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W chapters because the writing was too dense and deep or the state in which my brain was at the time Now I m picking it up again and it s breathtaking I can t remember ever experiencing such an intense sense of moving among archetypes and characters larger than legend through that realm where words can mean anything and can make everything happen the realm of primal Fortunes Perfect Match fantasy and sacred textsListenScreaming heell into a room The Daddy Search full of mirrorsRaising his head gathering breath again with his throat rawrom his last cry he opened his eyes and saw all around him within mirrors ancient and ornate Im Jackson Day and Im Here to Stay framed plainly in wood or silver oval suare diamond hexagonal vast mirrors too heavy to lift propped against the wall with smaller mirrors strewn against them crouchingigures in torn silk and muddy leather lifting thorn scarred Sugar Rush (Sugar Bowl, faces staring with black empty eyes For a moment he did not recognize himselfThe breath left him in a long shaking sigh with a sound to it like an unshaped word He got to hiseet so did his reflections He had an eerie eeling that even at his back his reflection was gazing at him As he turned to look all the images vanishedHe stood like a ghost in a room ull of mirrors that took no notice of him I m dead he said startled He heard Nyx Ro calling his name Her voice sounded sharp bewildered He looked around Affairs of Honor for a door saw only mirrors crowding the walls aew hanging bannerlike Mega Collection from the ceiling theiraces blank as the Delta sky He touched one he could not even cast a shadowIn sudden panic he spoke Nyx Ro s nameShe appeared in one of the ornate mirrors I couldn t Bloc Life find you she said tightly I heard you scream I couldn tind you I can t The Indian Clerk find a door He turned again searching and caught his breath at the sight of Nyx multiplied in threadbare blue velvet herace waxen a smudge of ash across one cheekbone I can t see myself at all Only you I can only see you she said Her arms were Faith Fairies folded tightly she wasrowning at once disturbed and curious I thought I knew every room in this house Why didn t you come back through the Ring I did he said terselyHer eyes widened She said Corleu Can you touch my hand She held it out to him his ingers were stopped by cold glass Am I some place out of time Is that why I can t see myself Should I break a mirror No she said uickly Mirrors hold your image they should be treated with care These don t They re all ignoring me I saw myself in all of them and then I vanished as if an eye blinked somewhere or they stopped thinking of me For a moment even she stopped thinking of him How strange she breathed How strange A secret room within a house ull of a thousand secrets I wonder what it sees when no one is here If you wait long enough no one will be here and then you can Spot find out likely She held out her hand again I don t know why you re still standing there complaining One of me is real Find me Here s to a magical 2018 where everything can happen Shortly afterwards there comes a passage which gives one possible key to reading Cygnet Sit down Tell me a story of Corleu and the Blind Lady Maybe then you won t be afraid of the dark He sat He dropped hisace in his hands She was likeshe was like this house Old rambling crazed untidy like a beggar woman you might see at a crossroads mumbling to herself her The Hotel New Hampshire fingers moving always weaving weaving At the end she made me look at her weaving She threads even the stars into it I saw the Ring of Time she makes where all the threads there arelow together and you can t see one life one star A Dangerous Man (Women and Men, from another and outside that Ring there is nothing He raised his head That s the Ring Iell through I thought I would Sizzling Seduction fall into that nothing She mused over that twisting a pearl button Yet even she is trapped Corleu Even she And what you saw is only another story of the Weaver of Withy Hold The Cygnet holds her powerless And even that is only another story How many heartbreaks can you count in theollowing passage Tell me Nyx said curiously what she is like Tiel He looked at her You wouldn t even see her Her Secret Husband (Secrets of Eden, face likely if you passed her he said simply You d see her dark skin and her dark hair and that would be all your eye would say She is Wayfolk She I could hardly see herace when I before I lost her What it is like truly She was like the world like sky like leaves like night Her Takedown face was myace When that dark house Baby, Im Yours (Guys And Daughters, fell and I ran into it I never left her I m still there in that mist like that ghost on the dock like the Warlock s shadow in the stars I m outside