Scott Gardiner: The Dominion of Wyley Mcfadden

Women who attempt to seduce men who have to heroically hold back in order to form a true bond I don t get the psychology behind that cliche I found this by accident right when it was first published I was so taken by its bizarre premise that I couldn t resist It builds on some absolutely absurd truths in the Canadian political culture and is very craftily pulled togethe. Where she's headed and refuses to explain how she came to be hitchhiking in the middle of nowhere warding off his uestions by asking him about his own past But once McFadden reveals his secrets including the reason for his journey she launches into her own shocking and terrifying stor.

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N this book will never go anywhere because it is bona fide creepy in so many ways Loved it thought the premise was hilarious rats infiltrating Alberta uirky Canadian humour Read this for a Can Lit class Not sure I loved the sexual politics or general sexual creepiness or the Ontarian need to take Alberta down a peg There s a thesis to be written about sexually damaged. Nsporting a contraband cargo from Toronto to Alberta But just past Wawa he spots a female hitchhiker in a mud encrusted tennis outfit As McFadden gets closer he realizes she is being eaten alive by mosuitoes and black flies Fearful starving and exhausted the girl doesn't seem to know.

Someone published this book despite the fact that no one will really like it What s to like Rates lots and lots of rats fertility doctors gone to the dark side urban trapping psycho behaviourist sexual predation hey this book has it all I actually really liked it but partly because no one else will Nominated for an award in an obscure sub category that it didn t even wi. The world's only rat free zone is about to be invaded by a contrary man with a mission Wyley McFadden ex fertility doctor turned urban trapper has launched an outlandish scheme to redress geo zoological discrimination in Canada In what looks like an ordinary camper van McFadden is tra.

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