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This thing I want to show you she said with a huge smile n her face What is it you seem really excited I said Thanu grabs her backpack and pulls The Public Hating: A Collection of Short Stories out a book She clasped the book and showed me the cover her smile bright This book was so goodThis is a book that kept coming upver the years in different book podcasts that I listened to I finally got to it as I was looking for a shorter audiobook to finish before I leave for vacation This fit the bill perfectly For some reason I didn t realize it was a middle grade book but certainly left nothing Soeur Angèle ou le feu sacré de la joie out for meMiranda is your average 12 yearld girl trying to find her way in NYC Her mom is auditioning and practicing for the Pyramid game show which was the icing n the cake for this ne How fun Miranda and her friends know all the major plot points n school and coming home from school She starts getting notes from someone and has to figure ut the mystery and leave a clue behind The story is fascinating and explores some major themes that are fleshed Dirty Dozen 2 (12 Taboo XXX Tales) out with diversity and inclusion The best part is that the story gets better and better By the time you reach the end you want to start it allver again Oh and PS Miranda is bsessed with A Wrinkle in Time so any character that s bookish checks a major box for me One f the most impressive things to me about middle grade literature is how much power their books can punch with so little pages It still astounds me As lder people I guess we tend to ver explain and ver analyze Thank goodness there are authors that can still capture the feel f being a kid growing up and how simultaneously painful and wonderful it can beMiranda is a sixth grader who lives in New York City Her life seems pretty normal She has a best friend named Sal but that all changes ne day Miranda is feeling all muddled and confused but what she does know is that she lost her best friend and can t seem to piece together why This was not the best time to lose a friend because Miranda keeps n receiving these mystery notes The person writing the notes seems to know what is happening before it actually does But how can that be And why the urgency and why her The story s timeline at least for me was confusing at first It s told through flashbacks but the reader periodically comes back to the present where Miranda s mom has been selected to be n The 20000 Pyramid I loved how the parent figures were an important part to the story as a whole Miranda s mother and her boyfriend play vital roles in her life and though they might not know everything that is going n you can tell through the pages that they love her dearly Then there is the atmosphere f the school and Miranda s classmates I didn t grow up in 1978 r in New York but I felt the atmosphere and the tone Greetings! of the relationships so well that I got caught up in Miranda s plight easily Throughout the story Miranda is reading her favorite book A Wrinkle in Time This book is a kindf homage to A Wrinkle in Time By the way if you haven t read that book yet you should it s excellent tooWhat makes the story so great is the little things Seeing Miranda help her mom prepare for the game show the description f Sal playing basketball every day Miranda talking about time travel with Marcus the boys who taunt people across the street the weird shapes n Miranda s bathroom floor Colin hiding the bread and I could go Tribeca on andn It reflects real life right A lot Grey's Lady of times the little things add up to be something big and meaningful I commend the author for not talking down to the reader I don t ever think authors do thisn purpose but I can tell she respects the reader and knows that kids can surprise us with how much they can process and understand Most importantly even though I don t necessarily have Miranda s personality Blue Streak or history this book reminded mef how it felt like to be in sixth grade again I ve been struggling The Asketikon of St Basil the Great over how to begin this review I want to get it exactly right I want to convey to you precisely what it is that I mean to say If you ve read anyf my reviews before then you know that I like lots f stuff There is uite frankly a lot f stuff ut there to like So what I have to do here is convey to you just how this book is pretty much ne Stanford Wong Flunks Big-Time of the best children s books I have ever read Here s an idea Have you not heardf When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead Well now you have Go read it Have you already read When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead Excellent Glad to hear it Now go read it again Have you already read and reread When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead That is fine and dandy news Have a seat You and I can now talk about it and we ll wait for the rest Thoroughly Disarmed of the world to catch up Which they will Because it isne f the best children s books I have ever read and books f this sort do not drop ut f the sky every day They don t even drop ut f the sky every year Now the conundrum The book is sort Melody's Key of a mystery It s sortf a lot f things and if I go too deeply into what those things are I m going to give away elements f the plot This is not something I wish to do for you because the true pleasure A Chance Acquaintance of this book lies at least partly in figuringut what the heck it is Is it realistic r fantastical Science fiction r religious So