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Ronic illness too MECFS which leads to intense fatigue and physical limitations I don t have chronic pain thank God but even without that I have to tell you pregnancy was an intense challenge for me because of my illness Raising little kids and dealing with sleepless nights with ME is incredibly hard And I have no pain issues to make the difficulty even worse I can t imagine how much harder pregnancy and childbirth would be for someone dealing with chronic pain For me in my personal situation all of that difficulty is 100% worthwhile because I wanted children so badly But the idea that a woman with chronic fatigue and pain is not allowed to decide that that difficulty is NOT worthwhile to her That making that choice makes her a terrible selfish personHonestly I almost put the book down at that point But I kept reading because I so hoped that there would be some turnaround at the end I kept thinking that that first scene where the heroine said that if it were her she d rather the person she loved was killed than became disabled would lead to an ending where the uy she really did love would become disabled and she d realize that what mattered was him not his physical abilities Or that she would have to deal with disability herself and learn from thatThat never happened Eventually Victoria dies and everyone is so so happy for her husband finally no longer chained to a disabled wife Just to be clear he hadn t even been a physical caretaker for her he was a rich merchant so they d hired helpers who did the physical work of looking after her And everyone says that Victoria loved her helper and treated her like a daughter Just to be extra clear there is never a single moment when Victoria is shown or reported to be saying anything mean or unpleasant to anyone ever She just says at various points that she needs to lie down and rest which leads every time to the heroine and all the other characters looking at her husband with Um Natal em Ardmore great sympathy Indeed Your wife can t keepoing and having fun How terrible and hard for you You re certainly much to be empathized with unlike her People sometimes piously express pity for Victoria in this book They never ever feel any empathy for her and neither does the text incite the reader to feel itMaking it worse there s a bit of a theme of chronic illness in this book at another point a woman says oh she s just terribly weak and frailand the heroine realizes that that woman s chronic illness is completely imaginary just used to Skeletons get out of doing unpleasant thingsAnother time a woman one who s not even an important enough character toet a name pleads a headache to et out of the hard work that everyone else is doing that day but then of course she recovers uickly once it s dinner time and everyone wants to partyAt that point I almost started to laugh in disbeliefI did finish the book The writing is beautiful as I said before and as always with Sharon Shinn The characters are well drawn and there s an enormous amount of fun stuff in this novelBut I ll be iving it away next time I So Far from the Sea go into town And reading it as a woman with a chronic illness made me feel like I wasetting slapped again and again and againSharon Shinn is one of my very favorite writers and I ll continue to read her other novels because I ve loved every other book of hers I ve read Th. Et for the Safe Keeper150a newborn baby Damiana who is expecting her own child names the foundling Reed and raises him side by side with her daughter Fiona As the years pass and the two children row into teenagers and come of age they must come to terms with who they are150and who th.

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Damiana is a safe keeper The people in her village can come to her and trust her with their secrets and unburden their hearts with the safety of knowin This is a beautifully written series I like her characters and the worlds she puts them in Some of the content was adult stuff tho Not for the younger reader 16 and up Nope Nope NopeI could have iven this title a higher rating for the writing style alone which is pretty solid and highly readable But I m so turned off by so many aspects of the story itself that I have to The Draft give it a single star The writing style and the short page length made this a uick read but not an enjoyable one There are twolaring problems with this story The first might be considered a spoiler so skip that if you want SPOILER SPOILERSo there is a heavy suggestion that Reed and Fiona who are not blo The Safe Keeper s Secret is a uiet thoughtful YA fantasy set in a medieval kingdom where a few people have magical powers Safe Keepers Bible Prophecy guard people s secrets Frankly I m still a little hazy on why you need an official secret keeper but apparently some people in this world find it very useful Truth Tellers always I read this when it first came out and went back to re read since I recently discovered that there are in this series I was reminded of what a lovely warm writer Sharon Shinn is though not in a totally wish fulfillment kind of way because in many ways this is a book about coping with sadness anger and loss I loved it Intrigue family and knowing one s self Adorable and I will read the other books Good for young readers preteen maybe This is a mixed review and I don t know what number of stars toive this book Normally I just wouldn t review it in those circumstances but this time the issue is too important for me not to talk about it in publicSoThis is a beautifully written book with wonderful characters in a series that I otherwise adored The Truth Teller s Tale is one of my very favorite books this year 10 pages into reading this one I was in a Happy Book DazeUntil the first introduction of a character with chronic illness A friend of the heroine s family is married to a woman with severe fatigue and chronic pain caused by a terrible accident in the past The wife Victoria is perfectly pleasant to everyone but she tires uickly and can t take full part in all the social activitiesAnd oh does EVERYONE feel terrible for the poor man who s married to her He married her after her accident btw because he loved her and he has never complained about her physical limitations The heroine herself says that if she d been him she would have preferred Victoria to have been killed in the accident rather than come back to him disabled The others shush her uickly but only because she s been unkind not because they disagree with herLater in the book it s revealed that shock horror even though Victoria always claimed she couldn t cope with pregnancy and children actually a Truth Teller confirms this she physically could have managed to bear a child without lasting injury So the only conclusion drawn by the other characters and the text is what a selfish cow How could she be so selfish as to not et pregnant when she knows that her husband wanted children so much After all it wouldn t actually have killed herYes That really is the exact reactionNow I have a ch. Damiana is Safe Keeper in the small village of Tambleham Neighbors and strangers alike come one by one in secret to tell her things they dare not share with anyone else knowing that Damiana will keep silent One late night a mysterious visitor from the city arrives with an unusual secr.

