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Love the Good Knight books These are NOT easy readers like so many claimed easy to read books that have few words short sentences AND a ifficult vocabulary But these are Miss Shumway Waves a Wand delightful books to read aloud with the repetitive phrases and creative adjectives and even made up words Three littleragons are sick in their cave Feeling awful their noses The Touch drip and they sneeze and cough The good knight while keeping a close watchful eye on his kingdomiscovers the achy On His Majestys Service dragons and sets out to make them better He goes to the old wizard who knows just the thing a pot of soup But theragons refuse to eat it because it s a scaly snail y soup How will the good knight get them betterCute book with sweet illustrations The book is listed as an early reader book but I Different Class don t think it would be that great for a beginning reader it s amusing and cute but there are too many non existent words in it Good book to read aloud to younger children in my opinion This is a fun story to read aloud with children It s a bit long for younger readers to read on their own but perfect for a bedtime story It has a repetitive narrative that is comforting to kids and expressive and colorful illustrations that go perfectly with the story Our girls really enjoyed this story Cute story that all beginning readers can relate to Everyone gets a cold and in this story the threeragons have come The Essential Good Food Guide down with colds The. The much heralded Good Knight is back only this time his three littleragon friends are sick in bed  Their scaly foreheads.

Ood Knight tries to help them get better His attempts Textbook of Wisdom do not turn out so well as the remedies only make it worse In the end it teaches the importance of being a good friend and the comical tale of how to get better Great read aloud for kindergarten and first grade Independant for first and secong grade Uses illustration seuencing and repitition to scaffold the reader Shoutout to my future ambition in life giving me an excuse to read my favourite childhood books Mama knows best82918 Read with Julia We picked this book up from K s school libraryI have never read a Good Knight series And I really enjoyed reading them to K They are repetitive so that helps those that are reading We Get Well Good Knight we see the kind good knight help take care of hisragon buddies K and I found it funny when the good knight went to see the wizard and he was adding not so good ingredients into a pot We had a good laugh at what he was adding This is a great read for those that I would say are level two readers The pictures go great with the story being told My little reluctant reader Aspie obsessed with In Defence of Dogs dragons knights etc loves all the good knight books They will appeal to boys and girls cos they are about noble knights and cute little babyragons The stories are sweet and kinda funny I think we ve read them all from the library and have started collecting them for his own little librar. Some slimy grimy soup from the wizard to make them feel better  But the ragons wont touch it  What is a Good Knight to o.

Good knight standing watch puts it on himself to take care of the situation After multiple visits to the wizard he realizes that the The City in Mind dragonso not want anything gross to cure them He then recruits the help of his mother who comes up with chicken soup as a remedy The Revenge (The Red Ledger dragons get better and we learn that mothers know best Great story Get Well Good Knight tells the story of three littleragons who get sick When their friend Good Knight finds out he runs to a wizard to find a cure only things No One Wants You don t turn out that well Get Well Good Knight is a friendly story aboutragons and knights for kids that love fantasy but may not be ready for some of the advanced fantasy books The book makes use of repetition and the rule of three it takes the Knight three times to find a cure to create a familiar mindset for young readers The illustrations are The City Of Heavenly Tranquillity done in a sketchy manner thatoesn t look sloppy The illustrator Jennifer Plecas has hidden talent for characterization through clutter When we meet the little Penguins Poems for Life dragons we notice that there are piles of toys and objects around each of their beds each pile giving us aifferent idea about what kind of character each ragon is The same occurs when we first meet the wizard who is surrounded with books and cats Recommended Grade Level Kindergarten to 2rd grade Love this series of books The poor little ragons are sick so their good friend the Are hot and their noses are rip rip ripping  They feel awful  The Good Knight comes to the rescue again  He brings them.