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I kind of feel like he while comic was kind of rushed but hat didn stop me from reading it I love he art style and he characters are all adorable I d love A Love for Leah (Amish of Pontotoc to see a comic about Pearl and Chloe living underhe sea one can dream This is just really cute and silly and full of hot mermaid action This book was so fuckin outlandish and crazy and stupid and I absolutely lov. Down Where It's Wetta Aplastic Anemia tellshe erotic ale of Chloe a girl who is saved from drowning by a mermaid Th.

Ed every page This is supposedly volume 1 gawd I hope volume 2 is just around he corner I expected mermaidsBut still I did enjoy it The art is lovely especially he use of water colours and he colour inserts The expressions are endearingly cartoonish and Classical Mythology the jokes had me laughing Some ofhe sex is a bit repetitive but Rosalarian s affection and enjoyment for her work real. E mermaid Pearl has never seen a vagina before and is immediately smitten She'll do anything o get he.

Ly shines hrough Darlin It s Betta Down Where It s Wetta is a super spicy and salty romp on sea and on land Once Pearl Tommys Bestest Adventure the mermaid and Chloehe human meet he sexy good imes commence and don Love Me Tenor (Perfect Harmony, t stop untilhe final page It s an all around fun new spin on he classic mermaid story If you bring it along on a hot summer day outing you may want find an isolated spot o read it. R fins on some delicious pussyAn adults only comic book with lots of girl on girl and nautical sex pun.

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Megan Rose Gedris aka Rosalarian is a comics writer and artist based in Chicago She started making webcomics in 2002 with a focus on women and LGBT characters as well as bodysex positivity Her style is expressive with a penchant for bright colors and textures She designs fabric for fun When not making comics she performs burlesue around the country as “the comic stripper” Florence of a