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He last few chapters he manages to just make the story ridiculously weird and creepy giving the entire novel and feel bad round upAnd it all started out so well Perhaps that was the overall point after all Curtis is a struggling subway musician He eeps on struggling and hoping everyday that he will find the magic song that will break him as a musician and subseuently allow him to pay off his debts and live a productive life Into this scenario steps a beautiful uietly self assured young lady named Camilla and her vibrant daschund Philip Of course Curtis falls head over heels in love at first sight and an unlikely courtship followsfilled with uestionaires and a mutual appreciation of Don DeLillo no less Things are going along alright except Curtis continues to be frustrated by Camilla s inability to communicate fully with him so he tries harder to No Respect keep her attention on him by making over extravagant gesturesa trip to Paris when he has already overextended his credit and borrows a villa from a friend in exchange for song lessons and outright lying toeep her interest piued Problem is Camilla is having none of it and calls him not only on his use of anti depressantswhere it s hinted several times throughout the novel that Curtis may have a drug problem but also on the lies and ends the relationship completely Eventually Curtis breaks through the wall and finds out why Camilla has that shuttered devastated look in her eyes but it s a bit too late for their relationship While Nick Fowler has a great sense of humor that runs through the novel the story just frustrates More accurately the character of Camilla frustrates me Understandable it is once the reveal has been dropped her overall fear of commitment and hatred of lies and over the top showmanship that Curtis employs makes sense but she still has a cloak of woe is me about the character that just picks at you until seriously you could care less about her The character of Curtis and of course the adorable daschund no complaints I just wish there was a little of a resolution than the easy way out way the novel ends. Room incident at Crunch gym to a destination he has only dreamed of the top floor of Worldwide Plaza where the record moguls preside Through it all Curtis remains determined to win back Camilla Delightfully uirky and unexpectedly poignant A Thing or Two about Curtis and Camilla conjures a tale about the price of love that is as true as it is hysterica.

This book is the last ever book that I ve read to the end that I detested Had a good hard look at my reading ethics and thought life was too short to continue with toxic friends bad wine or a sub standard book Wish you the best of luck Nick it wasn t for me I really wanted to like this book but couldn t bring myself to stomach a single one of the characters The characters who are fleshed out are jerks the ones who aren t are so poorly drawn they flew right out of my headI think the comedy of this book is intended to poke fun at losers like Curtis but as a card carrying member of the losers club it just made me sad and uncomfortable This was a decent way to spend four and a half hours on a plane and I thought the beginning had a lot of promise The middle was a little too much of a bathtub story for my tastes it was definitely one Murphy s Law scenario after another for a very long while and while the here and there witty and semi philosophical narrative did eep me going through the woe is me chapters I was disappointed in the ending which I found altogether too convenient I felt as though the author manipulated his characters into the ending he wanted rather than a less convenient perhaps bitter sweet finale that might have been appropriate under the circumstances I was especially disappointed in the character progression leading up to the final chaptersThat said I very much liked the narrative and thought the footnotes were both clever and insightful I definitely hated the characters I was supposed to hate even though I wasn t completely won by t Never again will I make the mistake of picking a book off the 99 cents rack Take High Fidelity and edit out all the charm wit strong characters and originality and you ll have A Thing or Two About Curtis and Camilla some funny bits but they re too few and far between to really recommend this book I really wanted to like this book but couldn t bring myself to stomach a single one of the characters The characters who are fleshed out are jerks the ones who aren t are so poorly drawn they flew right out of my headI thin. From the moment her daschund humped his leg on a Soho street aspiring rock starsubway performer Curtis Birnbaum new he was a goner He sensed Camilla was a woman who would eually inspire and terrify him And miraculously his ploys for her affection work With the addition of Camilla to his life the only thing he lacks for complete happiness is that elus.

K the comedy of this book is intended to poke fun at losers like Curtis but as a card carrying member of the losers club it just made me sad and uncomfortable A Thing or Two About Curtis and Camilla is an interesting book at first However I became discouraged to read it towards the middle and I can t decide whether it was because it got boring or frustrating What frustrated me the most is how many misfortunes Curtis is able to bring onto himself just by avoiding responsibilities or being immature about so many things He trusted a friend who seemed like an idiot from the beginning and he did not care to make up for all the things that went wrong in his life The whole book is about Curtis dwelling on the unlucky or miserable things happening to him instead of doing something to fix his situation And this is what made me relate the book to a real life incident where one is listening to people complaining about their lives and not being able to tell them to pull themselves together and to get over themselves just because she wants to be polite Only a white guy could write a novel about an interracial couple and then forget to mention race at all for the rest of the book That would be forgivable if the book didn t go off the rails after they break up This book started out uite well with a typical love story written in an interesting narrative However the middlesecond half of the book was a complete let down You go from feeling almost charmed by the beginning narrative to just being embarrassed for the main character halfway through the book as he stumbles through a series of unfortunate events all brought about by his own unwillingness to take responsibility for himself and his life He makes it impossible to feel bad for him so you just feel uncomfortable reading about his misfortunes just hoping the entire time that he really may just end it all allowing us all to exit the embarrassing scene When things do turn around for him it is almost frustrating because he has taken no ambitious action of his own to actually achieve it his luck simply turns around And then in Ive record deal and some health insurance But then ominously Camilla begins to slip away In this daring East Village love story Nick Fowler gives us a hero who is completely honest about his heartbreak We root for Curtis as he bottoms out and blunders his way through a series of hilarious misadventures from a nude modeling stint to a regretable steam.

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