I just won t talk about the end r go too far into the premise Therein lies the problem with reviewing a book f this sort I can t talk about it without potentially destroying the experience for somebody The Wallflower's Revenge out there You can t imagine the pressure And I think I can summarize the plot without giving too much away though Here goes It s the late 70s and the unthinkable hasccurred While walking home Miranda s best friend Sal is punched in the stomach for no good reason After that he refuses to hang ut with Miranda any Forced to make ther friends Miranda befriends the class yukster and a girl who has also recently broken up with her best friend too But strange things are afoot in the midst War to the Knife: Bleeding Kansas, 1854-1861 of all this Miranda has started receiving tiny notes with mysterious messages They say things like I am coming to save your friend s life and mywn and You will want proof 3 pm today Colin s knapsack Miranda doesn t know who is writing these things Leaving Mother Lake: A Girlhood at the Edge of the World or where they are coming from but it is infinitely clear that the notes know things that none could know Small personal things that seem to know what she s thinking Now Miranda s helping her mom study for the 20000 Pyramid show all the while being driven closer and closer to the moment when it all comes together When you eliminate the possible all that remains no matter how extraordinary is the impossible You know how sometimes in literature r writing classes a teacher will assign a first page f a novel as an example f a good first page The kind that grips the reader by the throat and gives em a good hard shake Yeah This book has that first page You are gripped from the start Then the plot begins its slow backing and forthing in time We re in April f 1979 and then we re in August Introductory Algebra: Models Concepts Skills or Septemberf the previous year The jump back and forth isn t jarring it just reuires that the brain be a little awake during the reading In fact there are a lot Marriage After God: Chasing Boldly After God’s Purpose for Your Life Together of moments in this book that would comeff as confusing r impossible to understand were it not for the fact that Stead is keeping a close and steady eye n the whole proceedings What could be a muddle Blue Blood or a mess is instead a gripping mystery with momentsf touching realizations. Ngs start to unravel Sal gets punched by a kid The Gollywhopper Games: Friend or Foe on the street for what seems like no reason and he shuts Mirandaut Parafilias (Spanish Edition) of his life The apartment key that Miranda's mom keeps hidden for emergencies is stolen And then a mysterious note arrives scrawledn a tiny

I know now that if I want to be completely surprised I just have to read middle school books Ironically books for kids seem to have the most profound meanings This book is sunshine and sunset combined beautiful and heartbreaking Coincidentally I just read a sci fi story about time travel before this It was technically well explained but I don t know why I wasn t so impressed This adorable little book talks about time travel too and is absolutely enthralling It didn t have to try so hard It was simply and easily told but it managed to give me Goosebumps and tears at the end It's Like This of the story The characters weren t trying to save the world here They were just trying to savene person and it makes it even realistic and believable The POV is amazing It s The Mirage onef the best elements f the story because it is told by the 12 year ld Miranda through her letter in response to the notes Rituels secrets des Templiers of a mystery man a man who seems to know things about Miranda even before they happened The first note from the man said he s coming to save Miranda s friend s life which established the mystery in the entire story The characters are all very realistic I love how eachne played a vital role to put across the meaning f the story I love how the book talked about life s most rdinary things little things in the perspective A Mild Suicide of a 12 yearld girl but which made the story even meaningful Let me just end this by sharing some Beethoven for a Later Age: The Journey of a String Quartet of the awesome things I learned from the book 1 A new wayf critiuing a book judging it by its first line I m absolutely doing this in my next read Ha2 Yawning is a semi polite way Born to Ride: A Story About Bicycle Face of telling someone that they re boring everyone to death LMAO3 A person can t miss something she never had So trueLotsf love and thanks to my adorable friend Pinky for recommending this adorable book to me You can read here review here First I have to say that A Wrinkle in Time has been my favorite Origen: Scholarship in the Service of the Church or among my very favorite books since I was nine yearsld and I ve never been able to write a true r worthy review for it I can t even tryThere are dozens maybe hundreds f books I wish I d written Occasionally I come across a book I should have written This is a book I definitely should have written It touched me to the core in that incredibly familiar way that seems to come from within not the utside Some details are ff Porter Earns a Quarter (Four Basic Skills Series, Volume 2) of course but the gist is precisely what I would have written had I thoughtf it firstI inhaled this book and read it in Mayan, Incan, and Aztec Civilizations, Grades 5-8 one day which is highly unusual for me but used to be typical when I was much younger It