacia KaneNarrated by Bahni TurpinSeries Downside Ghosts Book 5I still enjoyed the book even though I gave it 3 stars Iove the mystery world building and most of the characters I enjoy the fantasy aspects of the story The drug use and I am sorry from Chess constantly gets annoying I assume there will be another book because things need tied up but I am not sure I want to f Chasing Magic the 5th book in Stacia Kane s highly addicting Downside Ghost series is officially my favorite I want to have babies with it book for 2012 Chasing Magic is the only book this year that brought me close to tears because it was an uber intense read No other book has done this There s a scene toward the end where the protagonist Chess and her The Power of One lover Terrible are going into battle and may not survive We see the true depth of feelings these two have for one another and one simple statement from Terrible has cemented myove for him and for this couple forever Chasing Magic is a rollercoaster of a read My every emotion was engaged as I hurt inside because of Chess and her angst and emotional torture she places on herself because of her belief she isn t good and has nothing special to give the world Chess is trying her best to be optimistic about herself and her situation thanks to the positive influence her The Wolf Gift (The Wolf Gift Chronicles, lover Terrible has over her She and Terrible are now connected than ever a unit where Chess doesn t have to hide her feelings The good guy that Terrible is even barely allows Chess to remain friends with Lex Chess s exover and enemy of Terrible s drug dealing boss Bump Now that Lex s father is dead Lex is in control of his father s drug empire and wants Terrible to work for him If Terrible doesn t comply Lex will assassinate Terrible and there s nothing Chess can do about itWhile there s a war brewing between Bump and Lex Chess has to deal with Downside s citizens becoming mindless zombies because of dark magic controlling them She has to figure out who s responsible and stop it before the Downside her territory is destroyed Terrible is there to help Chess and she relies on him than she should which scares her I ve said it before but Chess is her own worst enemy and she pushes Terrible into a corner where he He Who Dares lashes out and changes the dynamics of their relationship in an almost disastrous yet very welcomed way But the uestion remains will Chess ruin everything and continue using the dangerous drugs she s addicted that may kill her or turn to Terrible who has become her new addiction and one she really can tive withoutChasing Magic is powerful not only with the story but with the characters Stacia has created In the beginning of this series it was mainly about Chess and her issues but now things have changed Terrible has become so important to this series as much as Chess and her crazy drug addiction is These two complement each other so well and are a couple near and dear to my heart Just The Thing About December like Roarke and Eve from the JD Robb s In Death series and Cat and Bones from Jeaniene Frost s Night Huntress series I can t see Terrible without Chess and visa versa These two are both sides of the same coin each other s yin and yang I m hooked and obsessed with these two and it s outstanding how far they have come and how imbedded they are in reading psycheStacia really ups the emotion factor here There s tenderness which is shown perfectly when Chess goes to Elder Griffin s wedding ceremony with Terrible The way Terrible acts at the wedding when asked if he may marry Chess in the future had me gasping for breath justike Chess did Then there s a heartbreaking yet powerfully erotic scene between Chess and Terrible where the uestion of mistrust and faithfulness comes into play It s one the best written sexually charged heart in your throat scene this year that proves how much Terrible does Os Peixes Também Sabem Cantar love Chess and he refuses toet her go and expects the same from her Terrible doesn t need his pimpmobile to give Chess good t loving and makes do with a wall and a couch very wellThe dialogue had me riveted and the battle at the end had gnawing my fingers down to nubs At one point I was a nervous wreck because itooked ike Chess was at the end of her rope And as for Terribletake me I m yoursWords cannot do this series and Chasing Magic enough justice Buy it read it and please rave about it to anyone you can Hands down the best reading experience the best couple and one of the best authors I ve read this year goes to Stacia Kane I know I m not the only one who starts to get that feeling of dread as a series I ove gets Stand Up and Fight longer andonger There s a part of me that s always just waiting for the installment that jumps the shark It s not ike it hasn t happened before And the first four books in this series have all been so good The stakes are even higher Well never fear As your advanced warning system I m here to happily wave the olly olly oxen free flag and assure you that this one is everything that we ve come to expect from Stacia Kane and I m weird and I ove depressing books so Sacrificial Magic will probably always be my favorite but this one is a very close second I think that many of you Now Is the Hour less grouchy readers will find a new favorite in Chasing Magic which has bigger conseuences swoonier romance and about 100% gore Yes I said gore impromptu amateur autopsies murder scenes drenched in blood and flung body parts hoards of magical zombies I felt a bit underwhelmed by the mystery in Sacrificial Magic but in this one it s absolutely compelling And gross Ioved every disgusting minuteThe overarching conflicts of Chess addiction her relationship with Terrible and the struggle between The Church and Downside also get page time in Chasing Magic which is exactly what I was craving I am so completely invested in this story and where it s going and a Londons Glory (Bryant May, lot of that is because I have no idea what I m rooting for Do I choosea The all powerful ruling body that marginalizes the poor and has far too many dangerous secretsbut also rescued an orphan Chess gave her a safe home and apparently approves of gay marriage wholeheartedly Seriously is this what s going to need to happen for the US toegalize gay marriage Are we going to have to have a ghost fueled apocalypseORb The seedy underbelly of the city where gangs rule and the desperately poor barely survive but also where an orphaned Terrible found his place and where Chess feels the most at homeHow do I choose And importantly how will Chess choose when that moment arrives I can t wait to find out It s not a simple black and white villain vs good guy story and that s what makes it all the interesting Neither are the heroes shining virtuous do gooders They re violent killers and kingpins they re damaged girls and junkies They re misfitsStacia Kane always surprises. Taking the innocent with them as the magic infused speed compels them to kill in the most gruesome ways possible   As if the streets weren’t scary enough the Jingle Bells looming war between the two men in herife explodes taking even casualties and putting Chess suarely in the middle Downside could become a iteral ghost town if Chess doesn’t find a way to

Stacia Kane is the author of the light hearted romantic urban fantasy Megan Chase series starting with PERSONAL DEMONS She currently writes the gritty dystopian urban fantasy Downside series starring Chess Putnam and featuring ghosts human sacrifice drugs witchcraft punk rock and a badass '69 Chevelle She bleaches her hair and wears a lot of black