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Ensibly started working out 2 3 times a week After a month i stepped on the scale again and i was horrified to learn that i BARELY lost any weightas a matter of fact all i lost was 1 lb So I made a few tweaks on my diet lesser carbs and work outs 4 5 times a week again when it came to weight myself again the scale did not move I did measure myself as well as people would say muscles weight than fat but the measuring tape did not show significant change either Last year i went to full exercise mode and worked out hard 6 times a week nothing happened nothing changed There was an inch or two loss around my waist but nothing drastic and certainly didn t feel like it was worth what I was doing I went to see the doctor who did a blood test but the result showed normal functioning I kind of stopped the active exercising around last year Christmas and I let myself indulge on yummy festive foods January came and the new years resolutions with the i swear I will lose them lbs for good promise to myself I accidentally found an article about the Dukan diet and it sounded interesting I have read about Atkin diet before but it never seemed appealing to me I did my researches and read the book i did some researches and I though I would give it a go The first 7 days were the hardest I missed sugar and carbs and i felt light headed on the second day but I did not feel hungry thanks for the allowance to have as much food as i can On the first week i lost 25 kg I am on my cruise phase only and so far I am very satisfied with the result I don t feel hungry and the meals a completely satisfying and filling I do have to use my imagination when creating food but as time passes I am and creative The reason I am giving this bookdiet 4 star is because of the amount of time i have to spend in the kitchen is MORE than I have ever spent in my life The other slight problem is the cost you have to plan your weekly meals well ahead before you buy your grocery as this diet is not the cheapest one and you can easily spend than usual How well is this diet known now Everyone heard about the Dukan diet and a lo of people are trying it regularlyWhat is important with this diet is to follow all rules that come with it If you are not well aware of how this works you will not get the results you are seeking and you will even take the risk to make your situation worstIf you plan starting this diet buy this book It is simply written and good to read Everything is well explained and you learn a lot about why you have to eat this way during this dietDon t ump into a diet without having all the information about it in advance Especially for this diet it is very agressive and it not well followed can lead you to the wrong wayReading it gives you the motivation you need as well to continue it You feel like you are not alone as everyday you read and learn about the period you are going throughI would then definitely recommend this book if you are planning to correctly follow your diet and change your habits This will lead you to a new life and you will be healthier and learn about your own body. Ein and vegetables and other foods such as cheese and bread are reintroduced Dieters are also allowed two weekly celebration meals to stave off boredomPhase Four StabilizationThis is the maintenance portion of the plan in which followers are allowed to eat whatever they like without regaining weight provided that they follow 3 unbreakable rules including eating only unlimited lean protein one set day per week For each phase The Dukan Diet offers clear simple guidelines for long term success The Dukan Diet is the perfect diet for people who want fast weight loss that can be maintained without counting calories or weighing portions.

