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T the mc was hanging out with people who are actually dead and she just imagined the whole thing but it actually happened I don t even nderstand what I m trying to say so don t worry it s fcked Captivated by the Millionaire up This happens in you probably don t want to look at this spoiler because it ruins the ending of another bookview spoilerWe Were Liars hide spoiler. Dnexplained Is it all because Taladinn the phantom horse that is said to bring bad fortune Is it something far tangible and dangerous or is it bot.

If you wanna know why I ve been reading horse related middle grade books read the beginning of this reviewhttpswwwgoodreadscomreviewshowSo this is the third and final book I found and I enjoyed this one the least For the majortity of the book I was thinking it deserved 4 stars however the ending made me lower the rating Probably nobody readi. Ceri spends the holidays with her sister Leonie at Falcondale Farm Great rides fantastic horses and a new friend get things off to a good start But.

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Ng this review if there s anybody reading it is interested in this book but I still put my reason nder a spoiler tag view spoilerThe reason it freaked me out is that Joel was dead and Ceri saw him and talked to him and went to places with him that were closed years ago I mean these stuff weird me out and I hate when this happens in books tha. There is something eerie about Falcondale Mysterious legends strange sightings and a vanished horse are just a few examples of something sinister an.