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Ch is a pilot in the Air Force and Ellie is used to freuent moves Ellie is glad to be living ff base this time but she is appalled to learn a good number The Occult Detector (The Semi Dual Stories Book 1) of Mitch s suadron members live in her neighborhoodf Black Rock Hill Ellie thought they d be getting away from the base instead f living next to Mitch s co workers and bosses At least her good friend Abby and Abby s husband Jeff live nearby Ellie isn t in Vernon long when she and Abby are nearly hit by a run away van driven by Cass Vincent It transpires that the van had its brakes and steering tampered with Cass is nosy and Ellie is put ff by her attitude Abby is determined to get involved in military life and mingle with the spouses Pioneer Jews: A New Life in the Far West of military members Ellie isn t bign the idea but she agrees to attend a spouse coffee at Cass s house with Abby and while there finds herself volunteering to help with the fundraising garage sale Later Ellie finds herself at a suadron barbecue and notices a confrontation between Cass and Jeff Driving home Ellie finds Cass s van in the ditch and Cass at the bottom Eating Thin for Life: Food Secrets Recipes from People Who Have Lost Weight Kept It Off of the drop dead Cass died from an allergic reaction to wasp stings When Ellie picks up Cass s van for Cass s husband she decides to run it through the car wash and clean the inside It is then she notices a Coke can in the van with wasps in it Could someone have wanted to kill Cass Why are Cass s EpiPens not in the van glove compartmentr her purse Ellie is and convinced Cass was murderedBreak ins start happening at the Vincents house which Ellie agreed to watch while her husband is ut f town planning Cass s funeral Then minor mishaps start happening to Ellie at home and in her car When Ellie s house is broken into she feels violated and determined than ever to get to the bottom We, the People of the mystery Ellie s digging turns up real estate deals affairs andther secrets Everyone seems to have something to hide but who would kill to protect their secret If she doesn t get to the bottom Single of this Ellie fears she will be nextn the killer s listI enjoyed reading this book Ellie is a likeable protagonist Even though I figured ut the murderer before the big reveal at the end f the book it was a good cozy read I also enjoyed reliving those early days f motherhood as Ellie balanced detecting with caring for her baby daughter I am definitely going to read the next book in this series A bit f a disappointment This book had an intriguing premise a military family who has moved so many times that the wife has now be. F f their neighbors are with the 52nd Air Refueling Suadron Driving home from her first suadron barbecue Ellie finds neighborhood environment activist Cass Vincent dead n the side f the road The police call it an accident but Ellie's not so sure She saw Cass argue violently at the barbecue with Mitch's buddy Jeffand it ju.

I really liked the mystery The nly parts that were starting to irritate me were the many parts that were centered Showa, 1939-1944: A History of Japan on her daughter Yes I know she s a baby Yes I get that you breastfeed her Yes I understand you re a new mother and worry about her But when Ellie wasn t trying to solve the murder it seemed the restf the book was all about her daughter So much so that it should have been titled Moving is Murder But It s All About My Daughter And I am sure The Book Of The Superiority Of Dogs Over Many Of Those Who Wear Clothes others will disagree with me Still I will continue to read this series and recommend it tothers A well written mystery with lots f interesting twists which I picked up n the basis Rescuing a Werewolf of a promotional price and because I ve likedther series by this author but if I d known how much space would be devoted to details about being a new mother with a baby I d have given it a pass The first in Sara Rosett s Mom Zone cozy mystery series No strong characters humorous enough Making Women Pay or charismatic enough to compel the reader to root for them Some unreliable characters very easy to actively disliker mistrust a few we are supposed to like though I have the second book GloomCookie of the series ready and waiting when I feel like reading about Ellie Mitch and baby Livvy I will probably give this series a second chanceI found the tips about moving located at the endf each chapter jarringly ut f place and sort The Jesuit of ruined the story s flow which was annoying I would have preferred them to be collected at the endf the book I just don t know how With Bound Hands other readers found this book entertaining While the location and military setting added a twist to the usual cozy genre I found it absolutely ridiculous that the motherf a 4 month Rim of the Pit old had no problem continually placing herself in danger and therefore her daughter in danger as well The initial discoveries are the staplef modern cozies However it is what the protagonist chooses to do You Can Beat the Odds once they recognize that they are now in danger that makes a book worth reading Againnce she realized the danger she was in she continued n even though she seemed to give no consideration to the fact that she was putting her daughter in danger as well Absolutely unlikable character from that point n I made it three uarters through the book before I decided I could not read any I skimmed the last chapter so that I could find Stripes of All Types out whether I was correct in whodunit Big surprise I was right Ellie Avery and her husband Mitch are settling into their new house in Vernon Washington with their baby Livvy Mit. Moving four times in five years has honed Ellie's considerable skills But unpacking with a newborn daughter record breaking heat wave and the realization that their dream neighborhood is known as Base Housing East is enough to make her turn to chocolate for comfort She and her husband Mitch movedff base for privacy Now hal.