Where to beginI started this program with my husband on Jan 8th 2018 as it was recommended by a friendWe followed the book exactly and found it very easy He reached his goal a lot sooner than me but that is totally normal as guys usually shed weight faster I finally reached my goal weight and I am now on phase 3 Consoliditation phase We each lost 35 LBS in about 4 monthsWe feel great and have a different appreciation for food I did not like the recipes as much but I kinda made my own modifying paleowhole 30s recipes to be Dukan compliant We have built better eating habits and feel energized sleep better and feel lighter My husband is coming off high blood pressure meds he used to have very high blood pressure and he does not snore any we eliminated lactose product completely for him I love love love this plan and he does tooHere are a few TIPS DRINK LOTS OF WATER this is probably the most important Seriously do not skip the water We drink 5 6 30oz cups a day If you have any medical conditions consult your doctor prior Do not CHEAT You will regret it Follow the book exactly Be patient especially as a woman the weight will come off Sometimes it seems that you are stuck especially before the monthly cycle but stick to it and it will happen READ THE BOOK entirely before starting and have a PLAN Buy a weekly meal planner and put it on your fridge Be prepared if you are traveling with snacks the best thing I could find is natural Jerky with the lowest amount of natural sugars Google recipes there are millions of blogs and sites out thereBest decision I made in my life has been to follow this plan Thank you DR DUKANGOOD LUCK Great book and great plan A diet that actually makes sense and works with results Intense regime but with great results Ive lost 3stone 6pound in 12 weeks Hit my target and am now on 3rd phase I want to give a longer term perspective on this diet I am writing this in October 2016 I first started the diet on December 16 2012 I weighed 218 pounds I m a 5 10 male I followed the diet very strictly with no cheating Although I craved some foods like pizza I found that if I ate a lot of the foods allowed in the diet my cravings were under control I was never hungry I started during the holiday season so before I went to Christmas parties at work or with friends I would stuff myself as full as I possibly could with the recommended foods This helped me to get through the party without cheating and I still lost weight the next day There were some periods where my weight would bounce up a little for a couple of days and I would get concerned and frustrated but I stuck with it and it would drop again and keep fallingI finished phase 2 on March 10 2013 I had lost on av Already have this on my Kindle but bought a hard copy so I could flick back and forth Difficult to do on Kindle I love the Dukan diet I m a carnivore and this diet No Way Home just works for me I lost heaps of weight the first time then immediately gave up smoking fed my cravings with lots ofunk and failed to follow the consolidation and stabilisation steps so weight piled back on My own. Devised by Dr Pierre Dukan a French medical doctor who has spent his career helping people to lose weight the Dukan Diet rejects counting calories and promises permanent weight loss while allowing adherents to eat as much as they like Originally published in 2000 the Dukan Diet swept across France championed by people who successfully lost weight following its uniue four phase regime The Dukan Diet has helped millions in France where ithas been number one for than ten years and adopted in twenty countries including the United Kingdom Poland Korea and Brazil All together The Dukan Diet has sold than 3 million copies worldwide The.

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Fault Now I m back on Dukan have lost weight and bought this hard copy so I could easily read follow consolidation and stabilisation Although this book is primarily written for women this is a great diet for men tooAs others have pointed out there are similarities with the Atkins diet especially at the start where you eat only protein however it is healthier as unlike Atkins you are not allowed to eat food high in fat cheese cream butter etcLike any diet you really need to stick to it The attack phase the first phase will get results depending on how overweight you are you ll lose several pounds in only a few days without going hungryWith the diet you need to follow the daily walks that he includes as part of the diet You start with 20 minutes everyday This is too conservative for me I walked 1 hour everyday either in one block or 2 x 30 minutes 3 x 20 minutes etc This really adds to the great results It really is a case of move it if you want to lose it I really had lost hope on any diet helping me Being right at that age I have done low carb before but even that wasn t working and I really needed to shed some weight as now I was getting swollen ankles and was