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Because I didn t want to rehearse scenes in acting class preferring instead to wing it I had a lazy attitude for things I didn t feel were important like circus class I didn t have the guts to be a real clown and already knew how to juggle I skipped class to clown around and kept my probation letters in the freezer for some reason an act of self preservation maybePosey reveals an interesting family tree with big personalities going back a few generations and her own parents seeming like cool but odd ducks I loved the newborn picture of Posey wearing false eyelashes You were so small I didn t know what to do with you explained her Mom But there s really nothing about how Posey broke into acting all of sudden she s on a popular soap opera while also filming Dazed and Confused From there Posey recalls film projects out of any chronological order and while from her stories you nderstand that she approaches acting as a serious art form filming scenes often leave her exhausted hysterical or in tears there s nothing about her processes or personal philosophy of her craft Auditioning feels like my real self has been punished and sent to my room while my pretend self is forced to make nice when there is nothing I ve done wrong At an audition in my twenties I spazzed out so much that the casting director asked my agent if I was on drugs I wasn t but just had lots of energy and was excited to be there Posey writes about her famous costars over the years but it s not gossipy the few times she has something slightly negative to say about someone she doesn t name the person She found Wesley Snipes to be distant Vince Vaughn to be sweetly supportive Liza Minnelli and Catherine O Hara to be funny and wise Louis CK is a complicated auteur and Woody Allen is the greatest living director On meeting Liev Schreiber Liev came in fresh off his motorcycle holding his helmet and exuding a strong actor s attitude He acted like he d just finished Yale School of Drama which he had This was before The New York Times said he was the greatest living theater actor of his generation or something to that extent He was the envy of so many of his contemporaries and treated the small part as a favor to Daisy which it was Liev is spectacular onstage He later told me that he almost didn t do the part in Party Girl because I seemed like an idiotIn addition to interesting enough storytelling the book itself contains pages of collage recipes and both a very long description of a seuence of yoga moves and a very long explanation of how to throw clay on a pottery wheel With stories of meeting with a dog psychic to discuss her emotional service animal and beloved pet Gracie investigating Ayurvedic medicine as it relates to the nature of your own body in conflict with the nature of the settings it finds itself in and meeting with an analyst who explains the mental stress of Posey exposing herself onscreen as an nconscious reenactment of having been put on display in an incubator as a premature infant there s a real risk of Posey coming off as a bit flakey But then I read a review in The Wall Street Journal which goes In her book the actress finds her own ways to provoke At one point she refers to her past lives in India Asked about it she said she enjoys toying with the image that people have of her It s like I m playing with being the person people expect Ms Posey said performing that on paper If that s Posey s game it s not obvious but okay she s the artist here You don t get the sense that Posey is living the fabulous celebrity lifestyle of fame and fortune and it s also hard to say from this memoir if what she has is worth the tradeoff of not being able to live a normal anonymous life There s a late scene at the co op pottery studio she s a member of a place that expects its members to share the chores or pay a 15month fee and another woman tells her that by paying the fee it makes it seem to the other members that Posey must think she s special Posey explains that she is special she s famous she can t go to the grocery store without being recognised by someone And this scene seems like the crux of the book It s hard to feel sorry exactly for a middle aged actress who still has the cachet to only work on projects that personally appeal to her but what cost does she pay for this career On the one hand why would she want to spend her limited down time mopping a pottery studio But on the other hand it makes her seem totally out of touch this is not a normal life and that must be hard People say such weird things to you when you re famous like a cardboard cutout version of yourself wearing a mirrored mask Ultimately we don t learn anything deeply personal about Posey in this. F its accompanying fame She explores her relationships with brilliant directors like Christopher Guest and Woody Allen as well as the nerves and expectations that come with the territory A funny and authentic childhood prepared Posey for a life of creating and entertaining which not only extends to acting but to the craft of pottery sewing collage yoga and cooking all of which readers will find in this highly entertaining book In You're On an Airplane Posey delves into her personal style niue famously inspiring and ne.

