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This was another good read from Sofie Ryan s Second Chance Cat Mysteries aka Elvis the cat I liked the first one and I also like her Magical Cats Mysteries aka Owen and Hercules the cats which she writes under the en name Sofie Kelly Her cozies are well written and her characters well defined and interesting I notice in both series along with the cats and their female نشانی‌ها protagonist owners she features series regulars that are elderly young and middle aged which is smart since it feels like the towns in which they live are authentic They lead full interesting lives with a diversity of characters that are friends and co workers of the main characters I don t really care who committed the crime as much as I like reading about the lives the cats and their owners live This series takeslace in Maine and Sarah owns and operates a resale shop There are always interesting descriptions of furniture being refurbished and items Ask Yourself This picked up from estate sales etc that come into the shop Elvis seems to know when aerson is lying and this helps Sarah eliminate Good Witch, Bad Witch potentialerpetrators of murder He accompanies Sarah back and forth to the resale shop and around town Mondays through Fridays Elvis insists upon watching Jeopardy Sarah has no idea why or if he really understands the game show but she has her television on a timer so that he does not miss an episode I highly recommend this series to all cat and cozy lovers or anyone who just likes interesting characters Sofie Ryan is one of the The Tokyo Zodiac Murders pseudonyms used by Darlene Ryan author of non fiction and young adult YA books She writes the Magical Cats Mysteries using theseudonym Sofie Kelly Sarah Grayson is the Yours, Mine and Ours (Second Chances proprietor of Second Chance a repurpose shop in the oceanfront town of North Harbor Maine After solving Arthur Fenety s murder in the spring the mystery of Book 1 in the series Charlotte Liz and Rose friends of Sarah s grandmother opened their own detective agency called Charlotte s Angels Discreet Investigations As many were introduced to the original Charlie s Angels television series in 1976 with Jaclyn Smith Farah Fawcett and Kate Jackson I love that Charlotte s Angels are dynamic senior citizens They also receive computer help from Rose s boyfriend Alfred Petersen often called Mr P I don t know who I loved as the series began Elvis or the angels as they reminded me of the wonderful fairy godmothers to Cinderella Each has been a dear friend to Sarah s grandmother but has also brought a special uality to Sarah s life interactions too and I m so happy that they continue tolay a very active role in the series I was hoping this would be so and not a one disappointsIt s delightful to think of the diversity of ages working together in the Second Chance shop and with the youngest and one of the oldest in charge of window displays the creativity is drawing tourists and residents into the shop A Valentine s Day display definitely has a uniue twist to delight all ages From the descriptions of the window displays and also of the refurbished items I know I d love to stop in myselfI have again lowered my star rating due to copy editing errors but they are minor compared to the 1st novel in the series Another murder has struck close to the Second Chance Shop and one of their own is implicated in the murder That brings Charlie s Angels to the case think Golden Girls version of Charlie s Angels with Sarah trying to keep them out of trouble and danger With her trusty cat Elvis Sarah must figure out who the killer is before one of the Angels is hurt in the crossfire but will she be in time or will she herself be the next shop owner to get whacked This is the second book in the series and I m so thrilled I came back for another visit The character development is much deeper and richer with a Riverview, Gone But Not Forgotten plot that will actually keep you guessing While you could read this as a stand alone book by reading the first book in the series you get to know the characters much better as well as the town and its inner workings I m looking forward to book 3 in the series and can t wait to head over to the library to find it If you like a good entertaining cozy mystery then I think you will find this series very much to your liking Iarticularly like that the cast of characters is a diversified cast as you have a group of elderly women trying to be rotected by Sarah and her friends who are 30ish and then you have a teenager and her friends showing up on the scene as well as a host of men of various ages It makes for an interesting assortment of cross friendships that are realistic and enjoyable I was selected by the author to receive a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review The review and my statements are my true opinion It s a well developed cast of characters that any cozy myster. Sofie Ryan's charming follow up to The Whole Cat and Caboodle in the New York Times bestselling Second Chance Cat Mystery seriesThings have been uiet in the coastal town of North Harbor Maine since Sarah Grayson and her rescue cat Elvis solved their first murder Sarah is happy running Second Chan.

