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Ng geek who cares about all edged tools everywhere being sharp which is someone I m gonna gonna listen to A Fantastic introduction into metals an tools Ron Hock is a renowned blade maker He shares his experience in metallurgy An excellent guide for sharpening hand tools Parts of this are way detailed than I wanted for example he goes into very minute detail about metals almost to the molecular level but the sections on actual sharpening are very good Wonderful resource for the woodshop This is an excellent work on sharpening There is even some tool restoration included This is a book for any woodworker to have on the shelf The chapters on metallurgy and how blades cut are worth it alone For how much this book is recommended I found it und. Time sharpening expert and tool maker Ron Hock You'll soon find how easy and safe hand tools are to useThis book covers all the different sharpening methods so you can either improve your sharpening techniues using your exis.

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Initially somewhat hard to follow I d like to understand allBut at least I can say I learned uite a bit and now manage to sharpen the basic tools Thanks also to this book Friday Finished reading this bookSaturday Used a trick I extrapolated from it to grind an old chisel back to lifeToday Gonna have it open to consult while bringing some gouges back up to snuffIn the future RerererereadDefinitely check out this book if you even have only one or two uestions lingering about sharpening techniue The ictures are really illustrative the descriptions are clear and full and it has a few incisive Sticky Church puns Even the long section on steel science is heartening because it makes me think Hock s not just a guy hawking shaped tool steel but a full on sharpeni. Sharp Tools Work Better If you've never experienced theleasure of using a really sharp tool you're missing one of the real leasures of woodworking In The Perfect Edge the mystery of the elusive sharp edge is solved by long.

Erwhelming It does exhaustively tell you everything you need to know about sharpening any kind of tool but once you ve read the first few chapters you should be able to figure it out anyways An authoritative guide to sharpening woodworking machines and tools Good to read and a good reference Covers retty much everything Witches of the Deep South planes knives saws chisels chainsaws etc Has a really fascinating and in depth chapter on steel including the characteristics and rationale for different alloys and the various heat treating regimens I could have wished for a little detail in some of the sharpening chapters for example depth of information about different bevel angles but that s just a nit A great reference book for sharpening all types of woodworking tools. Ting set up or determine which one will best suit you needs and budget Ron shows you the tricks and offers expert advice to sharpen all your woodworking toolslus a few around the house tools that also deserve a erfect edge.

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