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A great old skool HP 1986 It doesn t have any of the usual old skool tropes but I enjoyed it alot There was no great angst or conflict in their omance the H wasn t a typical over bearing alpha male and altho there was a OW wannabe she didn t manage to cause any major problems The heroine is young but tough and determined Her best friend took off with a man she met at a night club She said his name was Count Carlo Benni and that he was taking her to his palazzo in Venice The h Petra only saw him at a distance but she saw his blood ed ferarri Her friend Sara disappears so after a few weeks Petra leaves the job they both had been working in Paris and went to Venice to confront Count Benni The count had already told her on the phone he didn t know what she was talking about When she arrives at his Palazzo he again denies it and then becomes impatient No one would dare uestion his word but Petra does and she just won t uit He tells her to go away but she sneaks into his garden and attempts to look into windows and he catches her He threatens to call the police if she comes back and she threatens to call police if he doesn t tell her where her friend is she follows him and he has a blood ed ferarri so she is even convinced that he s the man her friend left withHe finally convinces her that he was in America at the time this all happened He then states he will help her By then she has the Brittish consul involved Petra starts dating a young man from the consullate but she s secretly pretty excited by Carlo Eventually they start an affair Petra is totally in lovelust and altho she knows Carlo is out of her league she s willing to take what ever he s willing to giveMaybe I was just in the mood for a nice mellow sweet omance with no major conflicts or angst so this one was just ight for me This is one of the better Harleuins out there considering the Hero Usually the lead characters are so contentious with ea I Love This Book A girl whose oommate has gone missing follows her trail to Venice and a wealthy man the last name she had from her friend He is not at all pleased with her skulking around his mansion in Venice but finally agrees to help if only to clear his name Another sweet omance from the good old days of Harleuin I have ead this book uncounted times am always in the mood for it again and it has a place with my all time favorites In my TBR pile on my computer and Open Library I have the following Looks like I have a bumpy ide ahead of me if the purple prose lives up to the subtle titlesReviewVery slow but sweet omance caper Hard to believe this was written in 1985 as it has a Mary Stewart 60s vibe to it with the heroine just living in Venice as she searches for her missing friend The conseuences of loose moral behavior are presented here as well which makes me wonder what a modern girl would think of it Not a omance to set your hair on fire but nicely done if you want low level angst One particularly fine omantic scene is the H and h s night in Venice For all the omance we ead it s not often that a hero actually goes out of his way to woo the heroine This hero is uite the European sophisticate from his casual smoking it was cool back then to his old world charm Take your pick A sweet story set in Venice with no omantic conflict It s eally a courtship story of the Hh as they meet cute with the heroine pestering the hero about her missing friend There is an OM from the British consulate An old family friend of an OW Lots of travelogue around Venice And some sweet scenes between the Hh who are meant to be together I especially liked their night out when they waited to watch the dawn Very omantic without being cloyingI don t like suspense so the side story of finding the wayward friend didn t capture my interest but SW didn t pull any punches when she sent to the h to the morgue to identify a body Luckily the H showed up with the friend alive and well Otherwise the poor heroine would have had nightmares for days 35 stars I vaguely emember eading this book but I don t emember most of it The plot is that the h is searching for her friend who disappears and she believes the H is involved may have done something to her Most of the stars I give to the. If only they'd met in other circumstances Are you accusing me of lying Count Berini denied all knowledge of Petra's friend Sara the girl he'd un off with But Petra had seen them drive away together in

H He was truly admirable God bless this patience and estraint with the h I was a tiny bit turned off by the h I felt playing off the H and OM and i didn t like that h shared seemingly passionate kisses with the OM Also is the h a virgin That seemed a bit ambiguous Also the hauthor contradicted herself in those scenes there was definitely some groping and in h s words fondle time going on I think the h is incorrect she s a little similar with her friend with the way she acted with OM and H I still found the story entertaining and if not for the H i d have given this 2 stars I don t think the h deserves the H Re The Hawk of Venice Sally Wentworth doesn t always do h s out for evenge or hysterical because of various traumas every once in a while she throws a bit of suspense into her backlist and THoV is one of them She actually writes a pretty decent suspense novel and does a eally good job of portraying Venice as a very omantic place to be in this oneThe h is a 23 yr old English au pair who is working for a horrible French family with her best friend Sara Sara meets a man who claims to be a Venetian Count one night and off she goes into the wilds of Venice in his bright ed Ferrari She does mention the name of the Palazzo she will be staying at and the h is unhappy Sara is taking off but eally doesn t blame her because the French family is truly awful A few days go by and Sara calls the h to let her know that the guy was a lying dud and she is on her way back to Paris Then some time goes by and Sara never shows up The h is becoming very concerned Sara is a bit foolish about falling in love at the drop of a hat but she isn t eally unreliable and they have been friends since birth Both her and Sara s parents have closed their English houses and are out of the country and so the h knows that Sara hasn t gone home She tries one of the facilitators for the foreign student language program but he is having no luck finding Sara either Now the h is eally starting to worry She calls the palazzo where Sara said she would be and talks to the man Sara claimed was taking her to Venice he says he has never heard of Sara and hangs up This spurs the h to action She faces down the horrible woman she is au pairing for demands her and Sara s back pay that is seriously in arrears and takes off for VeniceShe storms the palazzo only to be told that Sara was never there and the Count who supposedly brought her has never heard of her and wants the h gone The housekeeper is acting a bit suspicious tho and the h s fears are multiplying could sinister doings be afoot here Is the handsome Count eally as innocent as he claims The h is going to find outShe uickly makes friends with a young Italian male who works at a nearby cafe He helps her sneak into the Palazzo s garden and the h is checking out the house when she is interrupted by the Count and a fashionable Italian woman who the h thinks is the Count s fiancee The h eiterates her uestions concerning her friend and threatens the Count with the police and the British Consulate The H is angry she won t just take his word for it and she explains that Sara is like her sister and now that she is missing the h can leave no stone unturned The H kicks her out again but this h is persistent She hides in the cabin of his canal cruiser to see what kind of car the H drives It turns out to be a ed Ferrari The h is happy she has some evidence at last but when she tries to sneak off the cruiser she finds she is locked inShe falls asleep and wakes when the H opens the door to stow some euipment He is surprised to find her hiding on his boat but admires her tenacity and tells the h that if someone is taking young ladies and using his name of course he will investigate The h is dubious and goes to the British Consulate the next day She gets a minor official near her own age who agrees to help her look for Sara They go talk to the H together and the H is able to prove he was out of the country when Sara went missing He still wants to help the h though so she gratefully accepts his helpThe BC guy wants to help too but both men seem to think taking the h out on a date is necessary to the search She goes out with both of them after verifying the H isn Arlo's ed Ferrari and now Sara had disappeared Petra's blood an cold Most people came to Venice to fall in love Yet here she was a mere au pair girl accusing a espected Venetian count of kidnapping se.

