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A bookstore I ended up working in and read it fairly uickly I ave a vague idea that I wasn t overly impressed by the ending Ten years and some maturity on I actually uite liked the ambiguity It s reminiscent of Julian Barnes in some ways Sense of an Ending when I read it reminded me of this and although it looks like it s pitched solidly at young adults I think the slightly older adults are the ones who are going to appreciate it most let s say 30 and upwards Would recommend for a light but still affecting read I liked it I wouldn t rave about it I think Hollands Grimoire of Magickal Correspondences he could ve done a lot with the characters I found the subject matter uite upsetting bullying really upsets me It s an OK read Well at least the first chapters were promising We know that the three main characters are scarred by the death of a person who was close to them and their situation interested me It all became terrible when they started talking about their past and Mason introduced the fourth main character maybe the most important one Maggie She is absolutelyateful and probably one of the most unpleasant characters I ve ever met She does things for no reason at all She s pretentious selfish and completely reckless I really couldn t stand قصه‌های خوب برای بچه‌های خوب --- ۶ her I think that ruined everything for me Sorry guys I found the swapping of story tellers between and within chapters disconcerting and this is reflected in my rating For me this switching spoilt what couldave been an interesting tale of young adults. 's childhood tormentor a lesson But is those she left behind who learned that lessons seldom unfold as planne.

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The plot was sounding appealing but then it developed with no enthrallment at all Charachters were pretty much plain just like the writing style and nothing really new or interesting came along i wouldn t say it was boring because all in all you are Resilient hooked to see whatappens but then it s uite disappointing Great An entertaining thriller which I d recommend A few years ago I read a novel called The Drowning People I fell in love with it despite one slightly melodramatic moment in the plot and went in search of novels by the same author There weren t any I was amazed to discover that this was Richard Mason s debut and that Rozwazania o Psalmach he was only 20 years old At which point I immediately forgaveim for the moment of unnecessary melodramaAn article in a weekend supplement alerted me to the fact that e ad a new book out and that this one جامع التواریخ جلد 4 فهرست ها had slipped under my radarUs tells the story of Julian Jake and Adrienne The story moves effortlessly between the three characters in the present day and back to the time when they met as students at Oxford Like The Drowning People this novel tells us whatappened very early on but the Tug Hill Country how and why are only revealed very gradually Having read the article about Richard Mason just before I read this book I found myself wonderingow much of this was autobiographicalI enjoyed this as I expected to although I found a few scenes broke the spell somewhat Richard Mason is not that good at writing sex scenes Julian Jack and Adrienne kn. Since their days at Oxford they've gone their separate ways but none of them ave come to terms with Maggie's.

Ew each other in university in England They each ave their own memories of each other and the main person who linked them Julian s sister Maggie It was ok Each chapter changed viewpoint but it was marked at the start of the chapter so fairly easy to follow at first In the second alf of the book there were shared chapters that alternated viewpoints each section so that was trickier I didn t really like any of the characters so that never elps in liking a book for me There was a slight surprise ending I liked this book a lot as much as Thirty-Eight Days (Thirty-Eight, his previous book The Drowning People Interesting writer I was so disappointed in this book It couldave been good it should 8 1/2 have been good but it totally failed to deliver The plotas something going for it and could Health and Healing for African-Americans have been gripping but the annoying style of constantly changing voices with sometimes just a paragraph each was an irritating and sometimes confusing distraction that ended up leaving me unengagedThe four main characters were total caricatures I neither believed in them nor liked them nor cared about any of them And I totally failed to recognize Maggie s charisma apparently central to the plot it wouldave gone completely unnoticed except that the author kept telling us about itEnough said Probably a 35 star using the traditional method of rating instead of the skewed GoodReads one but I remember enjoying it on my first read also so Garden of Snakes (House of Royals have rounded up instead of down I bought this about 10 years ago from. Acciendental death She was always theeadstrong one the righter of the wrongs It was er idea to teach Jake.

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