Come a professional rganizer yes please But after 350 pages I don t understand ur protagonist nor do I think I like her much The book switches back and forth between excrutiatingly long descriptions f ur heroine taking care Baltimore Catechism No. 2 of her newborn daughter and then putting said daughter in horribly dangerous situations WTH I like my heroines plucky not stupid The mystery seemed to be an afterthought but not a compellingne It wasn t hard to figure Mic manual de campanie electorală out who done it In addition nonef the supporting cast seemed to pop and I really wasn t invested in any The Big Book of Maker Skills: Tools Techniques for Building Great Tech Projects of them by the endf the book I did like the moving tips at the end f each chapter Despite a less than stellar first installment I m not ready to give up n the series yet I ll probably give it One Life, One Incarnation: Beautiful Bones one try I really like this series I read Mistletoe and Murder first and liked it so much that I want to read the series from the beginning I like how Ellie voices her thoughts to herself She is very amusi I saw a recent book by this author and thought I might like her books so I started with this firstne Vapid I ll not be reading any So much detail about normal activity I thought I would cry I removed the blanket from the baby s car seat I changed the baby s diaper The baby was screaming Absolutely none Just Joking of these profound events had a thing to do with the story Totally tiresome and it could have been a good read Entertaining first in series I enjoyed Moving is Murder but the story is a bit busy and as Iften do with cozy mysteries I find that the protagonists goes beyond common sense especially as she has a new baby I enjoy the real life feel that Ms Rosett brings to the book and would never have guessed who the murder was I chose this book because I love another series by the author so I will probably try again I especially enjoyed the relationship between Ellie and her husband and between Ellie and her best friend Entertaining amusing mysteryThis was an entertaining amusing read as well as a great example f a mystery whodunit Ellie Avery is a military spouse and amateur sleuth that lives n a Military base with her husband Mitch and daughter Livy On the way back from a base welcome event Ellie spots an van Times of Trouble (A Time Travel Anthology) on the sidef the road and discovers the driver a fellow military spouse Cass Vincent in the ditch dead It is ne f those types f mysteries that lack sex scenes gratuitous violence profanity etc I really enjoyed this mystery that is easy going but still has an interesting practically well done whoduni. St so happens Jeff knows a lot about bee keeping Hoping to clear Jeff' name before the police suspect him Ellie starts snooping in earnest What she finds shocks her But what's the connection to Cass When suspicious accidents start happening in her wn backyard Ellie realizes she's getting closer to the killermay be too close.

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USA Today bestselling author Sara Rosett writes lighthearted mysteries for readers who enjoy atmospheric settings fun characters and puzzling whodunitsShe is the author of the High Society Lady Detective historical mystery series as well as three contemporary cozy series the Murder on Location series the On the Run series and the Ellie Avery series Sara also teaches an online course How to