Quinn Taylor Evans: Dawn of Camelot Merlin's Legacy #5

It was actually the first book I read of hers that ot me started reading other books I love these stories of fantasy romance Cute little cont. The story of King Arthur Merlin and Camelot is as boundless as it is timeless in its hold an our imaginations And like Mary Stewart's classic Merlin trilogy uinn Taylor Evans's Merlin's Legacy series has been hailed by readers and critics alike for its dazzling and original evocation of the Arthurian legend Now this accomplished and acclaimed writer takes us back to 514 AD for a preuel to the previous tales in the seriesOn the Island of the Mists enchanted changeless Avalon Meg

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About Conner and Meg Fast read Wow I love this series It is a paranormal of Merlin and his daughters it takes me away to another place I love Sionate spell on her soulSince childhood Connor of Lyonesse fought to preserve Britain for Arthur the boy king who had fled his kingdom fifteen years before The loyal knight had no use for myths and fairy tales Little did he know that the sweet maid nearly slain by his own hand one dewy morning was a living legend who would work a shattering change on his embittered life Nor could he have ever imagined that her entle love commanded strong magic that would rant his heart's desir.

Inuation in the series though I still have to find book 4 This one jumps to before Arthur and Camelot as they re establishing themselves and is. Rew to power among the immortals a rare and beautiful creature with a fierce inner strength She was also Merlin's sister ifted with a power and a will to match those of the reat sorcerer She longed to know the mortal world where the sorrow of death was balanced by the joys of life and love And so one day between darkness and dawn she took an human form and stepped from the safe haven of Avalon into the strife and war that divided ancient Britainwhere a fierce warrior cast a pas.

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