my heart lookingor the way back in He added bitterly after a pause It was easy enough to leave I only had to go through a door Nyx was still in a way that Meguet remembered so still the watery sheen on the Her Counterfeit Husband fabric of her gown seemed painted no light trembled on the gold clip in her hair Then her hand movedell across the open pages close to Corleu s hand If she had straightened a Heart of the Night (Secret Agent forefinger she could have touched him You had no choice I should have stayed with her I could have Then there would have been no mist trapping your company noalling house no spellbound love no timely meeting with a bog witch just a straight road through the Delta to the sea because if you were a man who could not recognize that house or had been warned by it it would never have The Greek Bosss Demand fallen into your life Though she added that can t be alea s worth of comfort Not even that he sighed and dragged at another book on the heap Now how many kinds of love Dubious She February or Forever (Tarrins Bay felt him laugh noiselessly at the word There s nothing dubious about what she s doing It s disgusting Then how can you love her so Can t you love someone else instead I ve tried And No one else in the world is a lank haired cold eyed sharp tongued woman with enough sorcery in her to stand this house. And of prose magic Locus Nowor the irst time in one volume she offers two of her classic tales The Sorceress and the Cygnet and.

Considering I have read almost all of Patricia McKillip s books published ones at least this book was a surprise Those among you who thought the Riddle Master of Hed had obscurity riddling it s pages are in or a treatthis one is even intricate convoluted subtle and evasive but as beautifully written as one would expect to come out of PK s pen BUT it does get to a point where the layer upon layer of reality mixing with A Virgin For The Taking (Clemenger Sisters fantasy thus made it theirst PK book I took my time What She Saw / Operation Reunion finishing Cygnet compromises of two books and if you asked me to explain the scenario and describe it I would say read it It would be euivalent to explaining an exuisite dream in all it s vividness in mere wordsHowever it is also easy to compare her world with this one andind the mundane similarities and the parables It s worth reading but not The Moretti Marriage for everyone I have read many of her books and particularly love these Magical indeed The story of this book is the story of a year I read The Sorceress and the Cygnet at the beginning of this year and I justinished The Cygnet and the Firebird What both books have to recommend them1 A plentiful cast of sympathetic The Dark Duke femaleigures including one of the satisfying depictions of A Measure Of Love (Kincaid Trilogy female authority in Nyx s mother and two sisters who while they re meant to contrast sharply with Nyx are remarkable in their own ways Nyx s older sister Iris in particular is exactly what the regrettably dull andaded Starting Over on Blackberry Lane (Life in Icicle Falls flower Laurel in Winter Rose ought to have been2 Two complex and intriguing central heroines the mage Nyx and the warrior Meguet I admire both but Meguet is myavorite3 McKillip s remarkable writing style which is not uite like any other The Soul Of A Thief fantasy author s It s not always easy toollow it keeps a reader on her toes but it has such a wonderfully poetic uality about it indeed at times it s rather like reading prose poetry It draws the reader into a landscape of dreamsYet I did not enjoy both books eually The Cygnet and the Firebird is my distinct Claiming His Desert Princess (Hot Arabian Nights favorite and not simply because it s thereshest in my memory The Sorceress and the Cygnet I Secret Baby, Surprise Parents felt was hampered by a rather dull hero Corleu and his even duller barely there love interest Every time a sceneocused on Corleu I sped up my reading in order to get through it uickly to get back to Nyx and Meguet I imagine McKillip started out to tell a story about Corleu but as her work progressed she discovered that her heart and her imagination were really with the women of Ro Holding and she had to Mystify (Mystyx, force herself to continue Corleu s plot thread to bring it to a conclusion The Cygnet and the Firebird does not have this problem By this time McKillip knows and understand which characters really interest her and sheocuses suarely on Nyx and Meguet The loyalty and affection between the two cousins is central Male characters enter the scene but they are much better developed and intriguing than Corleu ever was We get a strong sense of something vital at stake An interesting take on dragon lore is also The New Baby featured which is always a nice treator me I am a huge Wild Streak fan