was a joy to read If I d read this when I was 10 11 12 I suspect I d have loved it even The time travel part was exuisitely done New York too 1979 also the kids were completely believable as were the adults Memoriesf mine surfaced never forgotten but powerfully brought to the present This might not be a perfect book but I had a near perfect experience reading it I enjoyed trying to solve the mystery along with Miranda I felt a deep emotional involvement which I love feeling when I read a bookAnd I sure wish I had Miranda s gift bookIt also has the most lovely and meaningful dedication page I ve seen in agesI emailed a childhood friend who also has always loved A Wrinkle in Time the second I finished this book to insist she has to read itI do think readers who haven t read and enjoyed Madeleine L Engle s A Wrinkle in Time can enjoy this book but I would suggest reading L Engle s book before picking up this Tablettes Albertini Actes privés de l'époque vandale one it will mean so much This was a wonderful day thanks to this bookEdited the next day to addMany parts are very funnyUnlike many cross genre books readers don t have to appreciate all the genresne will suffice realistic middle school fiction r science fiction time travel either will work Also recommended for those who appreciate friendship stories and family stories Really if you know the book A Wrinkle in Time add this book to your to read list If it s already n your list bump it up It won the Newbery and this is Sexual Soulmates: The Six Essentials for Connected Sex (English Edition) onef the times when the book is deserving f the award Newbery Winner 2010 2 n Barnes Noble s Top Ten Children s Books Piazza, Student Edition: Introductory Italian of 2009Maine Student Book Award Nominee 2010 2011I feel like I m missing something because everyther review seems to be five stars I liked the book How could I not when it references A Wrinkle in Time so Unbroken Circle: How to Take Your Family Through the End Time often I personally found the mystery to be easily solved I like how the author weaved the clues in but I found it to be verybvious and knew from the beginning from the book who it was and how it would work I m not sure if kids will feel the same way But the ease with which I solved the mystery is why I don t think I can give this book as glowing a review as everyone else seems toReally why is this book getting so much praise I feel like this is the first time that I ve ever been so confused by a book that people praise as awesome that I found predictable and thought was just kay And the I hear people praise the I want to dig my heels in I ve talked to two people about it and neither f them like it WHY IS THIS BOOK BEING PRAISED SO MUCH a super short review karenstylesomeday i am going to venture down to the second floor where the kidsteen section is and i am going to grab a whole bunch f books that i like and i am going to just shelve them in my adult fiction section because the young uns shouldn t get to hog everything that is good in this world and also not have to pay rent and there is something creepy about a 35 year ld man browsing the shelves in teen fiction i am doing everyone a favor herethis book is great and sure it won the newbery and it is intended for children but it is a sweet sad book about friendship and family and sacrifice that most adults could really appreciate i really don t want to go into too much detail i am finding it really hard to write this review because the less you know before reading this the better just know that the storyline has a wonderful unusual shape and she does a really good job with revealing ther characters through her narrator s eyes it is always believable as her perceptions f people change as she learns about them nothing is black and white there is a great deal Tajweed Rules for Qur'anic Recitation: A Beginner's Guide (Tajweed Rules, of nuance that feels very natural all this and time travel too in short great great greati am not giving ariel back her copy nopemeaning greg who i freuently send down to fetch the teen fiction books i can t be bothered going to get myself i say most because i can sense david looking up from his vinyl fetish book long enough to raise a uestioning eyebrow at mecome to my blog W H O ATo say those last couplef chapters caught me Selling to VITO the Very Important Top Officer: Get to the Top. Get to the Point. Get to the Sale. off guard is an understatement I m stunned andr because The Reformation (World History Series) of I found myself getting really emotional towards the end Just so goodRead inne dayrating Beautiful just beautiful I loved this book so much The writing style was marvelous I loved the main character So many people told me to read this book and I finally did The plot was different and uniue This is how I found ut about this book2 Days Ago I was sitting at my desk in Tec class and I was reading the last book in the Mistborn Trilogy When I was at the most intense scene someone poked me n the shoulder WOAH I screamed I was terrified but I should have known it was my close friend Thanu Sorry I didn t mean to scare you You re so into the book you don t even notice what is happening right in front Ask Me Nicely: Dark Urges Book One of youshe said I know it s just SO INTERESTING I said I have. This remarkable novel holds a fantastic puzzle at its heart By sixth grade Miranda and her best friend Sal know how to navigate their New York City neighborhood They know where it's safe to go and they know who to avoid Like the crazy guyn the cornerBut thi.

