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Hawke pursues a vigilante killer across Texas etting himself into all kinds of shooting scrapes The vigilante is a member of redneck crime family in remote East Texas His wife died by Go-Go-Go! getting ran over by a car driven by a released felon Now the vigilante who also has terminal cancer isetting his revengeThe crime family has plans to blow up an oil pipeline that is too close to some of their meth labsHawke and his crew Somato Respiratory Integration Workbook get in the middle of things and add to theeneral level of carnage Pretty Reine Mädchensache good if very linear I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley to read and reviewHAWKE S TARGET by Reavis Wortham is the third book in the Sonny Hawke series and finds Texas Ranger Sonny Hawke once again in the heat of aun battle unexpectedly although he and his fellow officers manage to come out on top in the endSonny s target is an apparent vigilante traveling with a truck and travel trailer who is leaving a trail of bodies of despicable criminals who ve beaten the court system only to be freed to remain a danger to othersHaving found himself embroiled in the aforementioned Animal Babies gun battle he continues his search for the killer in spite of uttered remarks by associates saying he should be rewarded and not incarcerated Daddy Frank is the feared patriarchal figure of a family of career criminals in the Big Thicket area that controls everything and everyone in his amassedroup with family local corrupt law officers and other bent individuals that fit his desired ualities to do his biddingAlonzo is Frank s son and is the vigilante on the way back home with money drugs explosives along with something else to fund Daddy s planned revenge on an oil company that has a pipeline that he and others despise for its destruction of the landscapeCan Sonny and his associates stop this freight train from hell bent on destruction from reaching it s intended destination and can he put an end to Daddy Frank s criminal enterprise with tips Offenders and Detainees gained from Frank srandson Tanner who is hoping to escape his clutchI liked this book as I did the second book in the series HAWKE S WAR and will qasas-ul-quran go back to read the first book in this series HAWKE S PREY when I pick up a copyAuthor Wortham receives high praise from several of my favorite authors of thisenre and thanks them in the credits of his books which made it easy for me to select them to read and I m lad I did4 stars Hawke s Target by Reavis Z Wortham is a book I received in a iveaway from Kensington Publisher and I am under no obligation to leave a review This is my own personal opinion of the book I have never read any books by this author before but suspense thrillers are one of my favorite enr. “The most riveting thriller all year” John Gilstrap on Hawke’s Prey Judge Jury Executioner One man is taking the law into his own hands His targets are the criminals who slipped through the justice system Dangerous men Violent men Depraved cold blooded killers From California to Texas this relentless avenger hunts down the unp.

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S he finds to his own family until he no longer sees any differenceTrying to track down the serial murderer of the uilty but freed criminals is Texas Ranger Sunny Hawke His focus at first is narrowly on Alonzo but that soon changes when the murders seem to be part of something much biggerThe story is a fun atmospheric story despite the seriousness of the topic Highly recommended for those who like a Hear the Wolves good ol Southern based murder mystery Yet again Wortham delivers a masterpiece oh the situations our Texas Ranger Sonny Hawke finds himself in He should have stayed behind the desk When I read the first book in this series I was not sure if I wasoing to like it but it only Valors Measure gets better with every book I amlad that I found this author since other like James Lee Burke who has the same style is BFI Film Classics getting on in years Now there is a new writer to follow and hopefully he will continue for many years I strongly recommend that y all try something by Reavis Z Wortham Thanks to Netgalley and Kensington foriving me this opporti nity With the state of Texas as the background Hawke s Target brings back one of our favorite Texas Rangers to stop a vigilante serial killer As the killer moves around Texas killing criminals who the law was forced to release Hawke stays true to the Ranger code and does his best to stop the killing Of course it can t be easy or we wouldn t need the Ranger Reavis Wortham keeps our hero moving through a fast paced western that will remind you of many of your favorite characters Ranger Hawke is written with a depth of detail that makes it easy to see and hear him in your mind as you read The back stories are taken straight from today s headlines so very believable A Tni Tata Dunia Baru Sistem Pertahanan great western with an outstanding character that we hope will live long and bring us many chapters What a terrific book Filled with action that just doesn t stop The story takes place all across Texas with a lowlife family that s in the drug business Texas Ranger Sonny Hawke is called in to help track down what soing on in these small towns where former felons are being knocked off by a vigilante The author really وصف الاستعباد في مملكة فاس - مذكرات أسير سويدي على عهد السلطان مولاي عبد الله gives you the feel of what it s like to be in the woods and swamps with these people and captures the Texas dialog beautifully It doesn t hurt that the author is actually from Texas Thsank you to Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book uite the fun read The baduys are pretty obvious but just how many will die before Hawke comes out on top It took a bit of reading to begin keeping the bad Fiend guy names straight Wortham also could use a little tightening of his conversational paragraphs and descriptions All in all aood action packed book. Ss the Lone Star State to the man’s family the most savage clan deep East Texas has ever seen And Hawke is the only one who can stop them Reavis Z Wortham is   “A masterful and entertaining storyteller” Ellery ueen’s Mystery Magazine   “The real thing” CJ Box   “Entertaining and emotionally engaging” T Jefferson Park.