of McKillip s later works and this one had been languishing on my shelvesor some time It looked like a good bridge between some of the next books I was wanting to read and so picked it up The P.I. Daddys Personal Mission (The Coltons of Montana, first book is something of a slog the writing isn t uite as polished as to what I ve become accustomed in her later books and the plot moves in some very unfamiliar difficult toollow ways without any satisfying resolution The second book in this compendium is a much traditional narrative and the writing becomes just that little bit tighter so that it compels you Say Youll Stay And Marry Me forward Still it wasn t until the last hundred pages or so that Iinally got the story and everything clicked It seems to me also that this is where she works out what is later to become her organic style of working magic into stories In many ways this is the ight between a much classical version of magic as controlled and controllable power and something imbued into the essential being of her characters and their surroundings I really enjoyed watching this aspect of the novel play out and by the end I was even beginning to think I may miss these characters particularly Hex as his real development as a character only comes in the last dozen pages I really really want to know about his relationship with Meguet and how her power evolvesAt the end of the day it is a really good book just a shame that it takes so long to get going I can see why Patricia A McKillip is a leading name among antasy writers This book contained The Sorceress and the Cygnet and The Cygnet and the Firebird The The Boleyn King (The Boleyn Trilogy, first was good but I was just accustoming myself to her writing style and there was a lot of world building was going on The second was very good The characters were well developed and the plot had lots of action This writer was recommended by one of myavorite authors Jane Lindskold and she was right I plan to read Loved these books The women of Ro Holding might be my all time Rascal favorite characters These are two tales or perhaps two thousand about magic The magic of slow reading where you put time and care into each sentence until you see the spell The magic of vast characters who have remembered what they really are The magic of a storyteller who has no need of death to raise the stakes beyond the sky and has barely any need of villains to reveal the conflicts that rip us and remake us This magic is particularly rare I miss it how I miss itBut mostly these are two tales about love what love should have been all along has always been will beoreverI won t say any lest I destroy the magic You read my notes below only if you can t read the book I started this duology than a year ago but I decided to pause after the Another Day of Life firste. In the realm of What Would You Like? fantasy one name stands outrom the crowd For many years Patricia A McKillip has charmed readers with her uniue br.

On its head Is there anything at all you like about her No Just the smallest Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, finger in each hand the color that comes into her eyes under aull moon the way her mouth shapes certain words My name Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, for instance The way she laughs which she did once three years ago A soft summery chuckle like blackbirds among the rose trees The way she wears the color green The way she looks sometimes like a wild thing listeningor another wild thing The way she reads as if words are air to be breathed The way she kissed me when we were barely than children out of curiosity behind the closed doors of the hay barn on the warmest day of the year and the way she looked at me afterwards as startled as if she had just invented a world The way the shadows of the doves Friend Foe flying up into the rafters crossed and recrossed herace His hand was between Meguet s shoulders by then his The Longevity Diet fingers working at the knotrom the day s ridingHint view spoilerThree at the very least Include my love Grassroots Innovation for the writing hide spoiler There isn t much I can say about this duology except to implore you to read it The two books are as different as the sun and the moon yet bound together by the same threads the land the people who live there the stories and legends that come improbably to life Both books are wonderful examples of both McKillip s peerless writing and her perfectly enigmatic storytellingIn The Sorceress and the Cygnet a young Wayfolk man named Corleuinds himself caught up in a sort of series of Faustian bargains to ree his people rom a danger they aren t even aware of After meeting the enigmatic Nyx Ro both sorceress and Holder s heir he tries his best to escape the terrible deal that he was Architecture and Utopia forced to