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Fy the full OED and those who do not have access to the full OED online Next to this any small pocket dictionary looks immeasurably diminished though one can never have too many dictionaries Use Daily worst novel ever No character development after the first chapter we didn t hear anything about the chapter s main character A More like to buy to explore Absolutely INCREDIBLE resource For lovers of words and the English languag. E tenth of the size It contains than half a million definitions and illustrative uotations.

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Olumes of almost 2000 pages each is not what most would consider an example of brevity Compared to the full OED though it is very concise most notably missing are the recherch entries and the comprehensive etymologies and citations Here the latter are present for most but not all words and are condensed to scaleThis edition makes a very good dictionary for personal use for us mortals who cannot on grounds of space or finance justi. Lume Oxford English Dictionary and manages than one third of the coverage of the OED in on.

The only things better is the OED in its entiretyThis is my most freuent desert island pick If only I would then have someone to talk to i actually have and use the concise version but love it of course Goodread s categories of read want to read and currently reading though laughably inappropriate for so many books nevertheless apply simultaneously to the Shorter Oxford That s Short ER not merely Short a 100 dictionary in two An updated edition of the reference work for modern English The text is based on the 20 vo.

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