Sarangerel: Riding Windhorses A Journey into the Heart of Mongolian Shamanism


Earth upon which we live I have studied practiced and taught shamanism based on the Andean teachings or many years Riding Windhorses was one of my Arduino Development Cookbook firstorays into Mongolian shamanism This book resonated strongly Mastering Gephi Network Visualization for me as myirst and strongest connection is to horses I really enjoyed reading this book even though it is as much a reference book as it is a story One of the strongest points I make when working with students is that you cannot readily take teachings and techniues out of their cultural context Something potent and inherent is lost Riding Windhorses keeps those two aspects together by bringing cultural information history and cosmology together within the book Therefore understanding why some things are done with the underlying belief systems that uphold those teachings comes easier and powerfully A nice introduction to mongolian beliefs and shamanic practices I would have dropped out chapter of divination thoug. Ommunity and the natural order Riding Windhorses is the irst book written on Mongolian and Siberian shamanism by a shaman trained in that tradition A thorough introduction to MongolianSiberian shamanic beliefs and practices it includes working knowledge of the basic rituals and various healing and divination techniues Many of the rituals and beliefs described here have never been published and are the direct teachings of the author's own shaman mentor.

S and offering workshops to those interested in learning about this practice She presents the tradition in a matter of act manner without romantic stage dressing or new age rhetoric This isn t scholarly nor an anthropological case studyRiding Windhorses consists of straightforward writing with definitions of terms and explanatory text when describing anything that would be unfamiliar to westerners The text Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space flows nicely and is presented in an interesting wayFor people interested in shamanism as its practiced in the 21st century by traditional cultures this is a good book to begin with The author provides some historic background describes the basic animist world view practiced by her people and ritualrameworkWhile I don t practice shamanism or the rituals described therein I ve great respect or the tenets and am inspired by the communal aspects interaction and interconnections with all that is respect or other creatures and. Ath of moderation in one's actions and reverence or the natural world which they view as mother to humanity Mongolians believe that if natural resources are taken without thanking the spirits or what they have given those resources will not be replaced Unlike many other cultures whose shamanic traditions were undermined by modern civilization shamans in the remote areas of southern Siberia and Mongolia are still the guardians of the environment the

Fascinating book about the ancient traditions of shamans in Mongolia and Siberia the author provides practical rituals and meditations at the end of each chapter the reader can try out or simply learn Un Cadeau pour ma Femme from This book gave me an even greater appreciationor Mongolians deep connection to nature and reverence or this ragile earth I m always a bit skeptical when somebody writes a book about their experiences leaving the industrialized world This book was a nice deviation Shadow Bound from the usual genre My impression is that the author Sarangerelis sincere about her calling She says her ancestral connection dates to 1917 Tunken region of southern Siberia through her maternal line They were political refugees wholed the country during the Russian revolution and the author chose to return to her Mapapansin Kaya? family traditions She resides in Ulaanbatar Mongolia and Ulan Ude Siberia Sarangerel at the time of publication was periodically returning to the Theirst book written about Mongolian and Siberian shamanism by a shaman trained in that tradition• A thorough introduction to Mongolian and Siberian shamanic beliefs and practices which until the collapse of the Soviet Union were banned Buntus Foclora from being practiced• Includes ritualsor healing and divination techniuesIn traditional Mongolian Buryat culture shamans play an important role maintaining the tegsh the balance of the community They counsel a

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