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Bought this book Mobster book that was complex and really well done I have to admit I got a little confused with some of the Asian characters and which side they were on and if they were going to be important as the story unfolded Aside from that it was really a fine read Scary ending Leave it to Nick Tosches to make me fall in love with a book about gangsters And as an extra bonus I learned about the great Eastern philosophies of Buddhism Confucianism and Taoism that I expected And of course Tosches writing is sublime Here s a tasteThey walked uietly with the light of the setting sun behind them The lush green leaves in the boughs overhead turned dark and moved like a glimmering nighttime sea and their rustling was like the sound of conjuring gourds the hissing of snake vertebrae and bone dust in slow rhythmic ghostly invocation or how bout this first sentence of chapter twenty two With his killing hand Johnny raised a cup of coffee to his lips Please understand that my two star review is no indictment of Nick Tosches as a writer The fact is Trinities is very well written It also contains really impressive research It felt like half of the dialog was in Italian or a dialect of Chinese or anything but English I was impressed And I dare say I even learned some things But darn it I did not enjoy reading it The foreign language dialog got old really uickly I d sometimes sigh when I saw et another page littered with italic text And the huge multi page swaths of descriptions were interesting but just acted as barriers between me and the end of the book I admire and respect the scholarship but I didn t enjoy A battle between America's last generation of Sicilian Mafiosi and the all powerful ruthless Asian druglor.

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Told from three different perspectives the Italian Mafia Chinese Triads and a DEA agent Bob Marshall The book gives a window into the personal lives of these men and their families You find out the motivation that they have behind doing what they do which often includes disgusting acts of violence The main character Johnny Di Pietro struggles with many issues throughout the book including relationship problems family loyalty judging good vs evil backstabbers and survival I enjoyed the book because I saw a lot of myself in Johnny and it was interesting to see what decisions he made The book seems like it is written in a higher reading level then any of the other bo Nick Tosches s writing is as brilliant as everAnd the story he tells is MTIV yet again filled with some of the most despicable creatures I have ever read in fiction Sometimes I felt the need to just stop reading as if the slurs evil depravity and violence these characters inflicted upon the world were having it s toll in my psyche True some of the institutions of organized crime appearing in this work of fiction existed and exist in real life There is probably some truth to reality in the fictional people inhabiting this haunted novel But I guess this is the power of fiction after all it getsou to marvelous places and degenerate ones I can breathe easier now My previous knowledge on greek and roman classics made the reading richer I m starving now for reading Chinese wisdom literature Confucius and Mencius are on my reading list The insight bogged me down I prefer a uicker moving story line I kept hearing about this writer So I checked him out and. Is the story of the apocalyptic final battle for control of the world's multibillion dollar heroin trade.

Best book on organized crime I have read The best crime fiction I ve ever read This isn t just hard boiled it is brutal real and gorgeous It s a shame so few people seem to know this bookand this auther This book is absolutely one of the best mafia books I ve read and I ve read many It tells of an aging decaying organization in it s declining International Organizations years and of how their brilliant leader brings them back to glory I love how it takesou from the streets of New York then all across the globe as they plot to take their power back from the hands of the men who have usurped it Surprisingly not many people seem to have read this book If Laurus you liked the Godfather or Gangster by Lorenzo Carcateraou re sure to love this book Glorious In the late 1980s and early 90s the Italian Mafia decided to get back into the heroin trafficking business They d not been involved in this business since police busted the Pizza Connection ie the French Connection in the mid 70s To do so this time around they needed to broker relationships with the Hong Kong triads New York Chinatown gangs and the Sicilian Mafia Much blood spilling back stabbing and double crossing ensues with a backdrop meditation on the nature of good and evil and the differences between how each is perceived in the east and west Tosches spins his usual spell binding tale offering no easy answers about this slice of the war on drugs that undoubtedly continues today I recently read the book Trinities by Nick Tosches It is a first person perspective of New York s mafia and drug trade Out of all the books I have read in Literary Analysis it is by far the best The book is. From a brilliant and daring writer comes a majestic violent and compelling novel At the heart of Trinities.

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Nick Tosches was an American journalist novelist biographer and poet His 1982 biography of Jerry Lee Lewis Hellfire was praised by Rolling Stone magazine as the best rock and roll biography ever written