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Wonderful Fifth in a series of stories this one about British spy Nathan Meyer ostensibly on a mission to escort a young woman and her mother back to England but actually with a clandestine responsibility for observing the movements of Napoleon s army as Bonaparte makes his way north towards Paris after his escape from Elba Plenty of twists and turns Good historical detail But the closest we come to the bloodshed of Waterloo it Another excellent book by Abrams It was nice to have a believable older couple as the rimary maybe mid 40s It s not spelled out While the implications of being Jewish in that CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, third edition period are not well handled the rest of theeriod is captured well I wish we had seen a little of what drove the hero to spy and to risk the lives of those around him and I felt like the resolution between hero and heroine could have been clearer but it was a really good book This is the last of a five book series which centers around an Anglo Jewish family during the Napoleonic wars The first four books were absolutely terrific all solid 4 45 star reads The author is a skilled and talented writer and her books are as much riveting historical fiction as romance And gr. As news of Napoleon's escape from Elba reaches England a legendary spymaster discovers his own heart has become a battlefieldWhen Nathan Meyer agrees to escort a young woman home from France he discovers too late that his family has been matchmaking yet again He has no interest in the flirtatious and ampered Diana Hart.

Eat spy stories as well The hero of this book Nathan has been a key figure in the other four books He is enigmatic and fascinating and a brilliant English spy with numerous talents and abilities that the author makes believable He is older the father of the rotagonists in two of the other books So his story should be the culminating one the great ending to an unforgettable seriesSadly the book was a disappointment to me The book begins in 1815 right as Napoleon escapes from Elba and returns in triumph to France England and France currently have a truce Nathan the British spy most wanted by France is now able to openly travel to France to escort Abigail the heroine and her daughter back to England as a favor to his family This should be a great romance with an older hero and heroine who have both suffered loss and face life with wisdom and maturity The roblem is Abigail She has real and serious scandal in her ast something she knowingly caused As a result her daughter was taken away from her In my opinion this should make Abigail compassionate understanding and forgiving of other s faults Instead she s highly judgmental and rigid and intolerant And she remains that. But when Napoleon escapes Nathan seizes the opportunity to spy on advancing Bonapartist forces As for romance Nathan is much interested in Diana's mother Abigail an attractive widow with a clever wit and sharp tongue who suspects Nathan is up to something much dangerous than getting them safely back to London After follo.

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Way almost until the last Rant page She is completely unlikable Further she has a distaste for soldiers and spies that makes no sense whatsoever and is never explained Her country has been at war for decades andeople like Nathan and the other spies and soldiers she disdains have kept Napoleon from overrunning England It s just another way for her to heap scorn on the hero and display her extreme rigidityAlso Nathan makes some decisions because of his love for Abigail that don t seem realistic She s simply not worth any sacrifices he makes and I just wanted to shake him I m giving the book three stars because of the author s wonderful writing and impressive historical detail Also there s an enjoyable secondary romance between Abigail s daughter and Nathan s nephew My other disappointment is that the author didn t bring back anyone from the other books and I would have liked to see of a final wrap to those stories Don t be fooled by the Super Minds Level 2 Students Book with DVD-ROM peacetime British opening of this fastaced continental tale No sooner have we met our characters than they are thrust into the very center of the danger intrigue stealth and chaos unleashed by Napoleon s escape from Elba in 1815 In this. Wing Nathan one evening Abigail accuses him of Challenged to Win putting innocent lives at risk Yet even as she confronts him she fights her own fierce attraction to his courage and fire As the tides of war lead them into a dangerous and unexpected alliance Abigail and Nathan find themselves confronting their greatest enemy their ownrid.