getting worried that if I didn t do something I would be in for major health issuesEnter the Dukan Diet I did 10 days on the Attack stage and lost 6 pounds Not bad but the true test would be if I continued to lose weight or if I would plateau for months like I ve done beforeI have to say I think the key is watching the fat intake along with eating lower carb as Dr Dukan suggestsI have lost 2 to 3 pounds a week since and it s been 5 weeks now and I m down 19 pounds I am doing a combination of belly dance and Kettlebells for exerciseTypical Day Breakfast either 2 boiled eggs and 3 slices of turkey baconor egg scramble with egg whites and 1 whole egg 3 slices of canadian baconLunch Protein left over steak chicken salmon or a lean hamburger pattyOn Protein veggie days I add a big salad or some steamed broccoli brussels sprouts or a bell pepperSnack Fat Free Greek yogurt with my oat bran and I do mix a bit of peanut butter powder in for taste and a little splenda The peanut butter powder is very low in fat and calories and has been a good addition imoDinner Smoked Salmon Steak chicken Tilapia lean center cut chop some proteinOn veggie days adding in a generous helping of salad or veggies I have done an antipasta salad with lean ham turkey pepperoniI use Bolthouse dressings as they are yogurt based and far less fat and the ranch and blue cheese ones are low in sugarI m so stoked over this way of eating and I can t wait to come back and continue updating my progress on this review I am a yo yo dieter which is extremely unhealthy I lose weight and as soon as I stop dieting the weight goes back again I do this lose and gain game for almost 15 years now When it comes to diet I always did it the traditional way eat less and loads of exercise Two years ago I stepped on the scale and once again decided to diet again I did what I normally do cut down on sugar fats carbs and ust eat less calories and Diet 4 Easy Steps to Permanent Weight LossPhase one AttackUsing Dr Dukan's True Weight calculator dieters determine a reasonable and healthy weight loss goal Then they begin the Dukan Attack phase a two to seven day period during which only unlimited lean protein and a daily Oat bran galette or pancake are consumed and dramatic weight loss is achievedPhase Two CruiseDieters alternate days of unlimited lean protein with days of protein combined with healthful vegetables until they reach their True Weight Phase Three ConsolidationDieters stay on this phase for 5 days for every pound lost At this point the diet allows unlimited prot.

Con 23 antilde;os Pierre Dukan se convirtioacute; en uno de los meacute;dicos de familia maacute;s joacute;venes de Francia Llevaba pocos antilde;os ejerciendo cuando un paciente suyo obeso le pidioacute; ayuda para resolver su sobrepeso pero con un imperativo no suprimir la carne Pierre Dukan recogioacute; el guante y le prescribioacute; beber mucha agua comer solo carne sin limite de cantidad con la menor grasa posible y durante solo cinco diacute;as El paciente volvioacute; para pensarse al uinto diacute;a y habiacute;a perdido cinco kilos Esos fueron los oriacute;genes de la primera fase de la dieta ue maacute;s tarde le dariacute;a a conocer Durante 25 antilde;os Pierre Dukan se ha dedicado a la nutricioacute;n con sus pacientes y a elaborar su meacute;todo fase a fase siendo el primero en introducir el concepto de estabilizacioacute;n e identificando cada uno de los alimentos ue constituyen la base de su praacute;cticaDesde entonces el meacute;todo se ha convertido en la dieta con maacute;s seguidores en Francia y se ha hecho famosa en todo el mundo Pierre Dukan es un referente de la lucha contra la obesidad reconocido en Espantilde;a el Reino Unido Italia Alemania Polonia China Estados Unidos Canadaacute; Australia Sudaacute;frica Brasil Rusia etc La prensa especializada la radio y la televisioacute;n consultan con regularidad al doctor Pierre Dukan en calidad de experto Eacute;ste publicoacute; su primer libro La Cellulite en uestion en 1970 con 29 antilde;os Le seguiriacute;an Maigrir larme absolue en 1979 y el famoso Les Hommes preacute;fegrave;rent les rondes en 1981 Pierre Dukan se ha convertido en uno de los autores nutricionistas maacute;s leiacute;dos en Francia y en el mundo Es autor de 19 libros traducidos a 25 idiomas y con maacute;s de 11 millones de ejemplares vendidosCon el eacute;xito tambieacute;n llegoacute; el tiempo de las poleacute;micas para Pierre Dukan iuest;Por ueacute; Su meacute;todo es nuevo en un mundo el de la nutricioacute;n ue se ha basado en los uacute;ltimos 50 antilde;os en las dietas hipocaloacute;ricas y la reduccioacute;n de las cantidades mientras la obesidad seguiacute;a avanzando sin tregua Sin embargo Pierre Dukan estaacute; dispuesto a aceptar esos ataues ya ue para mejorar la ciencia de la nutricioacute;n a veces hay ue atreverse a sacudirlaLa Editorial Alvi Books le dedicoacute; como tributo y reconocimiento este espacio en en 2015