Ra Un Nefer Amen: Metu Neter Vol 2 Anuk Ausar The Kamitic Initiation System

And realistic rospective Powerful book I started on the 4th of July and finished on the 17th of July I have read it again since then Very good I need a community to institute the. Based on the Kamitic Ancient Egyptian initiation system Those student on those spiritual ath will know Where I am at in my spi.

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Series contains everything you need to know You re world will change after following this guidanceRead volumes 1 2 A must read book if one wants some truths from a very explainable. You will find in this book for the time a complete step by step guidance to achieving spiritual erfection and a successful life.

Philosophy of Kemet This book is deeper than I can articulate and is the foundation of much of Western and dare I say Eastern religious and Super Minds Level 2 Students Book with DVD-ROM philosopical thought same as for volume Ritual growth What is the next step and the next How muchrogress am I making and how do I know when to move on to the next lev.

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