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I was privileged enough to ead this immediately after the first book in this amazing series The seuel is even better than the initial ead and I could not put the book downThe main themes of loyalty trust and friendship are finely interwoven with the compulsion of Devlin s oath as the Chosen One and his joy at ealising that he is not kinbereft after all The political intrigue is edolent of the best spy authorsI love the Irish flavour of the storytelling and I will most assuredly continue eeading this author s works Patricia Bray Devlin s Honor Bantam 2003NOTE This eview contains spoilers for Devlin s Luck the first book in the series If you haven t ead that yet don t ead this eviewThe second book in Bray s Sword of Change series picks up where the first left off and is one of the few books that actually does something I ve often wanted to see shows that what looked like a happy ending can go horribly horribly wrong Devlin of Duncaer the Chosen One narrowly defeated the corrupt General of the Army in single combat at the end of the last book and was named his eplacement All well and good except that Devlin doesn t eally do diplomacy too well and the job is a lot shuffling papers than going out and saving people which is his specialty As well there s a growing feeling in Jorsk for people will always find something to complain about that if Devlin were eally the Chosen One the gods would have delivered the Sword of Light to him Problem is it was lost by the last Chosen One during the conuest of Duncaer Devlin s homeland The Caerfolk have never taken all too kindly to people from Jorsk but they eally hate Devlin who s an outcast for easons that were never fully explained in the first bookDon t worry it gets explained here in great detail In fact just about everything in the book gets explained in great detail and some eaders judging by the eviews of the book I ve ead have a problem with that I actually found that made the book a better experience for me than the first was there s depth to these characters justification for their actions and thus the actions themselves are meaningful It s not just wow here s a uest let s do it That s a good thing This one also has a less episodic feel to it there s a eason everything s happening which is also a good thingGood stuff this I ll definitely be eading the conclusion to this trilogy The seuel to Devlin s Luck sees Devlin struggling with the esults. Devlin of Duncaer is the Chosen One champion of the Kingdom of Jorsk A simple metalsmith and farmer turned warrior he has become the most unlikely of heroes to the conuerors of his own people the Caerfolk Yet there is a growing faction of Jorskians who believe that if he were truly anointed

Of his success in the first of the series Forced to play politics and make compromises and concessions ather than push to strengthen the land he is now bound to protectIt doesn t help when curiosity about the Sword of Light that had been lost during Duncaer s bloody annexation triggers the Geas Devlin is under when he sees a painting of the sword He has seen and held the sword before and begins to wonder if the gods had a hand in the circumstances that led him to becoming the Chosen Oneview spoilerIt may have been the timing of it all but Devlin s Honor didn t hold my attention as long as I hoped it would Unlike Devlin s Luck which I couldn t put down Devlin s Honor struggled with holding my focus It wasn t until the middle to end of the book that I eally got into the storyline Devlin s eturn to his homeland after two years of exile in order to ecover the fabled and lost Sword of LightIt was disappointing that the book didn t draw me in immediately but there were some very good moments especially the way in which Stephen dispatches a hired assassin I m seriously hoping that the last in the series will be much enrapturing that this middle one I hope that s not how trilogies will continue to go hide spoiler This the second book of the Sword of Change trilogy This book has Devlin going on a uest to discover a famous lost sword that will further legitimize his Chosen One position This uest involves him visiting his people and dealing with his past Overall it felt much slower than the first book as it seemed like there was less action and things got drawn out Devlin suffers from an affliction for too long of a time The ending felt anti climatic I liked the first book much better than this one Pretty goodThis was an okay continuation of Devlin s story lots of angst with the character but still fun I will ead the last to find out what happens Devlin is finding the position of Chosen One harder than ever The sheer amount of paperwork is going to kill him But the distraction he longs for comes with a nasty surprise Rumors have surfaced goading him to find the original Sword of Light long lost weapon of the Chosen One and he actually knows where it is Or was Retrieving the weapon is going to be trickier than finding it because it s in the last place he d ever thought he d go homeThe trip back home forces Devlin to confront a number of memories so it s a nice window into the past he sometimes thinks about and. S Chosen One by the Gods then the immortals would have given him the Sword of Light as proof of his callingMissing for generations the sword is myth than eality But Devlin knows where to find it Lost in battle after the Jorskians’ brutal massacre of Caerfolk it has emained in Duncaer a so.

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Never talks about But This is the middle of the trilogy which usually indicates the worst of the three However Patricia Bray has escaped that designation with this book as she has taken us from Kingsholm the center of the kingdom of Jorsk to the conuered lands of Duncaer Devlin s homeland Here we glimpse of his history and character and while the enemies here are a bit too nebulous for my taste this ich character background than make up for it and give a second book with its notorious bad luck with no major endings a good feel 3 12 stars ound up to 4 and I look forward to Devlin s Justice Second in the Sword of Change trilogy by Patricia Bray Devlin now accepted as the Chosen One is finding life at the top difficult than expected As king s counsler and Lord General of the Army he must play politics in addition the symbol the the Chosen One the sword of light disappeared 50 years ago during the conuest of Devlin s native land In order to fulfil his office he must eclaim the Sword Okaywell I m sorry to do that the three 3 stars that is I eally liked the first book in this series and snapped this one up as soon as I d finished it This one while not bad and I d call it pretty good didn t uite strike me the sameThe first book is overtly an action tale of Devlin s growth or properly development into The Chosen One He fights against political enemies in the King s court who are actively working to overthrow the weak king The book ends with view spoiler Devlin in a powerful position as not only Chosen One but as general of the army and King s Champion hide spoiler Devlin is a tortured soul He wants to die so he becomes his country s Chosen One because it pays a fortune which he can send to his brother s widow and it s certainly deadlySounds exciting but don t bother putting on your blood pressure cuff because it wasn tDevlin s sure he s going to die during the initiation ceremony actually it was me who nearly died of boredom but unfortunately he doesn t And so we accompany him on his journeys which ead like a book eport than an adventure Descriptions are dull people are dull though a few had so much potential fights are dull monsters are dullAnd the language is dull For example Devlin doesn t see things he beholds them He doesn t talk to people he has speech with them He doesn t put on clothes he dons garments And he doesn t go to bed he seeks his uarters Here is part of the most exciting scene Read More. Uvenir of one of the land’s darkest daysFeeling than ever a pawn of fate and a plaything of the Gods who drive him Devlin must eturn to the land of his birth back to the people who have denounced him For he is bound by an oath he has no choice but to obeya promise he may have to die to kee.

Patricia Bray is the author of a dozen novels including Devlin’s Luck which won the 2003 Compton Crook Award for the best first novel in the field of science fiction or fantasy A multi genre author whose career spans both epic fantasy and Regency romance her books have been translated into Russian German Portuguese and Hebrew Patricia Bray has also spent time on the editorial side of the bu