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A ictorial history of aviation between the World WarsAviation Century The Golden Age is filled with tales of romance and adventure of daring and bravado as Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience pilots break records astound theublic and The War to End All Wars prepare for war on a global scale Their achievements became the stuff of legend and their aircraft revered artifacts of a Golden AgeBetween the World Wars a new wave of aviationioneers took the technological advances forged in the heat.

Of battle and applied them to aircraft in exciting new ways An unprecedented growth in the manufacture of affordable light aircraft occurred Death Comes for the Archbishop providing ambitious extraordinary individuals with the means to conuer the skyAviators raced to be the first to fly over oceans cross jungles and ice caps look down on the continents' highesteaks and travel distances faster than ever before Many aviators died trying to achieve aeronautical immor.

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TalityAerial daredevils entertained a wide audience through flying circuses and air shows The spirit of adventure thrived after World War II with larger air shows and thrilling aerobaticsIn this book Dan Patterson's Mostly Mama photographs ofreserved and restored aircraft in museum and The Naked Man private collections are combined with rare archivalhotographsForewords for Aviation Century The Golden Age are by aviation legends Alex Henshaw and Tom Poberezn.

Air Vice Marshal Ronald Dick CB