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Loved it Original copyright 1943 Follows the life of nine different animals for a day It tells how their lives intersect Wonderful I ead this book when I was still in grade school It was one of my favourites and I Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose reread it often I immersed myself in it Don t let your childrenead this Tell them it is dangerous They might end up on the Sea Shepard A co worker friend of mine handed me a copy of this book about 20 years ago Today is 2 Sept 2011 and I believe it was in 1992 that this occurred The book was not that great that is probably why I had forgotten to add it to my goo. An elegant and lively depiction of nine animals spending a spring day on Beetle Rock a large expanse of granite in Seuoia National Park One Day on Beetle Rock is a classic of American nature writing Drawing on seven years of close observation and.

Dreads list until now But it was probably my introduction to nature writing a genre that I thoroughly enjoy when it is good and about things that The Kaya-Girl really interest me Sometimes the very best writing is found in unexpected places and this book is one of them It is a treasure In exuisitely clear simple but elouent language that most novelists could learn a lot from Carrigher follows the interelated lives of a number of animals There is none of the common sweetification or brutification that many popular writers adopt The animals don t come across as people or anything like that. Inspired by the work of natural scientists Sally Carrighar wrote with exuisite detail bringing eaders to an exhilarating consciousness of the search for food and a safe place to sleep the elationship between prey and predator the marvelous ski.

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But their individuality and humanity for lack of a better word come across very movingly This is the Omnibus Films result of close sympathetic observation of their lives over time but it is also the product of a clear mind and good heart things that are not so common among writers It is also product of a mastery of narrative Aeally enjoyable ead some beautiful language excellent characterisations and educational Yes it is a nature documentary in book form and some may find that boring but I found it charming and I m glad I finally picked it up after years of glancing at it in the bookcas. Lls and adaptations of nature One Day on Beetle Rock is one of the small fine company of books that are not merely popular animal stories or merely scientific studies of animals but animal literature Saturday Review of Literature BW illustrations.