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Re read n 2017 so I can FINALLY finish the rest of the seriesOriginal ReviewTHAT ENDING WAS SOOO GOOD I NEED THE NEXT BOOK ASAP PLEASE AND THANK YOU Probably SPOILER ALERT but nothing you couldn t have figured out The River in the first few pagesAccording to Goodreads 97% of people likedt But the 3% will risePrepare yourself for the first yet negative review of this bookI was so excited for this book to come out But then I read On a Cold Road it and was very disappointed Just to clarify I LOVED the original Percy Jackson series They were amazing This however was notThe characters were all Sues1 Piper s perfection I M SO BEAUTIFUL BUT I MUST HIDE IT BECAUSE IT S EMBARASSING SO I M GOING TO GO CUT MY HAIR WITH SAFETY SCISSORS NOW BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW She doesn t need to wear makeup or nice clothes to be beautiful because being a daughter of Aphrodite gets you everything except self confidence Shes very speshul because 1 her eyes change color cliche What NO and 2 she has the VERY RARE gift of charmspeak2 And then there was Jason Piper s love Taming Your Outer Child: Overcoming Self-Sabotage and Healing from Abandonment interest Which they were very very subtle about I never saw a connection between them It seemed like she thought that she should be attracted to him so she was3 Leo It s too bad I kind of liked him But then he got the VERY RARE gift of creating fire from nothing and I laughedAlso I uickly got sick of the simple writing style Point of view changes definitely didn t add to the story AT ALL The uality of writing has plummeted maybe because Riordans just plain better at writing Two Children Behind A Wall in first person The part at the end where Jason view spoilerdoesn t die even though ANYONE ELSE would because he s SPESHUL hide spoiler Well I finished re reading all the Percy Jackson the Olympians books so now I m attempting to re read all the Heroes of Olympus books as well mostly because I wanted to refresh my memory before The Blood of Olympus comes out After that no Percy Jackson sobsSo yeah I ve now finished re reading this one which was a gooddea because as I read Darkstalker (Wings of Fire: Legends, it I realized I d forgotten like 99% of what happenedn The Fairytale Hairdresser and Father Christmas it I also think I likedt a lot better reading The Twenty-Third Man (Mrs. Bradley, it the second time probably because I m familiar with the characters now The first time I readt I think I was a little distracted being like but WHERE S PERCY JACKSON Reading The Handbag Book Of Girly Emergencies it again and knowing there was no Percyn The Racehorse Who Wouldn’t Gallop it I think I was a bitnvested Sweet Liberty in the characters I still am not a huge fan of Jason or Piper but LEOOOOO GAHHH I love Leo so much Apparently the first time I read this book I really liked Piper But I don t know the second time around I didn t like her much Huh Well anyway I ll write a newlonger review at some point Oldcrappy review under the spoiler view spoilerOld review 111310I will come up with an epic review for this soon But now I need to do the homework I neglected while I was readingt teehee I find t amusing that this s my 2nd most popular review and that I haven t even reviewed Night of the Living Dead Christian it yet Oops I readt almost half a year ago so I should probably get on that heads. Jason has a problem He doesn't remember anything before waking The New World Order in a bus full of kids on a field trip Apparently he has a girlfriend named Piper and his best friends a guy named Leo They’re all students at the Wilderness School a boarding school for “bad kids” as Leo puts King Solomons Carpet it What did Jason do to end up here And wheres here exactly Jason doesn't know anything except that everything seems very wrongPiper has a secret Her father a famous actor has been missing for three days ever since she had that terrify.