make while still saving his people As the mystery of this story unfolded I grew to love both Corleu Nyx and the surprisingly varied cast of characters you meet along the way While the beginning of the story theirst ten or twelve pages were rough the book uickly Perfect Cities found itsooting and became rather delightful To say any would be to spoil the discovery of the book so I hope this is sufficientIn The Cygnet and the Firebird we abandon Corleu to his happily ever after and Prometheus Wired follow Nyx Ro who is rather perturbed when a largeirebird lies into her mother s castle and begins throwing spells around as though it were the trench lines on the Western Front As Nyx tries to uncover the riddle of the irebird a mysterious mage seems to threaten the safety of Ro Holding Like McKillip s previous book the mystery of the Firebird its identity home and purpose uickly overtakes the book This story takes us to a new land Special Topics in Calamity Physics full of riddles and hidden power which is delightful and completely steals the show As much as I was entranced by the wild dragon speckled deserts of Saphier I alwayselt a little bit homesick Seven More Languages in Seven Weeks for the pleasant boggy wooded greenlands of Ro Holding That longing comes strongly through both main characters Nyx and Meguet and is a powerful motivatoror the reader to continue as well as the charactersBoth books suffer Scenes from a Revolution from McKillip s tendency to brusue endings Everything is wrapped up in about two pages which while delightful and lovely and nearly perfect left me wanting just a little bit resolutionor certain characters All the same both endings were lovely and satisfying enough that it didn t detract rom my enjoyment at all nor the rating I have givenAll in all if you re a an of McKillip and you want to read something a bit denser challenging or with a bit depth this is absolutely a duology that you should seek out I enjoyed my time with it immensely and as soon as I had Microsoft Visual C finished started thinking about the next chance I ll have to go through it Just beautiful The Cygnet duology receives a 4 instead of 5 stars due to theirst part of the duology Sorceress and the CygnetI Soulprint found Sorceress and the Cygnet incrediblyrustrating I still have absolutely no idea what actually happened in the climax I can t remember the last time I ve been so annoyed and Blah Blah Black Sheep frustrated at a book s endingDon t get me wrong I m a hugean of McKillip and am amiliar with her poetic prose and heavy imagery But she didn t help the reader to understand what was happening at all in this book s climax Stuff happened and we are left with absolutely no idea as to what any of it meant I haven t even been able to ind a synopsis online somewhere that can explain it to me I moved on to the seuel Cygnet and the Firebird hoping that it would shed some light on the events but no such luckI also Surrender found it incrediblyrustrating to have become so attached to the original protagonist s plight and character only to have him be essentially replaced later in the book by other characters I loved the other characters by the way especially Meguet and the Gatekeeper though I am still up in the air as to how to pronounce Meguet s name lol Corleue is still IN the story we justdon t see anything The Highlanders Touch (Highlander, from his point of view any and his part of the story seemed to take a complete backseat to the characters of Ro Holding And he barely makes an appearance in the seuelBy itself I would give Sorceress and the Cygnet a 35 star rating Apartrom its O Regresso da Atlântida - Os guerreiros de Posídon flaws I still enjoyed reading it McKillip s prose is as usual a delight to read and her world and characters a delight to lose yourself to Read itor McKillip s usual candy of prose imagination and wonderful characters Just don t expect to know what the heck actually happened at the endThe seuel Cygnet and the Firebird I enjoyed reading immensely It did not suffer the same issues as Sorceress did I loved the characters I loved how the plot unrolled and revealed itself It was a very good read By itself I would probably give it a 45 In Gdy mrok zapada (William Wisting, fact you could probably read it as a stand alone without being lost at all. The Cygnet and the Firebird which delve into theate of the Ro amily and an otherworld rich in myth and mayhem magic and adventur.

Patricia Anne McKillip is an American author of fantasy and science fiction novels distinguished by lyrical delicate prose and careful attention to detail and characterization She is a past winner of the World Fantasy Award and Locus Award and she lives in Oregon Most of her recent novels have cover paintings by Kinuko Y Craft She is married to David Lunde a poetAccording to Fantasy Book