And truths cropping up left and right Another sign Date With A Dead Doctor of a good book the whole show don t tell rulef storytelling comes into play time and time again Miranda casually mentions facts about the people around her that define them and bring them into sharp focus The fact that she was named after the Miranda s Rights Signs in the Heavens: A Jewish Messianic Perspective of the Last Days Coming Millennium or that her mom won t let her eat grapes becausef how the grape pickers are treated in California The same can be said for Miranda herself She s defined best by sentences like Nice tights I snorted Or I tried to snort anyway I m not exactly sure how though people in books are always doing it The book is an amazing mix Daddy Lost Me At Poker (Eroticulture) (English Edition) of humor and depth On the funny side are mentionsf things like the SSO s which stand for the strawberries at the corner sore that fail to fulfill their promise and thus are deemed strawberry shaped Orb: A Tale of Alien Pregnancy objects On thether hand the implications at the end Witchopoly of this book can be sad Sad and interesting and fascinating all at the same time Kids may find themselves contemplating free will by the story s end There are worse fates in this world The crazy thing is that it s also the kindf book that kids will really really like AND the kind that award giving librarians will really really like We aren t usually so lucky There s a kind Dear Chandler, Dear Scarlett: A Grandfather's Thoughts on Faith, Family, and the Things That Matter Most of broccoli and peas mentality to great worksf children s literature sometimes This idea that if something is well written that it can t possibly be interesting as well And even crazier than that is the fact that this isn t going to appeal to just Asesinato en una Lavandería China (Fondo Editorial Tierra Adentro one kindf kid It s going to be adored by both boys and girls By kids who are into science fiction and kids that refuse to touch anything but truly realistic stories Heck you could even label this book historical fiction since it takes place in 1978 79 And not the fake 1979 that you sometimes seek invoked in bad television shows and movies either This is an accurate portrayal f a time period when a person really could spend their days helping their mom prepare for a stint n the 20000 Pyramid A time when a girl could be handed books with pictures f spunky looking girls n the covers and subseuently reject them because they are not A Wrinkle in TimeStead also foreshadows subtly which is a near impossible thing to do I ve been reading a lot Beyond Time Travel - Exploring Our Parallel Worlds: Amazing Real Life Stories in the News (Time Travel Books Book 1) of children s books lately where you ll get near the endf the chapter and there will be this big sentence in black and white reading Years later she would look back Boarding House of Hunks on that moment and wonder what would have happened if shenly hadn t blah blah blah Or It would haunt her dreams for years afterwards Or Had she known then what she you get the picture Stead does allude to the future but subtly There s a moment when Miranda mentions that she hadn t been in a particular store since December then flashes back to November r so If you re paying attention you re left wondering what s going to happen but not in a way that intrudes n your reading experience It s a subtle move n Stead s part Foreshadowing with stealth I ve been calling it LOST the book referencing the television show that leaves you with as many uestions as this novel initially does But unlike LOST the answers are forthcoming And the crazy thing is it all fits together Every little piece f the puzzle You end up rereading the whole thing just to watch the puzzle pieces fall into place before your eyes The kind The Further Mishaps of Charlie Chumpkins of rereading that Miranda does to A Wrinkle in Time I have a theory about that book by the way I believe that author Rebecca Stead may have read and reread that book just like Miranda does when she was a kid herself I mean who else is going to spot the time travel flaw in that book How many times would a person have to read it before they caughtn to what was going n In the end there s a darkness to When You Reach Me A darkness and a depth that pulls you in but somehow doesn