Y reader would uite enjoy I really wanted to like this book than I did because one of my kids icked it out for me But in all honesty it was just merely OK Perhaps A Star Is Born part of theroblem is that this is book 2 in a cozy mystery series and I have not read the first book But aside from that I had several CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, third edition problems with the book There are way too many minor characters I sense that the author wants the reader to feel that there is a community of individuals who live together and care about one another If so that does come across but at a costit is too difficult to keep the characters straight and I didn t develop a connection with most of them The main character is likable as is one of her employees who rents an apartment from her Other than that I felt no connection The book also does not have a true ending The reader can tell that the author is just setting up for the next book in the series Personally I don t like this device I ll choose to read the next book of any series based on the strength of the writing not because of a set up On aositive note the author does a nice job with the setting Individuals who are fans of cozy mysteries might also enjoy the author s use of a The Ornament (Ornament, pet cat as a device in solving the mystery With all of the books I have on my must read list I don t think I ll be continuing on with this series This was a nice follow up to book one It had been awhile since I read book one so took me a few minutes to remember the characters but after that it took offretty good Totally stumped and surprised on who done it and why I like when that happens By A Whisker is the second book in the A Second Chance Cat Mystery seriesThing are going well for Sarah Grayson and her store Second Chance where she sells refurbished andor repurposed items She is helped at the store by Mac her jack of all trades a retired financial adviser and an ardent sailor Her sales staff consists of three dear friends of Grams Rose Charlotte and Liz Also helping is Avery Liz s granddaughter A great cast of helpers and a uite humorous group tooThings are a little unsettled in North Harbor Maine Jon West of North By West wants to redevelop the waterfront but everyone is not in favor of the lan One of them is Lily Carter who runs Lily s Bakery on the waterfront She refuses to sell her bakery and the roject is looking to be doomed Someone has been Rant pullingranks and minor defacing of the bakery but when Lily is found dead at the bottom of the basement stair in the bakery it is clear about someone wanting Lily out of the way for the Super Minds Level 2 Students Book with DVD-ROM project torogressLiz is first suspected but is soon cleared but Charlotte s Angels has already started to do a little detecting of their own They first start looking into Jon West since without the bakery in his Challenged to Win pocket the redevelopment will be doomed But there are also a couple building owners who would like to sell thereroperties maybe that have gotten tired of waiting For Lily to sell and have taken matters into their own handsA wonderful story and an enjoyable bunch of characters Charlotte s Angels are a real treat They may not all agree with each other all the time but they are always there to support each other and Kids Draw Knights, Kings, Queens, Dragons provide some laughsarticularly Rose And of course Elvis is around to help find the murderer tooLooking forward to the next book and to see if there might be romance in the future for Sarah A very good follow up in what is looking to be a good series Sofie Ryan did a wonderful job of continuing the consistency of the character s actions and feelings through this book and the first oneSarah was once again a very good character I loved her shop and the fact that we actually saw her working in it In some mystery series I ve read it seems like the MC just abandons their job on a whim to solve a murder however in this book Sofie works at her job as owner of Second Chance The Angels were again really fun I ve come to the conclusion that I really like older sleuths because they just come out and say what they mean they don s mince their words Mr P Charlotte Liz and Rose all are wonderful examples of that I like Nick but yet I like Mac better both character are strong and can stand on their own however it seems like the author is setting up for a love triangle in future books Let s hope notThe mystery was very good I didn t guess the killer until Sarah didReally a good book there were a couple of editing errors that I noticed and the author seems to be setting up for a love triangle but overall a solid 4 star read I wasn t blown away but I wasn t disappointed either The main lot was well done but its motivation a little far fetched The twist at the end was a total surpriseWordy review to you by OBS reviewer DanieleIt is the uieter winter months in the tourist town of Nor. Ce the shop where she sells lovingly refurbished and repurposed items But then she gets dragged into a controversy over developing the waterfront Most of the residents including Sarah are for it but there is one holdout baker Lily CarterSo when Lily is found murdered in her bakery it looks like