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At issue has never been repeated in any other works she s written and this is an older book not necessarily representative of her current work But I was really really disappointed by this one Short and sweet A novel of domestic types of magic Family and friends athering together for the births of children holiday The Astral Codex gatherings tragedy and love blended together as it always is in life Secrets told and secrets kept and the truth coming out when it needed to most Not perfect The dislike that Fiona expresses to the ill Victoria and the Truth Teller Thomas is condoned It s an almost perfect little community in an almost perfect vaguely medieval kingdom with almost perfect little people but Iet the impression that if the herbalists or other witch types don t approve of you you re sol But there is a lot of joy here And some diversity of perspectives and ambitions And some wisdom I have loved many other books by Shinn and will finish this trilogy In fact I read this now because years ago I read one of the others and I ve been wanting to read the whole trilogy together ever since I don t know which of you my oodreads friends followers to recommend this to The only comparison I can make is this when some ppl have described some of the books by Jo Walton I ot the impression they d be something like what this turned out to be I prefer this to what those turned out to be however I know this is a lousy review not helpful If you re wondering whether to add it ask I can probably Story of the Liberty Bell guide those of you I know as individuals or those of you who can tell me what makes you consider hesitate to add this I have never read any of Sharon Shinn s young adult books before and I waslad when this one held up to my expectations of her writing The Safe Keeper s Secret isn t filled with action and adventure there are a few ongoing mysteries throughout the novel but most would consider this a slow book However I read for the characters than the plot so I really liked this storyAs always Shinn has created a brilliant world It s seems much the same as England in the 1100 s except magic exists and there are certain people who do odd jobs There are Safe Keepers who are obligated to listen to people s secrets and keep them Truth Tellers who always tell the truth no matter what and one Dream Maker whose mere presence may make a person s deepest wishes come true I thought this was a uniue spin on things and really enjoyed learning about these different jobs and the people who perform themMost of all however I loved the characters This book is mainly about life and the relationships that we form throughout our lifetimes I Fake Mustache got to know Damiana Reed Fiona and all the others as if they were my own family and was interested in what they were doing and what their dreams were even if the action was simple Also with Fiona s mother and aunt being Safe Keepers and then becoming a Safe Keeper herself there is aood bit of intrigue woven inHalfway through if even that far I figured out what was oing to come about at the end but figuring out the mystery wasn t really the point of the novel I think Rather it s about Fiona coming to terms with who she is as an individual what she wants to do with her life This is a lovely story about the meaning of love and family I highly recommend itAlso posted on Purple People Readers. Ey may be Sharon Shinn's many fantasy novels have won her a loyal following This book firmly in the tradition of Robin McKinley's bestselling Spindle's End and Shinn's own Summers at Castle Auburn an ALA Best Book for Young Adults is thoughtful warm hearted and a sheer delight to read.

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