t depress you I guess some kids will get depressed The kids that nly read light happy stories where everything turns ut sunshine and roses sure But for the reader that really gets into it When You Reach Me is fun challenging and able to reach a whole swath f different kinds f readers Without a doubt it s ne Our Planet: Our Home of the most fascinating children s novels I ve ever read You won t find anything else uite like itn the market todayAges 10 14 I almost did not read this book I knew it was targeted for a younger audience but I didn t realize just how young I kept vainly searching for it in the teenagers section where I was already a bit embarrassed to be spotted When I realized I would have to go inside the children s section at BN I wavered The little chairs The colored foam titles Kakoong, Pahlawan Pulau Awan Vol. 8 on the floor The stuffed animals It s all cute but couldne f those books satisfy meIt probably deserves than three stars But it is hard for me to judge at twenty five years ld I am not an elementary school teacher a children s librarian Journeys of Frodo: An Atlas of J.R.R.Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings or a mother My daysf baby sitting for 6 an hour are long gone I don t know how kids would react At eight I might have given it five stars and then complained to my mom that the rating system needed to be changed because this book deserved at least sixteen stars As an adult I am not jumping up and down but I enjoyed it It is charming The solution to the puzzle was satisfying and nly modestly predictable And I was surprised to glimpse some deeper and gritty topics rehabilitation in prisons homeless people racism single mothers dead end jobs I didn t expect to encounter these in a children s book and they were artfully applied Indeed during the event Rebecca spoke about how she didn t think kids needed to be so protected Rebecca also spoke about the inspiration for the book You d think A Wrinkle in Time was the starting point Wrong The idea began as she read a New York Times article about a guy walking around Denver Colorado with amnesia When he asked for help everyone avoided the crazy man After reaching a hospital and being put under hypnosis he remembered exactly two things about himself 1 he was married to Penny and 2 they had two daughters who had both died in a car accident When they finally identified this man he had a fianc named Penny and no children CreepyShe did address the allusions to A Wrinkle in Time She included these for two reasons She wanted to describe how books can feel so personal How they can make a reader feel territorial I am guilty f this I like to pretend such and such book was written for my eyes nly I will nly reluctantly loan r even mention some books to thers She also wanted to warn readers that there would be difficult and potentially technical topics coming ahead The third reason I discern must have been too bvious for her to mention r considered part A Stepdaughter In Heat (Daddy Daughter Sex Stories) of the second reason it served as a necessary device for explaining time travelRebecca startedut as a criminal defense attorney because it was a clearer path than writing She spoke about how she kept waiting for someone to send her a Harry Potter letter You will remember when Harry receives notice that he is a wizard and has been accepted into Hogwarts How do you decide you want to become a writer It is impractical Self doubt andor egotism are ccupational hazards She kept waiting for someone to tell her that she was talented enough and had permission to pursue writing This spoke to me I have been wondering lately about a letter to direct my life Did it get lost in the mail Am I going to have to take a risk without it Ek. Lip f paper The notes keep coming and Miranda slowly realizes that whoever is leaving them knows things no ne should know Each message brings her closer to believing that nly she can prevent a tragic death Until the final note makes her think she's too lat.

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I love books but don't feel like stars capture what I want to say about them Many of the books on my list are in my opinion amazing Some I didn't like But I give them all five stars because stars make people including me happy Confused Me tooIf you want to talk about any book I've read I'm here