Peter S. Temes: The Power of Purpose Living Well by Doing Good

Of living a life of purpose is to make relationships a priority This is a good read but reuires the reader to have patience and to stick with it a little bit repetitive but worth the read because the ideas are sound 45 stars I chanced upon this book at the downtown Portland library Temes uses personal and professional xamples and references the writings of famous philosophers and poets I liked the 3 levels of uestions and how we need to strive for level 3 uestions How do others look to themselves How can I help others become the people they want to be I love his outward view of success which reminds me of a scripture To find yourself you have to lose yourself in the service of others I think my favorite section is the one on Aristotle to find happiness you have to strive to be a better person If The Unseen Wonder everyone lived this way we would live in a much better worldWhen it came to the businessxamples I had a harder time relating since I am not a business person I The Management Bible enjoyed how hended with stories and his wishes for his children who already seem to be following in his and his wife s positive xamples This was a GREAT bookmaybe a little bit scattered in the basic approach and message but very inspiring It teaches the importance of living with a purpose When that purpose is to help others not only will you be so much happier but you will also be able to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others and the world The author teaches the three levels of thinking1 The first. S the you will succeed in reaching your own goals” Peter S Temes builds on this fundamental insigh.

Level of thinking focuses on asking How am I How do I feel 2 The second level of thinking focuses on asking How do others see me 3 The third level of thinking focuses on asking How do others see themselves What are their most important goals As we commit to helping others accomplish their goals and be successful we will be happy and be able to accomplish a lot of good ourselves Some of the other important points include Tune in to what other people care about the most Don t be afraid to fail Focus on the war not winning all the battles Fight for what you love not against what you hate Know the real thing when you see it Think critically about yourself Without relationships with others nothing lse is possible Share very gain Always build teams and look for shared commitments and shared interests Pay attention to the people who matter mostFor me a lot this comes down to being unselfish caring about and loving others and remembering your priorities Make relationships a priority Know what you want to give and have a plan for helping others accomplish their goals Behold I do not give lectures or a little charity When I give I give myself Walt Whitman This book has interesting ideas that can be applied to almost very situation you ncounter I m interested in trying to apply some of the concepts in my work with different teams at my school in the fall Maybe I ll have feedback after I see how asy it is to apply the information presented Overall a decent but not great book. T to share a simple plan for living with the truest and most nduring kind of happinessAt the heart.

Easy to readPractical xamples of how to apply what he was saying Change the world by helping others helps define ones purpose I found this book very useful and insightful and posted a number of sections on FB to share the insights The first half to 23 spoke to me than the last pages The basic premise of the book is there are three levels of thinking1 getting past asking how am I how do I feel2 getting past asking how do others see me3 arriving at the most important uestions how do others see themselves what are their most important goalsThe commitment statement that leads to success I can help others Philosophy and purpose I found this book to be uite interesting however it did not really improve my knowledge in this area I like the way Peter S Temes opens the book by Invisible (The Curse of Avalon exploring what he calls the three levels of thinking The first level is totallygocentric in that we are only concerned on how things impact ourselves The second level moves us a bit further from the center Yummy Supper ego centrism to the outerdge by focusing on the perceptions of others regarding ourselves The last level the point where we want to reside in focus on others In this level our go is in check as the focus is on the other person In the third level or phase we are tuned into others and what they care about we share very success The key to having a purpose is to have the ability to be of benefit to others It is truly in giving ourselves to others that we have our purpose So in ssence the secret. The Power of Purpose begins with a simple but remarkable statement “The you focus on helping other.

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