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Th Harbor Maine but Sophie and her cat Elvis are busy refurbishing and repurposing items for her store Second Chance Lucky for her the Canadian tourists are still coming and her online sales are growing Mac is her jack of all trades and is intensely rivate Her other employees include her grandmother s friends Rose and Charlotte retired educators and high school student Avery whose grandmother Liz is also like a grandmother to Sarah The older ladies have taken to calling themselves Charlotte s Angels in homage to the television series and movie Charlie s Angels and have taken over Sarah s sun orch for their office They see themselves as uite the detective team although recovering a set of dentures is about as exciting as it gets since they solved their first murder in The Whole Cat and Caboodle They are joined by their hacker friend Alfred who is courting Rose in their escapadesThe town is abuzz with talk of a large waterfront development that is in the works However Lily who owns the local bakery is the last holdout refusing to sell As a result her shop has been vandalized and her business threatened by sabotage Sarah is shocked to find Lily at the bottom of the bakery s stairs early one morning What at first seems to be an unfortunate accident is soon revealed to be murder While Sarah is curious she does not actively want to investigate but wishes to leave the detecting to her childhood friends Nick who is an investigator for the medical examiner s office and Detective Michelle Andrews The Angels have other ideas and soon Sarah finds herself caught up in trying to keep the seniors out of trouble all the while attempting to unearth the vandal Lily s murderer the identity of the development s secret investor and the true fate of Caleb Swift Lily s ex boyfriend who was resumed dead years ago when his boat was found adriftBuy a Whisker is such a fun read The characters are all well developed and multidimensional The Angels who all consider Sarah to be family are a diverse feisty bunch both endearing in their loyalty and entertaining in their antics Though they are at times larger than life they still come across as real Into the Planet people We should all be so lucky to haveeople that care so deeply for us I Dusk (Rosales Saga, particularly love Alfred and his not always exactly legal computer activities and his charming efforts to win Rose s heart Mac is deliciously mysterious keeping hisast and George Washingtons Secret Six present close to the vest I really want to know his back story Sarah s sharedast with Nick Michelle and her friends Jess and Sam add depth to the story and give the setting a nice grounded true to life atmosphere And one cannot forget Elvis the Jeopardy watching lie detector catThe mystery is complete and complex There is uite a bit going on besides Lily s refusal to sell and murder All of the sub mysteries blend together seamlessly and tie together to solve the main murder mystery The motivation and identity of Lily s killer was kept at bay until very late in the book but the real surprise for me was the revelation of Caleb s lot It all meshed to create an interesting and satisfying readI really enjoyed Buy a Whisker and the Second Chance Cat series is uickly becoming a favorite must read for me I anxiously wait for the next book release I wholeheartedly recommend it to fans of the cozy mystery genre in general those who enjoy some really entertaining senior citizens and those who like the inclusion of a cat who may have a special abilityOBS would like to thank the ublisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review Sarah Grayson has moved back to North Harbor Maine Her antiues shop Second Chance is doing well and she loves her new life Along with being a businesswoman Sarah has also found she has a talent for solving mysteries with the aid of a lovable group of mature women nicknamed Charlotte s Angels friends of Sarah s grandmother who has assed away They get her in and out of trouble meddle in and make Sarah s life far from boring A handsome business The Caretaker partner a dashing senior computer hacker a childhood crush and a cool cat named Elvis who freuently leaves the building are alsoart of the crewSarah becomes involved in solving the murder of a lone holdout to a development deal that will change North Harbor forever Hopefullyshe can solve the crime before she or the Angels become the next victimsBuy a Whisker has all the elements I enjoy in a cozy a whodunit that keeps you guessing a little romance a uaint setting with eccentric and lovable characters and of course a furry friend like the charmer Elvis that helps solve the crimeSofie Ryan has created a series filled with mystery humor friendship and romance that I love I can t wait for the next bookI received an ARC for a fair and honest review. Omebody wanted to remove the only obstacle to the development But Sarah soon discovers that nothing is as simple as it seems Now with the help of her cat’s uncanny ability to detect a lie Sarah is narrowing down the suspects But can she collar the culprit before the ruthless killer ounces agai.

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