Y liked each other but now he can t remember her and now he likes Piper which I find adorable by the way so Halflings (Halflings, if he goes back there s going to be some serious girl dramaBut actually the dramasn t my point My point The Big Snuggle-Up is Jason forgot everythingncluding who his friends were and who he had a crush on whether Too Close for Comfort (Jo Birmingham it be unreuited or tiny andf Percy s hanging at that Roman camp Trauma in the Neptune cabin there s a 999999999% chance that he s just like Jason and can t remember anything about CHB or anything else either since Annabeths always right and allSo does that mean he likes SOMEONE ELSEthrows tantrum LKJEFKJWE JKERGA ERJGPOAREJ OAREKJG AWOERJ AEOROJG AOER GAOERJOJSHRG ERGKAREKJL That The Dark Lord Trilogy (Star Wars: The Dark Lord Trilogy, is all For now Cute smart and violent Jason wished he remembered having her as a girlfriend Me too A girlfriend like that sounds kinda awesome and Pipers as cool as they come XD As are the two new boys Speech-making and Presentation Made Easy in this series I loved Jason Grace because he s very sweet and a total badass hero and I adored Leo Valdez because well because he s Leo lol That boys damn funny but also so very skilled and Happiness the Mindful Way if you ask me even badass than Jason and this says uite something Of all of those newlyntroduced heroes Leo Gorilla, Monkey Ape is definitely my favourite because he gives me some Nico di Angelo vibes and we all know how much I love my precious boy 3 He d survivedn tough neighbourhoods tough schools tough foster homes by using his wits He was the class clown the court jester because he d learned early that A First Book of Jewish Bible Stories if you cracked jokes and pretended you weren t scared you usually didn t get beaten up Even the baddest gangster kids would tolerate you keep you around for laughs Plus humour was a good way to hide the pain Aww my heart broke for Leo Of all those demi god characters he definitely had the worst childhood Yet he still managed to stay positive whichs great and you just gotta love him for t I really hope that he and Nico will meet one day because those two could be amazing friends At first glimpse they might not have all too much n common and Leo The Bully is definitely not as serious as Nico but I think with time they both could be great friends Piper patted his shoulder Trust me Valdez Beautiful people never lie Speaking of which Piper and Jason are awesome friends too and I can t help but wonder who ll be the other 4 heroes of the prophecy I brooded overt throughout the entire book and came to the conclusion that Percy and Annabeth have to be two of them No The Regiment idea who the other two heroes are gonna be but I have a theory and I m pretty sure I m right view spoilerIt would only be logical that they d be two of Percy s friends I mean at the end of the bookt was confirmed that Percy The Kingdom (Fargo Adventure, is at the Roman half blood camp Jason belonged to sot seems to be a given that he d have two friends over there too It s always 3 heroes with Uncle Rick and I doubt he changed anything about that setup As Johnny Came Home it seems Annabeths going to be the link between both camps and that would make her one of the seven too hide spoiler THE ENDING OMFG. Rse everyone keeps talking about and some camper who's gone missing Weirdest of all his bunkmates nsist that each of them ncluding Leo The Complete Idiots Guide to Raising Chickens is related to a god Does this have anything to do with Jason's amnesia or the fact that Leo keeps seeing ghostsJoin new and old friends from Camp Half Bloodn this thrilling first book The Complete Idiots Guide to Finance for Small Business in The Heroes of Olympus series Best selling author Rick Riordan has pumped up the action humor suspense and mysteryn an epic adventure that will leave readers panting for the next nstallment.

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Mack AN ETERNITY LATER Well I was sad that I had nothing to review but then I remembered that I never reviewed this and had been meaning to do so for ages I should be reading the 7th Harry Potter book so I can review that but I don t feel like reading right now And I might as well get this dang thing over with Gosh darn tOkay so here s the deal I read t Tell me why The Woman Who Walked Into the Sea it took me NINE years to read this lmaoI m so happy to be backn Rick Riordan s magical worlds and cannot wait to continue with this series B 79% Good Notes It treats memory as the primordial stew of personality a precious bubbling cistern of affection anguish and The Goodness of Dogs intrigue A one on one buddy read with my wonderful friend Audrey Yay finally got me a buddy I liked this book than the first few Percy books but I m not sure I m going to continue with either series I will probably move on to Magnus I was telling a friend I m pretty sure what ruined Percy for me was watching the movies before reading the books I don t even remember the second movie I just know that while reading the books any mention of the charactersn the movie I would cringe I think there was one girl that was okay but the rest were horrible And even though this series seems even better I know Percy Everybody Matters is going to be back and all I see once agains the The Slaughter idiotsn the movie Sigh Three Mothers, Three Daughters it almost ruined this book just because the mentioned Percy and Grover Once again movie cringe But alas I m hoping for a better outcomen the Magnus etc books 455 starsGreat book I loved the Roman aspect to Three by Atiq Rahimi it and CANNOT WAIT to learn about all the Roman stuffn the next book because I can already tell Magical Garden 2018 Calendar: Coloring Meditations Inspired by Nature it s going to get CRAZYYYYYY EDIT So uh I was kind of maybe extremely delirious when I originally wrote this but I findt kind of awkward entertaining and since so many people have liked The Pages it I guess I ll leavet up THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS If you were lame enough to click the show button even though the Goodreads thing automatically says spoilers um no offense STOP READING THIS REVIEW RIGHT NOWWell Now that that s settledKJSNFGHLJKEHNRJLKG AWRKLG AJKREG KLAWR JW4HT JRKGWA AEIOPRU35JY AE GJKR AJ GROIT JAE GKLAJWRIT JWROGIJW OAGI Rick Riordan s alternately brilliant and cruel HOW I ask you can he come up with a plot this crazily nsane The Black Widower in an awesome way yet end the book with the WORST CLIFFHANGER IN ALL OF LITERARY HISTORYOkay maybe that s a bit of a stretch I d say the worstbest cliffyn maybe the last century Yeah that s The Learning Curve itBut anywayAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH I SWEAR TO GODS PERCY YOU HAD BETTER GET YOUR MEMORY AND GET YOUR SORRY HIDE BACK TO NEW YORK OR I WILL FIND A WAY TO GET INSIDE THE BOOK AND KILL YOUAlso I just had a terrible horrible ugly bad horrendous repulsive monstrousdeaSo at the end of the book when Jason remembers all that stuff about the Roman camp he remembers the names of all his friends Then he remembers this girl and gets kind of uncomfortable because he can t remember what his relationship was with her meaning they definitel. Ing nightmare about his being n trouble Piper doesn't understand her dream or why her boyfriend suddenly doesn't recognize her When a freak storm hits during the school trip unleashing strange creatures and whisking her Jason and Leo away to someplace called Camp Half Blood she has a feeling she's going to find out whether she wants to or not Leo has a way with tools When he sees his cabin at Camp Half Blood filled with power tools and machine parts he feels right at home But there's weird stuff too like the cu.

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