I ve found Parker Posey s film roles to be weird and random and sually brilliant so I ve always imagined her to be a weird and random individualTurns out I was rightYou re on an Airplane is Posey s memoir written as if she finds herself bored on a long flight and decides to spend her time telling stories about her life to the person seated next to her on the airplaneThe st It should be no surprise that Parker Posey comes off as a somewhat eccentric character in her book You re on an Airplane While not necessarily certifiable she is not Howard Hughes hiding Mason jars overflowing with her rine in the basement Posey is revealed instead to be on the Aunt Jenny end of the spectrum Aunt Jenny was the crazy distant relative on the Brady Bunch that Jan was worried she was going to become because of their similar appearance as young girls Many people p on their pop culture should know Posey from her acting roles in independent movies I feel most would recognize Posey for her searing and nconventional portrayal of Stephanie from 1993 s Coneheads movie her tender performance as Rollerblader in the motion picture Mixed Nuts and her multifaceted depiction of troubled teen Tess Shelby on daytime serial As the World Turns You re on an Airplane is written as if the reader is seated next to Posey on a fixed wing aircraft The kind of powered flying apparatus those annoying Wright brothers from back in Kitty Hawk North Carolina are always prattling on about The tales range from Posey s forays into nconventional yoga styles to recipes of preferred dishes to backstage stories of her cinematic experiences in Tinseltown The text is dappled with black and white pictures of Posey in odd poses and postures This art layout resembles the cut and pasting of those self published zines so popular in the 90 s hot off the press of the nearest Kinko s photocopier There is a lot of marginal information in the antidotes here many Dad jokes puns and off the wall observations But there are also many hidden gems Posey conveys the sometimes difficult life of a not always in demand contract worker There are moments when money gets tight and instances when it is hard for her as an actress in her 40 s to find work Life can be tough and people in this superficial industry can be mean Posey is always gracious and kind when speaking of her fellow actors which range from naked bongo playing and deodorant adverse Matthew McConaughey to the suplexing wrestling lug Triple H Interestingly Posey has worked with the controversial Woody Allen and Louis CK but pretty much remains professional and gracious in her recollections of these experiences There is no doubt that Posey is a big goofball But it is hard not to root for her Goofballs are great they make the world a happier shiner place and this could be said for Posey as well 35 stars would be like it Enjoyably larky with an especially artful and funny opening But at a certain point the lack of organization gets the better of her like many celeb memoirs the back half of the book suffers I liked her stories about growing p in Louisiana who knew and her fondness for her parents and elders There s plenty here about her childhood but apparently she was never a teenager She goes from 10 to 24 To me she ll always be the mean girl from the class of 77 in Dazed and Confused Anyhow some good LOLs here I was less enad when she goes off on spiritualmystical tangents My book is called You re on an Airplane It s a memoir pronounced with the emphasis on me Think of it like an actor who was cornered into writingThe opening premise of You re on an Airplane is that you re sitting beside Parker Posey on a flight and with such close proximity and time to waste she begins to tell you about her life and her career as an indy actor The premise is embraced in the beginning with Posey interrupting her storytelling to ask the flight attendant for a seltzer or a warm cookie to ask sporadic The Ascent of Man uestions of yourself but the concept eventually kind of fizzles out with fewer and fewer references to the imaginary scenario as it goes along Which was fine so far as smooth storytelling goes but it did make the conceit feel slightly pointless in the end A celebrity memoir is a strange animal the author presumably wants to tell you about herself but it s not like she owes you her soul and while I learned plenty about Parker Posey s childhood hobbies and celebrity encounters there s nothing deeply revelatory or shocking here and again she doesn t owe me that anyway Usual caveat I read an ARC andotes may not be in their final forms I was on As the World Turns at the time fresh from dropping out of college after three years on probation mainly for a bad attitude. It's hard not to love Parker Posey A singularly gifted actress with a wickedly funny personality that belies her movie star status her cross generational fame stems from starring roles in such The Grand Sophy unforgettable movies as Dazed and Confused Party Girl and You've Got Mail and her recurring roles in Christopher Guest's mockumentaries including his most recent Mascots on NetflixWith remarkable candor and a refreshing perspective on life in the spotlight Posey opensp about the art of acting life on the set and the realities

