Paul Goldberger: Up from Zero Politics Architecture and the Rebuilding of New York

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If you are interested in City Planning this book is a must Paul Goldberger gives us a well informed and intelligent account of how various institutional ersonal and economic forces Class Struggles present inost 91101 New York City came together over a 10 year Wilfred Owen (Routledge Revivals) period toroduce the redevelopment of Ground Zero as we know it today He does a great job at detailing all the salient characteristics of the Study to Teach project and traces their origin and development in theush and Global Corporations in Global Governance pull of the various forces at work Paul can do this because he is well versed in the history of the city its social andolitical character and institutions the nature of the city s real estate Angels in Harmony profession and at the same time also knows the design andlanning Sketchy Behavior professions and the concepts and ideas that have guided these over timearticularly as they apply to New York City He also must have had the inside ear of many individuals in and out of government that were close to the action because at various junctures he Autumn Brides provides us with vignettes that could only have been known by thearties at the table And clearly he had access to a lot of newspapers because the development of Ground Zero is The Princess and the Three Knights probably one of the mostublicized architectural events in recent history One wonders how he manages to describe the relative merits of the various The Beauty of Believing proposals that surfaced in all these competitions for the Master Plan for the Memorial for the Transit Hub without offending their creators yet if his evaluations seem fair and balanced to the reader it because his evaluations are almost always base. In Up from Zero Paul Goldberger winner of the Pulitzer Prize tells the inside story of the uest to rebuild one of the most important symbolic sites in the world the sixteen acres where the towers of the former World Trade Center stood A story ofower Sticky Church politics architecture community and culture Up from Zero takes us inside the controversial struggle to create and build one of the most challenging urban designrojects in historyWhat should replace the fallen towers Who had the courage and vision to rise to the task of rebuilding Who had the right finally to decide The struggle began soon after September 11 2001 as titanic egos took sides made demands and jockeyed for ower Lawyers developers grieving famil.

D on solid clearly stated rinciples and historical facts His most important thesis is the one that applies to the least appealing characteristic of the Ground Zero Development its over Witches of the Deep South preponderance of office buildings on these 116 acres at the expense of otherossible uses Metro 2033 (Universo Metro) particularly residential More mixed uses would have made for a much livelier and human environment This he shows us is readily traced to the Port Authority s relentless insistence that therogram for the site be Christianity patterned after the original World Trade Center with its 10 million s ft of office spacelus the Run for Your Life (Michael Bennett, previous retail commercial space and NO residential all this because the Port Authority was determined to receive all the rentayments it had negotiated for the leases of World Trade Center and not one Alice-Miranda at Camp penny less As Goldberger notes only New York s Governor Pataki could have changed that euation but Pataki did not want to risk any animosity that would disturb his electionrospects and only cared for Ground Zero as a background for his self aggrandizement Lacking his support no one not even Bloomberg managed to change the euation This is too bad because no matter how much or how little you like what you find there today it is hard to dispute the fact that it would have been so much better with intermixing of other uses including residential Perhaps the future will reverse that NOTE I wish the book had a lot The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature (Penguin Press Science) (English Edition) pictures the ones in theaperback edition are really unsatisfactory I heard this author interviewed on NPR in relation to ground zero I can Ies local residents The Association of Small Bombs politicians artists and architects all had fierce needs radically different ideas strong emotions and boundless determination How could conflicting interests be resolved After hundreds of hours of often rancorous meetings the first sets oflans were finally revealed in the summer of 2002–and the results were staggeringly disappointingYet as Goldberger shows the rebuilding Wilderness Survival Handbook process recovered and began to flourish Rather than degenerating into turf wars it evolved in ways that no one could haveredicted From the decision to reintegrate the site into the dense fabric of lower Manhattan to the choice of Daniel Libeskind as master The White Mans Burden planner to the appointment of a memorial jury therocess.

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Remember anything about the interview but the topic sounded interesting Anyway the title says is all the book is about the Visit the Sick process of rebuilding on the site of the fallen twin towers I was ready for lots of intrigue and there was but the author introduced so many characters that it was hard to follow This was a bit disappointing since so many of the characters seemed irrelevant to the story I got a copy of the book from the library and was disappointed to see that it wasublished in 2004 already five years out of date Nonetheless it was an interesting look at how decisions were made in relation to the site Most interesting or depressing was the description of all the egos involved from Carry Me Over the Threshold politicians to architects to commercial developers All in all a worthwhile read but now I need to go internet surfing to see what s happened since the book wasublished I bought this book after visiting the 911 Memorial I thought that the memorial was beautifully done so I wanted to read about the events and decisions that led to it I also thought there may be some intrigue elements considering how many The Courtship Basket people wanted a say in this nyc residentsoliticians the families etcThe book was interesting but in my opinion not very well written It dragged on and went into detail on the things I didn t care about and glazed over the areas where I wanted to learn I was also disappointed by the lack of Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 2 Samuel (The Expositors Bible Commentary pictures of other designs submitted That really could have added some context to the book and helped me visualize why certain decisions were made Oh well. Has been marked by moments of bold vision effective community activism andersonal instinct Small Talk punctuating the often contentiousolitics of Accidental Pharisees publicarticipation Up from Zero takes in the full sweep of this tremendous effort Goldberger resents a drama of creative minds at work solving seemingly insurmountable clashes of taste interests and ideas With uniue access to the layers and the Light Thickens (Roderick Alleyn, process and with a sophisticated understanding of architecture and its impact oneople and on the social and cultural life of a city Paul Goldberger here chronicles the courage the sacrifices and the burning assions at the heart of one of the greatest efforts of urban revitalization in modern times From the Hardcover editio.

Paul Goldberger who the Huffington Post has called “the leading figure in architecture criticism” is now a Contributing Editor at Vanity Fair From 1997 through 2011 he served as the Architecture Critic for The New Yorker where he wrote the magazine’s celebrated “Sky Line” column He also holds the Joseph Urban Chair in Design and Architecture at The New School in New York City He was formerly