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Training to have emotions that make you feel like doing good things Virtue talk has been revived in recent years but it runs against the grain of modern ethics which is mostly about doing what is right whether you feel like it or not By contrast virtue is about cultivating feelings that will lead you in the right way whether you know the rule in a given case or not 61 2Without reverence we may feel shame as the pain of being exposed to other people for having violated community standards and this is not a virtuous response because it may have nothing to do with right and wrong But when reverence is in play we feel shame when exposed in our own minds to shortcomings vis vis the ideals toward which we stand in awe and this reaction does belong to virtue 63What religious people today admire in other religions cannot be faith since they reject most of the content of other faiths but reverence 11Reverence is not faith because the faithful may hold their faith with arrogance and self satisfaction and because the reverent may not know what to believe 46 7Socrates hides his meaning in inaccessible places If he knows anything he rarely admits it He twists and turns away from the role of a teacher Irony is silence twisted into words that provoke and do not satisfy Like pure silence irony shows awe at subject matter that cannot easily be tamed Irony treats students with respect than they are likely to recognize It is Socrates peculiar way of being reverent toward the goals of philosophy toward wisdom 188 9Every honest scholar knows that he too will die that future generations will know than he and that someone will sooner or later refute him on some point or other Knowing this really knowing it in a way that enables you to feel respect for the faltering efforts of beginners in the field is reverence 195 I read this because my niversity program asked me to over the summer It was definitely interesting and made Ne for other virtues like respect humility and charity Ranging widely over diverse cultural terrain from Philip Larkin to ancient Greek poetry from modern politics to Chinese philosophy Woodruff shows how absolutely essential reverence is to a well functioning society He tackles some thorny estions How does reverence allow not only for leaders but for followers What role does reverence play in religion

A book of wisdom makes me want to be a better person and some way shows me how This is a very wise book in both senses By drawing on sources mostly from ancient Greece and China and illustrating with examples from the contemporary western world sports politics family religion education Woodruff makes a compelling case that reverence as he defines it is a cardinal ie trans cultural virtue Also and not incidentally I take Woodruff to be an exemplar of philosophical writing he is eually erudite and accessible I will share his chapter on teaching with my philosophy of education students and his chapter on leadership with my administrators Here are a few of my favorite passagesReverence is the capacity for a range of feelings and emotions that are linked it is a sense that there is something larger than a human being accompanied by capacities for awe respect and shame it is often expressed in and reinforced by ceremony 63Reverence calls for respect only when respect is really the right attitude To pay respect to a tyrant would not be reverent it would be weak and cowardly The most reverent response to a tyrant is to mock him 5If you wish to be reverent never claim the awful majesty of God in support of your political views You cannot speak on such matters with the authority of God It is an especially vicious and harmful falsehood to say that you do vicious because it is irreverent harmful because it is like pouring fuel on smoldering disagreements Your followers will never listen to the other side never enter into discussion never consider a compromise In fact by claiming that God votes with you you have effectively opted out of political process altogether18 19Home above all is the place where small rituals bring a family together into a family where the respect they share is so common and familiar that they hardly recognize it as flowing from reverence 35A virtue is a capacity cultivated by experience and. Reverence is an ancient virtue dating back thousands of years It survives among s in half forgotten patterns of behavior and in the vestiges of old ceremonies Yet Paul Woodruff says we have lost sight of reverence This short elegiac volume makes an impassioned case for the fundamental importance of the forgotten virtue of reverence and how awe for things greater than oneself can indeed must be a touchsto.

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E think differently about our virtues but I don t think I would choose to read this book again The notion behind this book is noble and at times wonderfully expressed I was reading it at the time of the Christchurch shootings and was able to observe what Woodruff was getting at as i watched Jacinta Adern leading the people of New Zealand and all of s through the traumaI found the book a little repetitive but still worth reading I will endeavour to be reverent in my attitude to people and events around me In Reverence Renewing a Forgotten Virtue classics translator and expert Paul Woodruff makes a case for reverence as a much needed virtue for our times And a reverence that should permeate all facets of society politics religion education and family life Often drawing heavily from the classics he presents examples of reverent leaders teachers philosophers and parents and yet also points out the places where reverence is lacking or misunderstood He is particularly critical of political and spiritual leaders who lack true reverence in their treatment of those they serve Even though this book was written a bit before current world events so many passages seem like warnings for s today Well worth reading I really wanted to love this book because it addresses a topic that really need attention But the book is 8x longer than it should be Get a good editor man He repeats ideas and circles around things without ever making clear points most of the time It s frustrating and at times contradictory My other issue with it is the tendency of the author to resolve intellectual conflict by rushing to the resolution and stating there is no inherent conflict of you Flight of the Piasa understand it right It s like saying a husband and wife would never really fight if theynderstood marriage in the perfect way It s absurd and you have to go through the mess of working out contradictions and compromises Other than that though good book. O some religions misuse reverence Must reverence be humorless In the process Woodruff shows convincingly how reverence plays an El Jarron Azul unseen part in virtually every human relationship Elegantly written thoughtful yetrgent Reverence is sure to reach out to a wide variety of people interested in the moral health of Western culture showing how our own intellectual and spiritual legacy can guide s than we realiz.