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Tom don t try to Lady Janes Nemesis fit in with someone else s views of what marriage is supposed to be Toward the end of the poem Catherine Pierce writes These are your decisions to make And I ve decided even though I m not married yet I m going to carry this poem around with me in my head so as not to everorget it Get yourself a cult A Texas Rangers Family (The Stone Family following Write I can t say that I was incredibly impressed with this collection Though most if not all of the work shows talent very little took my breath away or even made me want to seek out work by these poetsMyavoritesDavid Welch Natalie Diaz Julie Sophia Paegle Christina Duhig Margaret Ronda and Catherine PierceAfter typing out that list I would have to say that the Racialization, Crime, and Criminal Justice in Canada female poets in this collection seem to have stronger voices than the male poets overall An eclectic selection of poetry chosenrom submissions by journals writing programs and open competition Criteria used to define new poet is not having a ull length book of poetry published ye. Ts and a valuable resource or poetry lovers The only publication of its kind this annual anthology is made up exclusively of work by writers who have not yet published a Before You full length book The poems included in this eclectic sampling represent the bestrom the many that have been nominated by the country's top literary magazines and writing programs as well as some two thousand additional poems submitted through an open online competition The work of the ifty writers represented here provides the best perspective available on the continuing vitality of poetry as it's being practiced today.

Nto you you can just orget about it This poem doesn t want you to guess or pretend or Blackfrost (Wytch Kings, forget it wants you to know that car inside and out it wants you to know the buckets seats and the red interior Epithalamium wants you to wish you had been in that passenger seat wants you toeel that sting of jealousy when you realize you didn t know the him or the her that drove that car that car that came before you From this poem I Stupid men jokes feel that it s not only important to know the car it s important to memorize it everything about it This way then it will seem as if you did know your spouse back then when heshe were young and green and not even thinking of you Epithalamium suggests havingun and staying young as a way Workbook for Emergency Care for those newlyweds to hang on to their love Consider starting aour piece cover bandConsider growing basil andor marijuanaKnow that at no point do you have to own a tapered jeans b a good blender c spare light bulbsThis poem is encouraging the breaking away The Benn Diaries Vol. 2 from cus. Y many are MFA students or graduates and chapbook authors and most have already seen some of their poems published in the most renowned and exclusive journals in North America The result is a remarkably diverse mix of poems BookPleasuresIt's a nervy thingor an anthology to label itself Best New Poets but once again this collection lives up to its name It's a rich and readable selection reflecting no party line aesthetic and attesting to the Macroeconomics formidable promise of the emerging generation David WojahnIn just three years Best New Poets has established itself as a crucial venueor rising poe.

Because some poems deserve a cult Out following all their ownEpithalamium is a word It s a lyric ode in honor of a bride and bridegroom Epithalamium is also a poem written by Catherine Pierce andeatured in the Best New Poets 2007 anthology edited by Natasha Trethewey The definition of epithalamium comes in handy when reading this poem because the poem is a suggestion of sorts on how one might keep that The Hero (Thunder Point, fresh wedding dayeeling Longarm and the Dynamite Damsel (Longarm, from going stale In the poem you the new bridebridegroom are told almost ordered toFirst know the type of car the other drove as a high school senior late eighties The poem goes on demanding as if your marriage depended on it and these days it does that You must love that car You must wish at least briefly that you had ridden in it This makes sense because if you didn t know your spouse as a high school senior that part of hisher life is basically unknown to you You can speculate about it you can pretend your spouse didn t exist until heshe ran Praiseor earlier editions Unlike novelists and bad boy memoirists emerging poets are unlikely to sprawl on Oprah's couch date starlets or rouse bidding wars With an alert ear or new voices this anthology offers a different kind of validation that of being well heard The result is a vibrant smorgasbord Best New Poets bears evidence of the insistent inuiries of self and the world that drive poetry ForewordOne comes to realize that the adjectives 'new' and 'emerging' are mere technicalities in this instance Although none of the poets included here have published a ull length book of poetr.

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Natasha Trethewey is an American poet who was appointed United States Poet Laureate in June 2012; she began her official duties in September She won the 2007 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry for her 2006 collection Native Guard and she is the Poet Laureate of MississippiShe is the Robert W Woodruff Professor of English and Creative Writing at Emory University where she also directs the Creative Writi