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Engaged and the Italian girl is a family friend and winds up staying at the H s Palazzo when she gets evicted from her ental oom after staying out with the H all night We get some eally nice descriptions of Venice by moonlight and omance and the h is starting to fall for the H BC guy invites the h to a dance at the Consulate and the h goes with him but winds up with the H after BC guy gets jealous and she tells him she just isn t interested The H and h wind up in bed and the h is in love the H keeps affirming something passionately in Italian but the h doesn t understand him she only knows English and French but a crash course in Italian is on the agenda Then the H emembers there was a strange seuin found in his little used storage wardrobe he goes to confront the housekeeper and the truth comes out The housekeeper s nephew stole her keys to the Palazzo while the H was away He took his Ferrari to Paris and brought Sara back pretending to be the Count Sara wised up though and supposedly the impostor took Sara to the train station and dropped her offBy this time all of Venice and Interpol are alerted to the missing Sara the H has to go out and check on his info sources to see if Sara was seen at the train station The Italian girl shows up and tries to un the h off but since the H confirmed that he had never done anything with the girl the h keeps a hold of her temper and shows her up The h tells the wanna be OW that she doesn t care if the H won t marry her she will take whatever he offers the girl accuses her of being a golddigger and the h falls over laughing The OW is well and truly outed it was nice to see a witchy OW take a hit for once The H is still out and after the OW has left BC guy shows up and wants the h to identify a body that had been found dumped by the train tracks The h goes to check and is having horrors from the state of the body when the H shows up and it turns out the girl isn t Sara at all It looked pretty bad for a few paragraphs tho The H takes the h to another little isle and there is Sara she met a wealthy handsome American son while waiting for the Paris train and spent the last weeks in a tent with him They are in love and going to America to meet the parents The h is elieved the H is a hero and Sara and her new beau are all lurved up The H takes the h back to his palazzo and the h talks about eturning to England The H tells her they are going to the Bahama s instead to meet the h s parents cause they are getting marriedThe h protests cause he hasn t told her he loves her The H asks her what did she think he was saying when they were in bed The h doesn t know cause he always speaks in Italian and she hasn t hit that language immersion course yet The H proceeds to demonstrate his love with passionate kissing in the middle of Grand Canal and causes a big traffic jam for a watery but joyful HEAThis one was fun different from the usual SW and the H was a eally nice person The h was VERY persistent but given how scared she was for her friend and it is all to easy to imagine something bad her actions weren t unreasonable even tho it IS HPlandia there was enough tension to make you wonder if things weren t going to work out so osy for the friend Definitely give this one a go for a new look at SW and also just enjoy it for the sheer omance of moonlit dates in Venice This book was not at all what I expected from Sally Wentworth There was no angst at all no evenge no high emotions The hero was a kind considerate man who treated the heroine well throughout the bookThis was almost a omantic suspense lite Petra comes to Venice searching for h If only they d met in other circumstancesAre you accusing me of lying Count Berini denied all knowledge of Petra s friend Sara the girl he d un off with But Petra had seen them drive away together in Carlo s ed Ferrari and now Sara had disappearedPetra s blood an cold Most people came to Venice to fall in love Yet here she was a mere au pair girl accusing a espected Venetian count of kidnapping seduction at the very leastThen gradually she was drawn in by Carlo s charm wooed by his almost mesmerising masculinity to the point where she almost forgot the circumstances that had brought them togethe. Duction at the very least Then gradually she was drawn in by Carlo's charm wooed by his almost mesmerising masculinity to the point where she almost forgot the circumstances that had brought them togethe.

Doreen was born on 1936 or 1937 in Watford Hertfordshire England UK She married Donald Alfred Hornsblow with whom she has a son Keith in 1968 The family lived in Braughing EnglandDoreen began her publishing career at a Fleet Street newspaper in London where she thrived in the hectic atmosphere She started writing after attending an evening class and sold her first novel to Mills & Boon