Es This book was very well written and action packed as the saying Voice of Conscience goes if you didnt have bad luck you wouldnt have any luck at all I felt that way reading about Texas Ranger Sonny Hawke and it seems like darkness founds him around everywhere heoes This book was a page turner as I kept reading to find out what was PROBE MY ASS (A Reluctant Doctor/Patient Anal Sex erotica story) going to happen next I havent read the previous books in this series but overall I had no trouble following along with the book Ineneral I did find the storyline a little far out there so for me that is probably reflective in my rating This is the first time I have read this author and I have found this book to be a very The Pedlar and the Bandit King (Scarlet and the White Wolf, good read Hawke is a Texas Ranger who after the storyets Marvins Room going isiven the assignment of tracking a person who is killing men who have Roberto to the Dark Tower Came gotten off of a crime because of a technicality or is on parole Alonzo hunts and tracks these men down whileiving you a rundown of his life while he is oing through each person He is also feeling a sense of justice in how the man who killed his wife had otten away murder because of a technicality It is up to Hawke to find this person and put an end to these killings A Pink Ribbons, Inc. good story that has youoing from the opening pages until the end Liked the characters also I received this book from NETGALLEYCOM I Star Cookies Comfort gave it 4 stars Follow us at www1rad readerreviewscom No time to breatheThe latest saga of Sonny Hawke Texas Ranger will keep you turning pages all night with its nonstop action and flying bullets A stand alone book it is helpful to have read the first two books just to know the flow of events I have enjoyed all three Sonny Hawke books and look forward to this time next year when the next one releases Reavis Wortham s Hawke s Target Pinnacle 2019 third of three in the Sunny Hawke Thriller is the simple albeit complex and fast moving tale of a lawless family who sells drugs porn and whatever else makes money without any thought for the victim By all accounts they have never faced a circumstance where that amoral approach to life didn t work They are ruled by the unforgiving iron fist of the patriarch Daddy Frank both a father and arandfather but ruthless and unforgiving to his own family as well as extended members He expects everyone to do exactly as he says and those who don t suffer vicious conseuences This works well for a while but cracks are forming starting with his Mail Horror Bride (One Nation Under Zombies grandson Alonzo His wife was killed by a criminal who escaped conviction for the murder because of a technicality Now Alonzo s only purpose in life is revenge again this man and anyone who walks free of a heinous crime because of red tape The Alonzo researches theseuilty but free killers the similaritie. Unished and sentences them to death No trial No appeals No mercy But now he’s on Sonny Hawke’s turf A Texas Ranger committed to his job Hawke will not abide vigilante justice even if the targets deserve to die With each murderous act of vengeance the hunter becomes like the vermin he’s exterminating The trail of bodies stretches acro.

Reavis Z Wortham retired in 2011 and now works harder than before as the author of the critically acclaimed Red River historical mystery series Kirkus Reviews listed his first novel The Rock Hole as one of their Top 12 Mysteries of 2011 True West Magazine included Dark Places as one of 2015’s Top 12 Modern Westerns The Providence Journal writes “This year's Unraveled is a hidden gem of a bo