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Cat friend alunthri just happens to resemble a local god creature and is able to save them from trouble with the locals And then coincidentally the planet her foster mother insisted she go to from beyond the grave for all the answers to her origin just happens to be nearby both planets so it s a nice straight shot from one to the next I love it when my errands line up like that too but this is a huge universe so it seems fairly unlikely that all these things end up matching up I really enjoyed this book though I admit it was painful to see Dhreen as a bad guy and to watch their once great friendship be so cold And it was frustrating that she wouldn t even let him explain his betrayal but seeing the secret he d been hiding from everyone did help uite a bit to mend things and they are in better shape when they leave there and go get her foster mother Maggie s secret Except of course it s never that easy I would have given this book a three just because it was straining the imagination but the new aliens we encounter were just so much fun and I got really invested in the mystery of Dhreen s home world It was heart wrenching and definitely worth 4 stars Good book How can all the bad things happen to the same person is a boring theme throughout the Stardoc novels I have read so far For some stupid reason I keep thinking this series is going to go downhill and it hasn t I m on book 5 and it s still great Cherijo is on the Jorenian ship with her husband and daughter who I think has super abilities but I m not for certain She and Duncan are working through their marriage expectations but everything s on a much grander scale not leaving the toilet seat up or picking up his socks but her jumping off a shuttle without thinking about him and their daughter and her being forced to be a counselor on another world which forces Duncan into a death match with the ship s captain I guess I should stop my complaining I just ordered the next book from the library If ou like sci fi romance with lots of action and a sassy doctor this series is for ou Brilliant There s a lot going on in this one but the author does a most excellent job of pulling it all together while still leaving a few tantalizing bits for the next book As always love Cherijo I ve forgiven Reever for being a toad earlier in the series Marel is an interesting character even if I did have some trouble translating her dialogue I can t wait to see what happens to these three in the next boo. F the ear by Science Fiction Chronicle S L Viehl's smart savvy surgeon Cherijo Torin has ventured across the universe in and out of danger and love driven by two great forces her sworn duty to heal the sick and her constant fear of the demented man who created her.

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T seem to be holding my attention at all I keep getting distracted from it by television by other books by chores Chores for Pete s sake I finally just gave up on it Eternity row is the fifth StarDoc novel After Cherijo finally managed to escape from Earth and get away from her narcissistic creator she finds herself back on the Sunlace with her adoptive people at the end of the last book The vaguely hinted at secret she was hiding throughout the book turns out to be the child she miscarried surviving in an artificial womb and they are greeting by her when they arrive since it s been about a ear She didn t tell anyone including her husband about the baby because she wasn t sure it would survive so it s a happy surprise to all of them This book opens on her trying to balance being a mother to an exceptional child and her duties as a doctor And to make things difficult seems to be taking after her mother in a lot of ways and there are some mysterious things that keep happening with the little girl that make it clear she has powers even beyond her mother s But the main thread of the book involves the ongoing attempts to catch her by the League and the growing hostilities between the League and the Hsktskt faction Both want Cherijo for their own use so she s caught in the middleThis story seems to have a theme of family commitments She promised to visit the home world of her foster mother for answer and has also promised to bring her half human friend Hawk to the world his father came from so they can meet and then they are off to Dhreen s home world Even though her friendship with him was badly damaged by his betrayal and she no longer trusts him she has still agreed to go to his home planet and help with a mysterious illness they have which keeps them from having children Once there though she finds out that things were even worse than he d hinted In fact they are unbelievably bad on top of that she runs into some old enemies the Bartermen as her past comes back to bite her The Bartermen have had a grudge against her ever since the first book and they immediately take the opportunity to make her a slave but they still need her medical skills to deal with the plague of eternity that s infested Dhreen s planetThere s a lot of coincidences in this book and at times it strains the belief even for sci fi Hawk s father s home world coincidentally becomes very important to solving the problem on Dhreen s home world and visa versa Her sentient. They have some promises to keep promises that put them in the middle of an interstellar war Everything Cherijo ever fought for is put on the line including her solemn oath to protect lifeBeginning in Stardoc a novel hailed as one of the best science fiction books

This is the fifth book in the Stardoc series and I have read all of them in orderThey are character driven if ou do not like the main character Dr Cherrijo Torin stop read after book one She is very central to the action in this novel and othersI do enjoy the series myself There are a lot of intersting alines some real challenges for Dr Cherrijo and her family and friends She does run into two very intersting cultures each with an unusual medical problem in this novelThere are light escapist science fiction Fun to read but not a lot of depth Recommended for any SF fan who wants to try something a bit different and of course for fans of the series Got bored and moved on to another book I usually like SL Viehl s work but for me the Star Doc series is done These just get trashier and trashier as the series goes on Why do I keep reading I don t know they just haven t reached my limit of wow I can t stand this I think that speaks really poorly for all the books I have discarded for poor writing story etc SL Veihl isn t actually a particularly bad writer she just needs to get over the Fanfic plotlinesIt s been clear since the first couple of pages that they re going to make the daughter be able to teleport This is a little disappointing and her constant appearances are a really really amateur plot device Even most of the Pern PBeM ers I played with would have kicked someone who did that out of a groupSo many things could have been done to make this book compelling but it isn t The latest 5th instalment in the Stardoc series As always Cherijo Grey Veil is thrust into a nearly impossible situation and this time it s the spirit of her god mother alien that s leading her on the chase Though I still can t hop aboard the I Love Duncan wagon he s a really frustrating character for me he has a nearly pathological inability to express any sort of normal emotional reaction and he s Cherijo s husband so ou spend a lot of time with him the story itself is as always strong I kept trying to like and read Viehl further books in the Stardoc series This one I completely didn t like not that the story wasn t a good attempt at sci fi butconstantly being forced to read the heroine s minor child s very broken and strangely spelled words totally put me off It was a struggle even when skipping past those annoying parts The first three books of this series were fun The fourth was less interesting but had an intriguing twist at the end But this one just doesn. Aboard the star vessel Sunlace Dr Cherijo Torin and her husband have found refuge from the Hsktskt the League and her half mad creator Now they intend to find Cherijo's foster mother and the truth behind the subliminal messages she left in Cherijo's brainBut first.

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