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A grad student pursuing an MLIS with a school media specializaiton I accepted the first job offer because like the 11th hour school media specialist position I ll be starting in two weeks some things in life are just too hard to say no t This is the most embarrassing book cover EVER But so far the discussions and advice are spot on and perfect for a prospective or new school librarian Glad I read this book Countless ideas in this book alerted me to things that I never thought about in terms of being a media specialist An easy read and a great career search prep book This is a brief and easy to read book on the subject If anything it is too brief and cursory with too much empty space The organization is really good and the content is mostly accurate One of the two authors clearly has drive focus and talent but I cannot tell which one Some chapters are just much better than others Overall this book appears to be of a rush job to publish a textbook A careful and complete edition is hopefully in the makin. Entations and workshops Learn the secrets to successfully collaborate with teachers Navigate new roles and responsibilities with confidence Create dynamic interactions with students to deepen their learning experiences Master the art of communicating with the principal IT experts and vendo.

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Ry Therefore we are to run the library in the business sense to meet their needs first and foremost without leaving out teachers administrators and the rest of the educational community Overall this is a great read I rated it 4 out of 5 stars This book is great if you managed to graduate with a degree in school library media without acuiring the faintest idea of what the job entails or if you have absolutely no common sense whatsoever Otherwise save your time and your money It s the ind of book that gives you instructions like if you have a visitor coming to your library be sure to give them directions to the school If this book would cut out all the superfluous content and just eep the actually useful advice it would be less than 30 pages I start work August 20th as a school library media specialist so hopefully this book will calm a little bit of the nervous jitters I m getting as the start of the school year approaches I have been a public librarian for the last two years overlapping my stint as. Licies New on the Job serves as a wise mentor for new SLMS Expert authors Ruth Toor and Hilda K Weisburg share the joys and perils of the profession along with a wealth of practical advice from a combined six decades of experience in library media centers and as collaborators on books pres.

Highly recommended for school librarians who are new to the profession New on the Job A School Library Media Specialist s Guide to Success by Ruth Toor and Hilda K Weisburg is a great read for those new school library professionals on their first job While I am not sure if it includes every aspect of the job since I m still a newbie myself I feel that it covers a very wide base of subjects related to the profession The book was published in 2007 but its information is relatively up to date The only major change has been that AASL s Empowering Learners has replaced Information Power which is mentioned in this book I felt this book was extremely important for those who are beginning their job search as a school librarian especially because of the first few chapters Getting the Job Finding Your Way and Getting Yourself Organized One of the most strikingly true ideas from the book is on page 4 where it reminds the school librarian professional that the students are the most important customers of the libra. Transitioning from library school to a real world job or even from a different type of library can pose significant challenges for school library media specialists SLMS From job search strategies and discovering your work philosophy to the nitty gritty details of creating acceptable use po.