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Memoir not that she owes the reader that and this isn t your typical How I broke into show business a la Tina Fey Amy Poehler Mindy Kalin celebrity origin story You re on an Airplane contains the story of a life but it does feel crafted and curated but what else would you expect an artist to create This may be of interest to someone who watches indy movies than I do but I wasn t Winners Dream unhappy to have joined Posey on this flight You know that old saying Never meet your heroes Nuf said Ised to be diligent about writing reviews but life gets in the way often than not Parker Posey has always been a spirit animal of mine From her indie O viziune a sentimentelor ueen reign to her current honest and delightful memoir She embraces an eccentric lifestyle without the trappings of an actress aging The stories tucked in these pages are full of her spirit and her voice She isnapologetic in who she is and delights in the everyday occurrences mixed in with memories and nostalgia At one point I had to slow down because I didn t want to ever finish listening to her tales and musings I shed a tear when I turned the last page I will definitely be reading again when I need to be in her world which in many ways mimics mine minus the acting of course and continue praying that one day her and I will be dear friends First of all my Parker Posey fan status is moderate and I think you might need to be fan status super andor actually related to her to really click with this Her schtick is that she s sitting next to you on an airplane and just chatting about her life which facilitates a really casual toneperhaps too casual and too prone to assuming I want to know all the details about her home renovations and various yoga studios this book is seriously like full on Yelp reviews for every yoga studiopottery studiovegetarian restaurantco opetc she s ever belonged to It s also interesting to me that this book came out in 2018 and she talks about working with Louis CK and Woody Allen in ONLY the most GLOWING terms Like including Harveys Revised English Grammar uncomfortably mentioning that Woody and Soon yi seemed to be made for each other like girl ok I m glad you had a good experience working with those men I guess but alsohhhhh The book is also full of likeweirdcollage style photos of herself IDK it was a Como agua para chocolate uick read and had some good celeb gossip but overall Too much suckingp to Woody Allen and Louis CK not enough about Josie and the Pussycats Parker Posey was not gifted with an over abundance of self awareness which makes for a very odd memoir Early on I wondered if she didn t have any friends who were willing to let her know that many of these stories do not portray her in any sort of flattering light Then I wondered if maybe her editor hated her she credits no fewer than 4 people for editing so maybe What I learned from this book is that she s rude to service workers whether they re flight attendants or restaurant workers but convinced that she is the aggrieved party and they are just trying to make her life difficult In retrospect I can see that in his head he made me the bully and sed me as an opportunity to finally berate someone This because a flight attendant had the nerve to remind her that her dog needed to stay in its carrier during a flight She s passive aggressive and obnoxious but that s just because she s being funny and you don t get her humor She takes no responsibility for bad behavior She floods her landlord s apartment causing damage but The next day I called my dad to tell him the whole story and we laughed hard about itThere are chapters about working with both Louis CK and Woody Allen but she never addresses the controversy about the first and as to the allegations around the second all she really has to say is I wonder if it will be staged as an opera in fifty years To each his own The conceit of this memoir is that you re sitting next to Parker on a plane and she is regaling you with her stories Which now sounds like a level of hell I hadn t previously known existed Oh Parker Posey How I loved you This was so badly written it seemed like she wrote random interesting sentences or paragraphs on napkins flung them in the air and had someone else type them into a book There was ZERO order to the memoir not by chronology theme nothing I was 250 pages in before she starting talking about the Christopher Guest movies Worst of all I like her less after reading this because in a lot of her anecdotes she comes off as kind of a jerk reminding people in her pottery club But I m famous or asking waitstaff why french toast isn t available at their fancy brunch or giving a flight attendant a hard time about her dog The only reason I kept reading were the pictures throughout now those were delightful. Ver indebted to trends as well as her approach to everyday life on and off set Laugh out loud advice from her legendary Greenwich Village therapist Mildred Newman appears alongside poignant portrayals of painful relationships and the love she has for her dog Gracie For fans of Nora Ephron's spot on commentary Jenny Lawson's absurdly comical foibles Amy Sedaris's nexpectedly hilarious ips and Carrie Brownstein's cool girl appeal You're On an Airplane proves Posey has a voice that will enchant fans and old and new alik.

Parker Posey is well known for her work with many independent filmmakers of her generation including Richard Linklater Hal Hartley Zoe Cassavettes and Rebecca Miller Following her breakout role in the cult hit Dazed and Confused she starred in Christopher Guest’s classic mockumentaries and appeared in such Hollywood films as You’ve Got Mail Superman Returns Josie and the Pussycats Scream