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His research in the 2nd century specially work on canon and the textual culture of the The Man Without a Face early church Some very nice insights and overall a good introduction to a very formative period in church history Michael Kruger offers a reliable introduction to the second century and the issues concerning the rise of the church in thatra The second century is often overlooked in church history but Kruger demonstrates it was a formative age He discusses relevant topics including how Christian identity was formed the hostile culture Christianity faced the mergence of church leadership and governing structure issues of orthodoxy and heresy and literature and the rise of the canonSome of Kruger s work here builds off of his previous work regarding orthodoxy and heresy where he demonstrates Walter Bauer s thesis is unsustainable and regarding the forma. Ies from within and fierce persecution from without the Church’s response to these and other issues not only determined its survival; it was to shape the beliefs values and lives of millions of Christians throughout the world over the next two millennia ‘In this well written study Michael J Kruger makes accessible the overlooked yet fascinating world of second century Christians He not only introduces readers to the key texts figures and modern scholars in the di.

Tion of the canon tends to point towards an arly rise of a canon or at least wo This was a great intro to second century Christianity Not too technical but it s also not a very Gone (Gone, easy read Kruger brought up the challenges Christians faced in the second century and gave a coherent defence for anarly canon and an Threads Of The Shroud early defined orthodox Christian belief If you ve read The uestion of Canon and The Heresy of Orthodoxy there will be some overlap Overall this was a worthwhile and informative read for history and apologetics Kruger penned a phenomenal overview of the church in the second century The book is informative and well researched Kruger defends the faith and the strength of the second century church well by confronting the issues struggles heresies and skeptics while building on the solidity of those who passed on the apostolic teachings. Scussion but also the social circumstances in which second century Christians made their distinct identity claims Kruger treats complex topics such as the relationship between Judaism and Christianity pagan criticisms of Christians or the textual culture ofarly Christians with nuance Christianity at the Crossroads is a fantastic introduction to second century Christianity’ Chris Keith Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity St Mary’s University London.

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Enjoyable read I appreciated his different approach to studying this period of the church s history through the lenses of a uestion ie transmission of the text not through particular person ie Justin Martyr which is otherwise commonly done Honest All Seated on the Ground even when that would mean that he is talking about things that would go against his own theological persuasion commendable helpful objective His area ofxpertise is canon this comes through in this book Scarce application on how learning about the 2nd century might help us today but that would be a bonus not what he was aiming for in this work But thinking through things he wrote is helpful nevertheless Kruger is great speaker and it reads well one can imagine him lecturing in the same style A very welcome addition to the study of Untitled. early Christianity Kruger summarized several on the main points of. It is the second century Everyone who knew Jesus is now dead Christianity has begun to spread but there are serious threats to its survival Christianity at the Crossroadsxamines the crucial issues that faced the second century Church – a period often neglected or overlooked in other studies It was during this period that the fledgling Church struggled to work out its identity and stay true to the vision of Christ and the apostles Threatened by divisive controvers.

Michael J Kruger PhD University of Edinburgh is president and professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary Charlotte and the author of a number of articles and books on early Christianity